Pitbull – One of the most aggressive dog breeds on the planet

Pitbull - One of the most aggressive dog breeds on the planet

Pitbull dog or its full name is American Pitbull Terrier is a popular dog breed in the United States. They are extremely aggressive and are often kept as fighting dogs. That is why Pitbull dogs are banned in many countries around the world. To breed this breed you need to be experienced and a strict owner.

The Pitbull breed is widely bred in the US and UK for the purpose of being a guard dog and training as a fighting dog to compete in a “game” called “bull-bear baiting” where they will have to fight with bulls or bears. until one of them dies and can’t fight.

This is considered a brutal and bestial game. That is why it has been banned by many countries.

pitbull dog breedPitbull dog breed. internet photos

They are bred from clams and English terriers. However, each breed has a different development process.

They are aggressive and extremely aggressive. Once bitten, the animal can hardly escape because its teeth are strong enough to kill a cow. That is why they were given the title of king of dog fights.

Characteristics of the American pitbull dog

The average height of a Pitbull is about 40-50 cm.

The maximum weight they can reach is up to 23-24 kg. They are muscular dogs with four strong limbs, strong muscles, and large skeletons.

If trained properly, their muscles can become very large and bulky. Also due to its aggressive appearance, many dog ​​owners still prefer this breed for training for home purposes.

Pit’s jaw muscles are strong and solid. Once the animal has been bitten in the mouth, it is very difficult to let go. The wound is deep and bleeding profusely.

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If biting in a dangerous place it can threaten the lives of other animals. Its bite force can be up to more than 100 kg. At the same time, they are high-energy species, so they are rigorously trained with many muscular exercises.

Pitbull Breed CharacteristicsPitbull breed characteristics. internet photos

Pit dogs are often trained in families with a more gentle and friendly nature. They are also very good babysitters in the family.

Pitbull Dog Breed Personality

The Pitbull is by nature a fierce breed but has undergone many crosses and training. His personalities are somewhat gentle.

Many families even choose the Pitbull as a babysitting dog. There is a lot of conflicting information about the Pit, such as biting people and harming other animals, but the nature of this breed depends on the habitat and the owner.

If you are a busy person and do not have time to train a dog, then I advise you to abandon the idea of ​​raising a Pitbull in the family.

This only harms your dog and your family members. Breeding this breed requires the owner to spend a lot of time with them. Teeth and muscle exercises will reduce this breed’s aggression and aggression.

Pitbull Dog PersonalityPitbull dog personality. internet photos

Basically, when trained regularly and properly, Pitbulls are friendly to everyone, especially children.

They are loyal and are always willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners until their last breath. However, his jaws are also quite dangerous, so you should clean the Pitbull’s muzzle when pulling him out in any situation. It is no coincidence that this breed is ranked at the top of the list of the most dangerous dog breeds on the planet.

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pitbull dog care

Most Pit Bulls are energy-dense dogs and get a lot of physical activity, so the amount of extra protein they need is also higher than other breeds.

Beef is their main source of life in order to fully develop their muscles and bones.

In addition to nutrition, physical exercises are also a factor for Pit to fully develop. Each owner has their own way of caring and training, but most of the exercises that Pitbull must undergo are pulling a car, jogging, pulling springs or pushing weights, biting a wheel hanging from a tree.

These are all muscle strengthening exercises for Pitbulls. If you want to raise them obediently, you can take them to training schools so that they no longer have the fighting instinct.

You need to maintain a daily diet and exercise to form a habit for Pitbull dogs. If cared for and raised in a favorable environment, they can live for 16-18 years.

The price of a Pit Bull dog.

Currently in Vietnam, there are many Pitbull dealers with many different prices, from 1-2 million to 100-200 million. The price of the Pitbull is determined by the thoroughbred and the pedigree.

However, Pitbull dogs priced at 1-2 million is not the purebred as it is being sold. They are often crossed with other breeds, so they have many strange shapes.

Pitbull dogs 6-8 million: Pitbull dogs with this price are often bred in Vietnam, they adapt well to the climatic conditions of our country and are bred by owners with other Pitbulls.

And of course Pitbull dogs priced from 100 to 200 million are purebred dogs with clear pedigree documents and imported for breeding.