Pitbull dog – The most aggressive among fighting dogs

Nói chung nuôi chó pitbull nên cẩn thận kẻo gây ra những tai nạn đáng tiếc.

pitbull dog famous for many horrible bites. Therefore, most Vietnamese are very suspicious of this breed. However, there are still people who get excited about them, love them and keep them despite the attacks that come their way. This is potentially dangerous if farmers do not know them carefully and take protective measures.

Origin of the Pitbull dog

This breed of dog appeared from around the 17th to the 18th century in England. Then they were brought to the United States for many different purposes, but the most popular was still dogfighting hunting. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that they became truly famous when they were bred by American breeders. Then created a line of pitbull dogs with origins and characteristics to this day.

The cross between the Terrier and Bulldog bloodlines creates the PitbullThe cross between the Terrier and Bulldog bloodlines creates the Pitbull

The Pitbull is a selective cross between the line of fighting dogs Terrier and the dog line bulldog sagging face. This result created a ferocious and aggressive dog with a muscular system that was terrifying to anyone. Terrier is also the ancestor of the Bull Terrier line with an equally fierce appearance.

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Pitbull Dog Characteristics

For those who play dogs or love dogs, they can immediately recognize this fierce line of fighting dogs at a glance. Even if they have nothing to do, the opposite person can urinate blood. However, recognizing a purebred individual takes longer than that.

face head

Their heads are extremely fierce with a large round head that comes with their sagging face. The round faceplate allows the jaw muscles to be extended to the maximum for lethal bites with greater force. They can destroy, bite the opponent to death without releasing him. Many cases of pitbull dogs biting people have also encountered this scene.

Features a Pitbull dog with a muscular head as pictured.Features a Pitbull dog with a muscular head as pictured.

Small eyes, one eyelid looks quite terrible. Almost identical to their Bull Terrier cousin. This characteristic makes these two types of dogs do not receive much sympathy from people either. Even people with small eyes don’t like to call them eel eyes.

Small ears are placed on top of the head. With its small size, it will limit the chewing and biting of other opponents during intense bloody dogfights.


The height is not too prominent, but the figure creates a highlight. Four solid arc-shaped legs create better stability and support. Combined with an almost superlative muscular system in dogs, it allows them to crush their opponents in hunting or dogfighting. This muscle combined with a fierce face causes the cut opponent to have no more blood drops. It seems like this breed takes a long time to train in the gym, so the muscles are terrible.

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Their height can be from 45 to 50 cm. This is their common size, but smaller individuals are possible. The height is not too great but in return it is certain, the muscles compensate.

Large pitbull dog.Large pitbull dog.


The weight of the Pitbull fighting dog is between 15 and 30 kg. Compared to western dog lines, it is neither too big nor too small, but compared to Vietnamese grass dogs, it seems to be more prominent. Among the canine lines of our country, there is probably no opponent who can adapt to the pitbull. So don’t be silly to let them bite each other if you don’t want the opponent’s dog to die.


Possess a hard and short coat, so you don’t worry too much about hair loss or other problems. Popular coat colors such as yellow, coffee brown, gray, black… These are all recognized purebred colors of this breed.

Pitbull Dog Personality

It is a quite aggressive and aggressive dog breed, but also taciturn and calm. It is rare to see them happy, energetic and playful but potentially dangerous. This common trait is found in most silent killers seen on television. There are pages that say they are quite friendly and open, but probably only their owners see it. Now, if you donate some money, many of you will see that pit bulls aren’t afraid to pee blood. So, if you intend to buy this breed, you should also think carefully about it.

In general, pit bull owners should be careful not to cause any unfortunate accidents.In general, pit bull owners should be careful not to cause any unfortunate accidents.

Of course, if they are raised from a young age and interact with many people, their aggressive nature will also decrease. But it is still necessary to ensure everyone’s safety when it is necessary to chain or muzzle carefully each time you go out to avoid unfortunate accidents.

In terms of intelligence and loyalty, most are canine lineage instincts. So we don’t need to discuss these issues. The concept of intelligence is not really important for pitbulls and hardly anyone talks about it. People need them to be brave, strong, healthy, not afraid of anyone anymore.

Is it difficult to raise a pit bull?

This breed of dog is not too difficult to raise and maintain. It’s just hard that they eat a lot and they have to eat well. Therefore, most farmers are usually the ones who have the conditions to be able to best supplement the amount of food intended for them.

Their favorite food is meat. Beef and chicken are the most popular. If they eat well, they don’t eat much. This broken lobby eats 2-3 times as many dogs and still eats well. So it’s a bit of a waste of money when they buy beef and chicken for them.

If you want to breed pit bull dogs, you need to find ways to socialize them to reduce their aggressive temperament.If you want to breed pit bull dogs, you need to find ways to socialize them to reduce their aggressive temperament.

It is also possible to add some seeds and vegetables to add nutrients for balance. Some people let them eat raw meat like that. Both affect their digestive system and arouse the bloodthirsty instinct of the dog, hungry for fresh blood. It should be remembered that domestic dogs were domesticated from jackals, and also gradually changed their food sources from raw meat to more cooked foods.

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The most important is the temperature condition. They come from cold climates, so they can’t stand the heat. It is a common feature of western dog breeds in Vietnam. Therefore, when you want to breed a Pitbull, you need to ensure that the cool climate is 25-30 degrees. If it is above this temperature, it is necessary to lie in the air conditioner, they will not hiss and drool, which is both unsanitary and disgusting.

How much does a pit bull dog cost?

The price of Pitbull dogs is quite diverse when several millions are available but tens of millions are also available. With a price tag of millions, these are dogs crossed with other canine lines. But sometimes it has undergone many crossings, so it retains only part of the shape and appearance of the dog. With around 10 million dogs, these are purebred VKA pit bulls. Although he is purebred, according to the Vietnamese newspaper VKA, the price is not high.

The price of the pitbull dog depends on its pure breed.The price of the pitbull dog depends on its pure breed.

The price of 10-20 million is for dog products from Thailand. It seems the dog lines here have a good price and good quality. They have FCI paper, so they are much safer than VKA paper from Vietnam.

The most expensive are still imported western dogs. Quality products off the table when purity is highest and guaranteed. The price can be tens of millions or hundreds of millions with quality beauties. Owners can use this benchmark price framework to find out how much the pitbull dog wind costs.

Factors Affecting Pit Bull Dog Price

Here are the factors that influence the price of this crazy dog ​​breed. Explain why there are high prices but only a few hundred thousand.

  • Purebred dog or hybrid dog. Purebred dogs are definitely more expensive than hybrid dogs.
  • Where do the dogs come from? Chinese dogs are extremely cheap, dogs from Vietnam are also cheap, but the quality is worse than Thai or European dogs.
  • What is the size of the dog? Divided into mini size, large size.
  • The dog coat colors have special colors, the price will be higher if you prefer.

Pitbull Dog Buying Experience

If you intend to buy this breed of dog, it is best to buy a puppy. Both affectionate and easy to train to avoid bad situations when buying an adult dog. There are many cases of pitbull dogs biting people in the newspaper. Some people think that a pitbull only worships one owner, so that’s a bit scary. The advantage of puppies is that the price is cheaper than adult dogs. So it also saves a lot of money. Should buy from reputable stores to avoid buying grass dogs, hybrid dogs, bad dogs.

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