Old Man Schnauzer Dog How much? How to take care of Rao Sao

Chó ông già Schnauzer có nguồn gốc từ Nước Đức

You must be wondering why people call Schnauzers dogs an old man. So let’s discover with Chocanh.vn the origin of their name, as well as their appearance and personality.

The Origin of the Old Man Schnauzer Dog

The old man dog, also known as the Schnauzer dog, is a breed of dog that appeared in Germany a long time ago (around the 14th-16th centuries). They were originally called wire-haired Dobermans, but it was later discovered that they should be renamed to match their striking physical characteristics.

By now you probably understand why people call them old dogs! It’s true, they look like old men, with shaggy mustaches at the end of their hair.

This schnauzer is believed to descend from the German Pincher breed, which was later crossed with the poodle to get its current coat. Their breed standard was recognized in Germany in 1880, and there is an independent club founded in 1895 that is still active today.

The old man Schnauzer is from GermanyThe old man Schnauzer is from Germany

Features of the appearance of the old man’s dog

Currently, around the world, there are size standards for Schnauzer dogs: Standard, Small, and Giant. Of these, the Giant and the Small are later variations of the original Old Standard Dog.

  • Standard Schnauzer (Standard Schnauzer): The standard for this breed from the beginning, they are also known as Mittelschnauzer. With an average height of about 46 cm and a weight of 14-20 kg, they look rather modest and are not too bulky. This standard breed is very versatile at work, as they are used as police dogs, house dogs, and even as sheepdogs or rat trap dogs.
  • Giant Schnauzer (Giant Schnauzer): This line is much larger than the standard line. Their average height is 61 cm, and their weight is 25-36 kg. Originally bred to pull carts and guard farms, the breed later became a police dog. It is believed that the breed may be related to a cross between Great Dane, German Shepherd and other breeds.
  • Small Schnauzers (Zwergschnauzers): Probably the last race to be born. This line is not large, only about 30 cm high and weighs 5-7 kg. They are kept for the purpose of hunting mice and pets.
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Types of Senior DogsTypes of Senior Dogs

Personality Characteristics of the Old Man Schnauzer Dog

The Schnauzer is an active breed. They are always curious and want to know everything around them like children. So sometimes these dogs constantly bump into each other and destroy, causing chaos in the house.

Due to their stubborn, naughty yet cute personalities, they are very popular with elders as they look like cute and smart grandchildren.

However, the old man’s dog when he meets other people or walks down the street, Schnauzer seems to become a different person. They are calmer than usual, stop mean when they are with their owners and are very attentive to everything.

Hence, they are more popular due to their look-at-home ability in addition to their cute looks. Due to their constant vigilance, they are always given other important tasks.

The malice of the old man’s dog is not to blame, nor to correct these bad habits. They are intelligent dogs, but very endearing. If you have time, plan a Schnauzer training to make them even more perfect!

Old dogs are very mischievous and cuteOld dogs are very mischievous and cute

Instructions on how to care for an old man’s dog

Hair care

The Schnauzer has a very elegant coat. The thick coat consists of two layers: the inside is soft and the outside feels coarse and stiff. However, you don’t have to worry about shedding issues with this poodle. Because this coat is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also very strong.

They only shed their hair once a year and the rest don’t shed much. So you just need a simple maintenance of this coat. Shower daily with a specialized shower gel for shinier, healthier hair. In addition, it should be brushed daily to keep the coat nice and comfortable.

The old man has a very healthy coatThe old man has a very healthy coat

Additionally, the Schnauzer’s coat should be trimmed every 6-8 months to ensure that the coat is not too long and loose. If you want a really trendy hairstyle, take them to the pet care center. Otherwise, you can always use your creativity at home.

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Mouth hairs also require regular attention, as this area is very susceptible to food stains. If left unwashed, it can become dirty, smelly, and create a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way is to clean them after each meal.

Schnauzer Dog Health Care

Senior dogs are long-lived and can live up to 12-14 years. However, as adults, Schnauzers can develop conditions such as infections, retinal dysplasia, pancreatitis, liver disease, or cataracts. You should pay attention to their health condition as well as their symptoms so that you can detect the disease in time. This dog also needs to exercise moderately to have a healthy body.


As for Schnauzers, great attention should be paid to their diet. As they are very picky eaters, when they eat the wrong food they can get infections or digestive problems. Therefore, they should eat dry or cooked foods and limit foods that are too liquid.

In particular, this dog should not eat too much fat. When you eat too much, it can lead to overweight, obesity, and diarrhea. However, they still need to be completely supplemented with other substances.

Schnauzer is a very difficult dogSchnauzer is a very difficult dog

Old Schnauzer dog training

In addition to preparing a thoughtful training plan, the owner of the old dog must also prepare mentally to train seriously. Because this dog sometimes trains lazily, complains of fatigue and begs to rest. But certainly not do it. Let them practice on a schedule. When the work is done, you can motivate them by giving them a small reward.

Proper Schnauzer training is the first thing that should be taught to them. After choosing a place to go to the toilet, such as a newspaper, at first you can influence them to get used to it. You can use scents or lures, or place them directly on the newspaper. Repeat this routine for about a week until they need to go to the bathroom, it’s a natural response.

If they go to the wrong place, you must punish them immediately. You can spank or scold them on the spot. However, don’t hit them so hard that they hurt or scare them.

How much is Old Man Dog? Where did you buy it?

Currently, this dog is also for sale in major pet centers in Vietnam. The price of high class dogs varies from 15 to 20 million VND per dog (depending on origin, appearance, level of purebred, male or female…). Bitches will have a slightly higher price due to fertility.

Currently, the old man's dog breed is very popular in VietnamCurrently, the old man’s dog breed is very popular in Vietnam

Hopefully, through this article, kattentrimsalon.com introduced the ancient Schnauzer dog breed to readers who gave themselves the most useful information.