Newfoundland Dog – Large dog with a price of thousands of dollars

Newfoundland Dog - Large dog with a price of thousands of dollars

The Newfoundland is a large worldwide breed of dog originating from Canada and regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are a thick-coated breed and are used by rescue centers in countries in this region as rescue dogs.

The Newfoundland dog is a cross between a wolf and a mastiff. Due to this feature, they have a large body size. However, contrary to its appearance, the Newfoundland is extremely gentle and friendly. This breed is bred quite a lot in its homeland. They are suitable for children. Perhaps this trait resembles that of St. Bernard.

The origin of the Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dogs are divided into 2 types. One small one big, the small one is the ancestor of the Labrador dog and the big one is the ancestor of the Newfoundland dog breed.

Originally considered a native Newfoundland breed, it is related to British immigrants. In the early 1700s, merchant ships began to dock in Newfoundland.

They brought Clam and Lab dog with them. This gave rise to the native breed of the Newfoundland dog today. The mongrel dogs were soon brought to Europe and bred by British sailors.

Where does the Newfoundland dog breed come from?Where does the Newfoundland dog breed come from? internet photos

With friendly features also thick and beautiful fur. This breed quickly won the hearts of dog owners. They were bred and bred more widely in subsequent years.

The British have made many theories to affirm that this breed originates from their country, but with much more valid arguments, the Newfoundland have shown that they originate from this land.

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With good cold tolerance and adaptation to aquatic environments, and a good swimmer, the Newfoundland has saved many lives in his role as a rescuer of severe shipwrecks. By the end of World War II, the breed appeared to be completely extinct.

Body characteristics of the Newfoundland dog

The Newfoundland is a large dog breed. Male dogs have a maximum size of up to 75 cm and a weight of 70 kg. Bitches are shorter with an achievable height of 70 cm and a weight of 55 kg.

They have strong muscles, they are extremely durable. The most distinctive feature of the Newfoundland dog is its thick, waterproof coat.

This allows them to swim freely without any difficulty. This is the main reason why this breed was chosen to become a rescue dog in many boat and shipwreck situations on this earth.

Characteristics of the Newfoundland dogCharacteristics of the Newfoundland dog. internet photos

The coat is brown or black, white – black, gray. The large shaggy coat helps them to adapt well to the cold conditions of the northern hemisphere.

To breed this breed well, it needs a lot of care and attention from the owner, especially its thick coat.

The feet are large and strong, combined with a thin membrane between the toes that protects them from the cold, the girth resembling a propeller to help them swim easily. Also, the Newfoundland dog is an intelligent and resourceful dog.

They have saved many lives in many shipwrecks around the world.

Newfoundland Dog Personality Traits

Newfoundland dogs are fast and intelligent. They love having room to run, especially so they can swim. The great appearance scares any animal.

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His instincts are very strong. When provoked or cornered, they are ready to attack the enemy, protecting their master.

Under normal conditions, Newfoundland dogs are friendly, sociable, and rarely confront other pets in the home. Their common feature is that they love children and family members very much.

Due to their quick mind, Newfoundland dogs are easy to train, picking up and learning commands from their owners very quickly. The Newfoundland dog is ideal for rescue and training as a sled dog.

Newfoundland dog friendlinessNewfoundland dog friendliness. Internet photo

This breed was introduced to the Americas and is trained as a housekeeper and friend to help mentally ill patients reduce symptoms effectively. Their kindness makes them loved wherever they go.

They can play and understand the moods of patients and must be trained to assist in the treatment of this condition.

newfoundland dog care

Newfoundland dogs are only suitable for cold weather conditions, they cannot be kept in too warm an environment. They need a proper exercise regimen to expend excess energy, so a small yard will be the right condition for them.

The most difficult thing about taking care of this breed is taking care of its coat. Clipping their coat in the summer and brushing them regularly will help them grow their best.

At the same time, their large body means that they need to consume a sufficient amount of food to help the Newfoundland develop holistically.

With good care, Newfoundland dogs can live up to 15 years. However, they often encounter some diseases such as hip dysplasia, cataracts… They especially hate heat and are sensitive to anesthetics. you look ST