Pekingese Dog Breed: China’s “Sacred” Dog Breed

Pekingese Dog Breed: China's "Sacred" Dog Breed

The Pekingese dog is a breed of dog that is widely bred in Vietnam. They originate from China and are considered a symbol associated with the legend of the stone lion to ward off the evil spirits of the people of this country. Even according to the old concept, if you steal this breed of dog, you will be executed.

Origin of the Pekingese dog

As mentioned above, this breed of dog is considered a dog of the gods. In Chinese beliefs, Beijing is extremely sacred and can ward off evil spirits from the owners. Furthermore, this breed is also known as the royal dog when it is cared for by many kings.

Until the British invaded the country, this small breed of dog fell into the hands of foreign invaders. Immediately, this special breed was presented to Queen Vicroria.

pekingese dog breedPekingese dog breed. internet photos

With their cute appearance, they quickly won the queen’s heart and were widely developed in Dog Show competitions soon after.

A few years later, they were widely bred and bred as they are today.

appearance features

The Pekingese is a small dog with a well-proportioned body, well-muscled muscles, a large head, and a markedly broken face. This is an easily recognizable feature of this breed.

The muzzle is wide and occupies a fairly large area on the face, dividing the face into 2 distinct parts. The skin on the muzzle has a characteristic black color. Special dentition with protruding lower jaw, compared to the upper jaw.

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Long drooping ears cover the sides of the head. The coat is 2-layered, the undercoat is soft and dense, and the outer coat is a longer, thicker coat.

The maximum height that the Pekingese can reach is up to 23-17 cm with a weight of 4-6 kg. They can live up to 15 years, similar to about 70 human years.

Personality traits

Pekingese are small but extremely loyal and sensitive dogs. They love to play with their owners. In the family, the Pekingese is always a faithful friend on every trip. He is a dog that can eat a lot.

This leads to an increased risk of obesity and being overweight. To avoid this, you must apply a reasonable diet and exercise regimen every day.

They are sensitive to strangers, so they are suitable for house keeping.

Characteristics of the Pekingese dogfeature internet photos

If it is not exercised regularly, the Pekingese will have major psychological problems. They are unruly and can lead to common small dog syndrome. In addition, this breed is also friendly with small children, although not very intelligent.

They are easy to breed, so they are bred in apartments with a modest area.

Peking breed care

Pekingese grooming doesn’t have to be overly fussy, this breed just needs daily grooming. You can brush them with professional tools such as a depilatory brush or a specific detangler for long-haired dogs.

You should pay attention to the eyes of the Pekingese, they usually have a lot of tearing or syndromes such as inflammation of the lacrimal gland. It is necessary to wash the eyes frequently.

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Avoid giving your dog ready-to-eat foods such as sausages, chorizos, etc. These human foods can affect the health of puppies.

Pekingese dog personalityCharacter . internet photos

How much does a Pekingese dog cost?

This breed in Vietnam is quite affordable compared to other dog breeds. Babies born in Vietnam or imported from China alone have prices ranging from 2 to 3 million.

Depending on the appearance and characteristics of each baby, the price may vary by a few hundred.

Pekingese hybrid dogs are also cheaper at 1-1.5 million dong. These babies were crossed with Japanese dogs and were born in Vietnam. Therefore, Beijing mixed with Japanese accounts for the largest number of farmers today.

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