neon fish | What is the difference between Neon King and Blue Neon fish?


The neon fish is one of the many ornamental fish that are easy to keep and are loved by many people today. Neon is beautiful and easy to care for, which is why many fish lovers breed it.

In Vietnam, there are many different types of neon, such as blue, black, king fish neon. Each type of fish has a different characteristic in terms of shape, size, and color. Depending on the features and needs you choose accordingly.

Origin of the neon fish

In Vietnam, this fish has been imported since the 1990s. When it was introduced to our country, Neon received special attention from aquarists and quickly became popular.

  • Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi (Myers, 1936)
  • English name: Neon tetra
  • Vietnamese name: green neon
  • Other Vietnamese names: normal neon fish, fluorescent neon
  • Origin of the fish: Imported. Was able to breed in Vietnam
  • Fish length: 3-4 cm

At present, our country is mainly breeding 2 kinds of neon fish, neon green and neon red (neon king fish). Blog love cats and dogs will help you learn more about these 2 species of neon fish.

Green neon fish in Vietnam

The blue neon is arguably the most popular species in our country today, which is why it is called neon fish because when they swim, they create a beautiful streak of light.

Some facts about the green neon

Neon blue fish or Neon Tetra, scientific name Paracheirodon innesi (Myers, 1936)

Other Vietnamese names: normal neon, fluorescent neon

Previously, the green neon in Vietnam was imported from abroad, but after a while, we were able to reproduce and reproduce in the country.

  • Fish length: 3-4 cm
  • Blue Neon Fish Features

Neon is a fish that lives in schools, the body has 2 red-blue stripes along the body, shiny silver scales. They were discovered in the US and many people keep them in aquariums. The fish are imported to Vietnam and are widely developed.

The characteristic of Blue Neon is that it likes to live in an environment of clean water and a large space, rich in dissolved oxygen. This is a favorable environment for fish to grow and reproduce well. Dirty water can affect the health and growth of your fish.

Fish Characteristics

Males have longer and more colorful dorsal and anal fins, while females are rounder and have a larger belly. This is the neon fish ID you may be referring to.

When the fish are sick, they are lighter in color, after a while they die.

Green Neon Growing and Feeding Conditions

The fish mature after 4-5 months of breeding. Neon fish can eat bo bo, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp… These foods can be bought at aquarium stores or raised in conditions that simulate the natural environment.

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Breeding Neon is pretty easy but not too easy. They are kept in mini aquariums, small aquariums with limited space. In general, this fish is not difficult to breed, very easy to reproduce, which is why it is chosen to care.

Red Neon Fish (Neon King)

Red Neon, also known as King Neon Fish, is bright and vibrant in color. This Neon line is also loved and cared for by many people in Vietnam.

Neon Kingfish Information

  • Scientific name: Paracheirodon axelrodi (Schultz, 1956)
  • Order: Characiformes (order white pompano)
  • Family: Characidae (red velvet snapper family)
  • Tên đồng danh: Cheirodon axelrodi Schultz, 1956; Hyphessobrycon cardinalis Myers & Weitzman, 1956.
  • Other Vietnamese names: King Neon Fish; crowned japanese fish
  • Other English names: Scarlet characin; Neon; neon tetra

Neon Red Fish or Red Neon Fish

The red neon fish has been imported into our country since the 90s. Although it has been imported for a long time, it was only until 2005 that it could be bred and become more massive.

King Neon Fish Features

Red Neon Fish distributed mainly in South America. This is also where this fish was discovered and is popularly bred to this day.

  • Fish length (cm):4 – 5
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Reproduction: lays eggs

Fish live in the middle layer of water, health and reproduction are highly dependent on clean water and the pH and index of the water. Overly polluted or cloudy water can cause fertility problems in Red Neon.

Techniques for caring and raising Neon King

The aquarium is medium in size, the water has a suitable acidic pH and good water quality. You can make an aquarium and keep it with other species of algae fish.

  • Tank volume (L): 70 (L)
  • Grown in an algae pond: Yes
  • Technical details of agriculture.
  • Tank Length: 60cm
  • Water temperature (C): 23 – 27
  • Water hardness (dH):5 – 12
  • pH: 4.0 – 7.0

Neon Fish Care

What is the price of the Neon Kingfish?

Neon is not expensive, they cost from 7-10k / child

how to care

Perhaps when breeding fish, you will encounter unusual fish deaths. There are many causes for this condition. Let’s find out together

First, let’s pay attention to the environmental parameters of water.

  • Water temperature (C): 20 – 26
  • Water hardness (dH):5 – 20
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Diet: Omnivorous

Neon is suitable for heavily planted aquariums with sand under the tank walls. Because it is a schooling fish, you should raise a full school of 6 or more. You can interbreed, but pay attention to keep with tame fish to avoid disputes.

B1: How to treat water

Put 2-3 leaves and plant aquatic plants in the store box, all kinds of algae are also included here. Wait until the water turns yellow. Replace leaves when old leaves rot or rot. The leaves will help lower the pH in the water and effectively sanitize.

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B2: Drop the fish into the bucket

Release Neon to store in the barrel for 1 month and feed them once every 2 days to adjust and get used to the new environment. Then put it in the mini aquarium. At this time, the fish will be healthier and more resistant.


This fish is omnivorous, they can eat smaller organisms such as insects, artemites, larvae, crustaceans… You can also buy more dry food so that the fish are prepared in the most complete way.

Worms are also the food that many people choose to feed Neon. However, feed in a small amount so it doesn’t fall to the bottom of the tank. In addition, according to many actions of Neon farmers, the worms only transmit diseases that can cause the death of the fish. The excessive number of worms will also make the water smell quite heavy and polluted.

In addition to the above 2 neon lines, there is also black neon and orange neon or red snapper. The way of breeding and care is similar to the previous two lines of fish, so you can refer to them.

neon fish breeding

The environment plays an important role when breeding Neon, the pH of the water should be between 5.5 and 6.5 with low light and the temperature between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius, only water with signs of turbidity will hinder reproduction of your fish

When raising this type of fish, it is necessary to separate the eggs from the parents to prevent them from being eaten. This is quite a similar feature to the four-veined fish in the previous articles featured by

Conditions for breeding fish to nest

Under natural conditions, the fish choose places with floating plants, low light for nesting. This is also an ideal place to hide from enemies.

neon spawn hatchling

With artificial tanks, breeders often stretch the nets to prevent the parents from eating the eggs. Reduce tank light, grow more aquatic and floating plants to create the most natural environment for fish to breed.

Fish usually lay 100-200 eggs at a time and 4-5 times per harvest. Eggs are susceptible to fungi, so it is necessary to add antifungals to the aquarium. The hatching of the fish after 24 hours is the fastest. 5-6 days he was able to catch prey. It is recommended to use Artemia to feed the fish.

Breed neon fish with any fishing line

Pay attention to the amount of food that is put in the aquarium to avoid that the excess causes cloudiness or contamination of the fish habitat. This greatly affects the reproduction and growth of neon fish.

Neon fish bred with any fish.

Neon fish should be kept with other tame fish to avoid Ong Tien, Goldfish, etc. To be more careful, you should place aquatic plants and holes in the rocks as shelters for fish to avoid danger. Larger tanks should not be filled with large fish.

Neon characteristics are shy and like to be quiet, they live in groups so big fish can affect Neon’s growth process. They are very excitable and are hunted by larger fish.