Phoenix Fish | Characteristics, prices and care in Vietnam


The Phuong Hoang fish is a beautiful and colorful ornamental fish that is bred in many ears in Vietnam. Easy to care for and beautiful in color, this fish is being loved by many people.

This article will help you better understand these 102 aquarium fish.

preliminary introduction

According to the Wikipedia record of the Phoenix fish

This fish has the scientific name Mikrogeophagus ramirezi – it lives in the Orinoco River region of Venezuela and South America in general. This fish is bred in many countries and quickly becomes a popular aquarium fish in the world.

phoenix fish

With its beautiful appearance, this fish has many striking colors that make the hearts of many aquarium lovers flutter. On the market, this fish is very popular. In addition to aesthetics, the phoenix fish also has many idealistic meanings according to many people’s conceptions.

growth characteristics

Phoenix fish can only live in warm water, the temperature is 26-28 degrees Celsius, similar to many other fish species like Hong Ket fish, Arhat fish…


Goldfish, looks very beautiful shiny.
The length of adult fish can reach: 5 – 7 cm
Live water hardness 5 -12
Water pH: 5.0 – 6.0 acidic water
Fish food is industrial bran or using small animals such as larvae, worms, etc.

Characteristics of the Phoenix fish

Why is it called Phuong Hoang fish?

The reason why people named this fish that is probably also partly due to the external features of its body. Under the sunlight, the color of the fish becomes brighter. This is also quite a prominent and recognizable feature of this aquarium fish. You can use the artificial light created by the lamp to illuminate the fish tank and help the Phoenix fish to bring out all its beauty.

The easily recognizable feature of the Phoenix fish is the blue spots scattered throughout the body of the fish along with the bright colors scattered throughout the body. The dorsal stool is the densest. Then pale towards the abdomen.

Five-colored dwarf phoenix fish

The more mature the fish, the more beautiful the color will be. In addition to shining, fish can also use this color to compete for food with other individuals. The tail of this fish is extremely beautiful when it grows up, so the fish farmers in Phuong Hoang always look forward to the day when the fish are big to admire its beauty.

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Some lines of phoenix fish can be mentioned as fire phoenix, blue phoenix… Each line has its own unique characteristics and different beauty. So if there is a need. You can go to the aquarium store to get advice from the seller.

Habitat distribution of the phoenix fish

The habitat is something that any hobbyist should pay attention and care to help the fish grow and develop optimally. This not only increases the lifespan of the fish, but also reduces the susceptibility of the fish to disease.

Phoenix fish habitat

Because it is the most distributed fish in the areas of South America, the Venezuelan basin. So when caring at home, you should also create a similar living environment to help the fish adapt.

How do phoenix fish reproduce?

This fish is omnivorous and can live in all layers of water. When it comes to spawning season, like other fish, the phoenix will pair 1 male, 1 female and lay eggs.

They do not like fast and stagnant water because their health is not enough to resist. Phoenix prefers a slow flow, has few dissolved minerals, and ranges from light to dull colors with tannins.

Male fish have a high back, belly and rear fins, much more colorful than females.
The females are smaller in size, pale in color, the fins do not rise, the belly enlarges when it carries eggs.

How to care for Phoenix fish

This fish spawns year-round, but most from March to October. The male to female ratio is 1:1. To care for the fish, light aeration in the tank is necessary.

When raising fish for breeding, it is necessary to separate the eggs in an incubation tank for 36 hours to prevent the mother from eating her baby when she panics. Then transfer it to the hatchery tank. By hatching at 3 to 6 days, the fish has used up all its eggs and begins to eat outside.

It takes 15-20 days for the fish to have sex again.

Phoenix fish in Vietnam mainly has five-color phoenixes in addition to blue orchid, yellow dwarf phoenix…

The types of Phuong Hoang fish are widely bred and diverse in our country, so based on your care needs, you should choose accordingly.

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How to breed phoenix fish

In order to take the best care of your fish, you must be well prepared.

breeding tank

The aquarium needs a minimum capacity of 70 liters, planting denser aquatic plants. Inside the tank, it is necessary to add more caves to house and spawn the fish and allow space for the fish to swim.

The preferred environment for fish to live in is a mossy aquatic environment. Especially there must be gravel. This is influenced by the avoidance behavior of this fish. Therefore, you should prepare objects to help the fish have the most favorable conditions for hiding.

How to breed phoenix fish

Phoenix fish lay their eggs on rocks and smooth fish, so before spawning, the rocks you place may be your favorite fish to choose to spawn with. Before laying they will look for the most favorable areas and stones that help them lay eggs. The male fish will then fertilize the eggs. The fry can eat grass worms and then Daphnia water lice, pieces of Tubiflex tube worms. Big fish can eat worms, fly larvae.


The most suitable temperature for breeding Phuong Hoang fish is 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. Do not let the water be too cold or too hot. All of which affect the health of the fish.

Living in all levels of water is the strong point of this fish. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the factors mentioned above, in addition, the tank needs to have a moderate light picture, especially the aeration in the tank. As mentioned above, the fish will die when they have too much food left. The water becomes cloudy, so you need to pay attention to change the water regularly for the fish.

What do phoenix fish eat?

Its favorite food is crustaceans, small animals, worms, insects. In addition, fish can also eat pellets. You need to balance the amount of granules to avoid causing cloudiness.

What is the price of Phuong Hoang fish?

To own 1 phoenix fish you need to spend between 30-35k/fish.

There are many aquarium lovers on the Internet, you can go there to learn from experienced people and ask for advice and reliable purchase addresses. They will help you gain new knowledge.

How to prevent fish diseases?

Fish, although healthy, are very sensitive to the aquatic environment. When infected, they often darken, leaving black streaks all over their bodies.

When you detect this sign, you should quickly change the water and implement methods to clean the aquarium so that the fish can stay healthy.

Good luck.

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