Mini Taiwan Moss: Characteristics and Care of Green Moss

Rêu Mini Taiwan

The most common type of moss used in the aquarium is the moss called Mini taiwan foam. With a beautiful appearance, it is widely used by aquarium enthusiasts to create a bonsai decoration for their aquarium. Please follow the following article for more information, how to take care of this mini Taiwan moss.

What are the characteristics of Mini Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan mini moss belongs to the Hypnaceae family and has the scientific name of Taxiphyllum alternans. They mainly occur in East Asia, Southeast Asia. They are often found in wet rocky areas near streams, waterfalls, or on rotting driftwood in swamps.

At first, it was discovered that Mini Taiwan moss had another name, Taiwan moss, and after some time, Professor Benito C. Tan from Singapore renamed it and confirmed that its standard scientific name is Taxiphyllum alternans. But in Vietnam, aquatic enthusiasts often call it as Moss Mini Taiwan.

Mini Taiwan Moss (Blister 8x8cm) |  purple aquarius
Taiwan mini moss is known as an aquatic plant in the moss family, clinging to pretty little leaves, often used by aquarists to decorate driftwood with many different landscaping. Small interwoven mini Taiwan moss will create a fresh and natural green color similar to the color of rainforests.

Uses of Mini Taiwan Moss

Referring to the aquarium, the moss family is considered an indispensable plant for tank creatures. Because green cover moss grows very strongly in a short time, when starting planting, results will be achieved very quickly. Need to prepare tools such as secateurs…that you can take care of the moss easily, neatly and cleanly.

Mini Taiwan Moss: How to Grow and Care for Mini Taiwan Moss

With the effect of helping to green the tank floor, cover gaps and harmonize aquarium creatures in the tank. In addition, the moss also brings a very pleasant, fresh and unique green color to the eyes of aquarists. Especially when moss is combined with aquatic driftwood, it can also create beautiful and impressive aquarium layouts.

The growth environment of Moss Mini Taiwan

Mini Taiwan moss or any type of moss needs cool water and is very fond of growing on rocks or aquatic driftwood. And in case you don’t have Co2, the water in the tank must also have a temperature below 24 degrees for the foam to develop.

How to Grow Mini Taiwan Bonsai Moss in an Aquarium |  green vegetables

Normal temperature: prefers cool, around 12 to 24 degrees
pH: 5 to 7
Co2: Necessary or less for the foam to grow better
Water: clear and fresh
Light: need less
Water manure: Necessary
Length: about 2 to 7 cm
Suitable: cultivation on driftwood, rocks for bonsai.

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Tips for Planting and Caring for Mini Taiwan Moss

How to Grow Mini Taiwan Moss Effectively

Taiwan mini moss is a type of moss that does not have roots, has a sticky shape, is extremely easy to maintain, is suitable, and is also a great choice for beginners in aquatic life. Because it is an easy-to-grow aquatic plant, it takes up few nutrients, but rather requires fairly high light. Also, mini Taiwan moss likes to live in cool temperatures, so for this moss to grow well, you need to provide them with enough light and cool water.

Mini Taiwan moss how to grow bonsai in an aquarium |  Kingthuysinh

The foam is suitable for life in cold water environments. Therefore, before planting moss, you need to prepare all the elements so that the plant can grow as well as possible. After buying moss from the store, you need to treat the moss cleanly and remove rocks, harmful moss mixed in the moss, then separate each moss fiber to plant on driftwood, bonsai or stone.

For those of you who have just started playing with aquatic plants, the use of Mini Taiwan Moss is certainly very surprising because you do not know where to buy reputable and how to plant and maintain it effectively.

TAIWAN DECORATIVE MINI Moss clings to rocks and fire AGRICULTURE AQUARIUM |  Shopee Vietnam

Taiwan’s mini moss in Vietnam has gradually become more popular, so it is also widely grown and sold. If you live far from the city and you don’t have the possibility to go to the aquatic stores to buy foam, you can also order online. However, when buying online, you have to accept the risk because the foam, when transported far away, is easy to damage.

Mini Taiwan moss how to grow bonsai in an aquarium |  Kingthuysinh

And when you’re in town, you have to go straight to a reputable aquatic shop to pick out the most beautiful and satisfying foam.

The mini Taiwan moss, once sold, will be grown in a blister pack and the price varies depending on the place of sale. The price will range from 40 to 50k/1 blister with a diameter of about 8x8cm.

When attaching foam, you must use specialized foam glue sold in aquatic stores. Absolutely do not use 502 glue to attach the foam. If there is no foam glue, the most common way is to use black yarn to wrap it, but note that wrapping with yarn will not last long and will most likely come untied. prevent the moss from sticking to the driftwood.

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How is Taiwan mini moss maintained?

To be able to take care of Mini Taiwan Moss more effectively, you need to prepare a clean, clear and stable tank with additional nutrients. Nutrients added to the aquarium are primarily fertilizers for the water and should be used with Seachem Flourish Excel fertilizers to both help plants grow well and clean the water and treat moss.
When growing this type of moss, the light regime should only be about 6 hours a day, and if left too long, harmful moss will easily appear.
You need to pay attention to the temperature of the water in the tank because the moss grows very well in cool water conditions with a temperature of around 12 to 24 degrees. Usually brothers playing foam in Vietnam usually leave it at around 26 degrees.

Minitaiwan moss - How to recognize it for beginners - Aquarium Vietnam
If you don’t have an air conditioner, you should buy an additional cooling fan for the aquarium or you can buy a chiller – a water cooling device is better, but the cost of the chiller is quite high, you need to consider this before buying.

According to the evaluation, Mini Taiwan foam is a type of foam that requires little CO2, but if you want the foam to grow strongly, you need to add CO2.
To make the foam evenly and beautifully, you need to buy other kinds of shrimp to eat harmful foam, such as red-nosed shrimp, Thanh Mai shrimp and other shrimp so that they can handle the harmful foams on this foam. Also, you need to combine more fish such as Pencil Fish, Otto Fish so that they are responsible for cleaning the foam in the tank for you.

Minitaiwan Moss |  cacanhagiang

Moss has a very fast growth rate, so you need to prune the tree regularly to prevent the moss from scattering and breaking up the plot. Note that when the layout is broken, it will be difficult to handle and will need to be repaired by reattaching new foam. When the moss grows too long, you need to re-trim the moss to prevent it from aging and deforming. After pruning, it is necessary to clean the moss and remove all branches of moss that have just been pruned out of the aquarium. In particular, you can also take advantage of this moss to plant in another aquarium.

Mini Taiwan Mousse |

Currently, aquatic planters mainly use Mini Taiwan moss to decorate bonsai, so you can also refer to some models of bonsai aquariums to get an idea of ​​how to deploy the layout in the tank.

So, through the above article, you have learned more information and consulted on how to take care of this type of skin. Mini taiwan moss Live healthy in my aquarium. I wish aquatic enthusiasts to have the most effective foam care experience.