Papillon Dog (Butterfly Dog) | Characteristics and prices of Papillon dogs in Vietnam

Papillon Dog (Butterfly Dog) |  Characteristics and prices of Papillon dogs in Vietnam

The Papillon or Butterfly is an affectionate little dog and is one of many ancient breeds discovered in Europe.

Papillon dogs in French mean butterfly because they have ears shaped like butterfly wings. This is a small, playful and quite intelligent breed of dog.

The Origin of the Papillon or Butterfly Dog

The Papillon is an ancient breed that appeared 700 years ago. Their images appear in many famous paintings of this century. The Butterfly Dog appeared primarily in Italy during the Renaissance and was bred and bred by breeders in France to create the current Papillon dog breed. Butterfly dogs are widely bred in Europe and used in circus shows.

Papillon Dog Characteristics

The Papillon is a small dog breed. They are very small, the maximum height is only 20-25 cm. The body length is 35-40 cm. The maximum weight is 6 kg with proper care. It is a very special dog with a very large head, short snout and close to the nose. The ears have long, spiky hairs that have a distinctive butterfly shape that is different from other dog breeds. This is the characteristic that makes them called butterfly dogs.

Papillon Dog CharacteristicsCharacteristics of the Papillon dog. internet photos

The nose has white feathers. They have a wide variety of coat colors. Mainly black – white, dark yellow, light brown… The ruffled tail is drooping over the back. The coat is quite thick and attractive. This characteristic requires the owner to spend time combing out any lost hair and detangling the dog.

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Papillon Dog Personality Traits – Butterfly Dog

Like many other foreign dog breeds, the Butterfly Papillon is very gentle and friendly. They quite like the fun atmosphere. This is a dog that loves to be petted and loved. This breed is intelligent and can be easily trained even in some difficult games.

They are friendly with other animals like cats and hamsters. However, they must be exposed and raised together from a young age. A Papillon can be very upset when someone trespasses on their territory.

Papillon Butterfly Dog PersonalityPapillon butterfly dog ​​personality. internet photos

An unpleasant characteristic of the Papillon butterfly is its loud, resounding bark. Due to this feature, it is very difficult to keep them in an apartment. When they hear strange noises, they bark constantly and disturb everyone in the family. The Papillon loves to run in a large space. Take him out for a run every day, this will drain the dog’s energy and make him healthier.

Some people have problems with the kneecap. In addition, this breed also exposes the fontanelle, if it meets a strong shock in the right place, it will be dangerous for the dog’s life.

Papillon dog price in Vietnam

Currently, the Papillon dog is not known by many people, although it has been appearing in our country for a long time. However, there are still a lot of people breeding this breed in our country. The price of the Papillon dog is not too expensive. These are some of our price surveys.

  • To own a Papillon, you only need to spend 6-8 million – these are puppies born in Vietnam, often raised and cared for by families. They are undocumented and only vaccinated against diseases by the owner.
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Puppies born in Vietnam but with parents of clear origin and with certificates from reputable organizations will cost > 10 million.

Papillon Butterfly PricePapillon Butterfly Dog Price. internet photos

  • Papillon dogs cost 15-20 million – these are individuals imported from Thailand into famous dog farms. They are purebred, with proof of origin authorized by the Thai Dog Association. Most of these individuals are imported for breeding purposes.
  • And finally the dogs cost up to $2000. The origin is definitely from Europe. This is the market to import the best quality dogs in the world. Each dog that is exported here has papers, a complete pedigree, vaccinations and a tracking chip. All are protected by the responsible authorities before handing over the dog.

Puppies purchased here are 100% quality guaranteed. However, the price of these babies is very high, not everyone can own it. It is usually imported for reproduction purposes. Overall, these individuals contribute valuable and diverse genetic resources to domestic dog breeds in Vietnam.