Mini Puppy Deer Muscular Body Mini Dog Series

Vóc dáng chó fox hươu Miniature Pinscher

deer dog belongs to the line of small companion dogs that many people buy and take care of. Although the size is not too big, it is extremely unique and attractive. There have been many cases where these dogs bark without fear of anyone, regardless of people or dogs. However, they are still very popular and are looked after with poodle dogs as well as other breeds such as the pug or fox squirrel.

Origin of the deer dog

The deer dog, also known as the fox dog, has the English name Miniature Pinscher, also known as the Min Pin dog. This is a breed of terrier that specializes in hunting rats in Germany. With a small nimble body, it should be used with the mouse capture function. However, they gradually changed roles and today have become the companion dog breed.

miniature pinscherminiature pinscher

Not only are they agile, good at catching mice, but they are also very agile and can be used to take care of the house, not inferior to Vietnamese grass dogs. However, in our country, deer breeding still has only an ornamental purpose.

Characteristics of the deer dog

Here are the characteristics of this breed. Based on this, customers can distinguish them from other dog lines on the market. Especially many people mistakenly believe that squirrel, deer or chihuahua are the same.


They have a small size which is suitable as a companion dog when the size is the same as poodle, fox squirrel, pug. With a size of 25-35 cm in height, the weight is also 4-6 kg. However, they are purebred dogs from abroad with complete origin documents. Dog breeds bred in Vietnam are mostly mixed breed dogs. Their size is therefore also small, weighing only 2-3 kg. He is a cross between a terrier and a chihuahua.


It is also close to the chest type of the Phu Quoc dog, but on the surface it looks more like the Doberman. The forelegs often tend to stand upright for observation. The hind legs are slightly apart to be ready to accelerate to capture the target. This is a beautiful posture that every dog ​​should learn. Especially in dog competitions, this standing pose is the national stance.

Fox Deer Miniature Pinscher Dog FigurineFox Deer Miniature Pinscher Dog Figurine

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face head

Possessing a slightly upturned oval-shaped eye similar to a deer, the name fox deer originated here. Arranged on a face with a long muzzle, a pointed nose and strong teeth. These are the characteristics that make it easy to recognize the fox dog. With strong teeth combined with nimble feet, it’s much easier to dig holes and catch mice. This perk helps them become skilled rats.

feathers, tails

The tails of this breed are usually docked when young. The goal is to make them more agile as well as increase their beauty. With a small dog line that has an extra tail, it looks quite sore on the eyes. Comes with short, straight hair that will limit hair loss, which is a nightmare for owners. The most common colors are brown, chocolate brown or black. Depending on the preferences of the breeder, choose the corresponding coat color.

Puppy personality

He is a cute and mischievous dog with a big liver. They have little fear of predators or dogs. Combined with the agile nature, intelligence and high sense of personality, the owner can also take care of the house. They also love to be petted and cared for by their owners. Their intelligence is a little lower than Poodle and Berliner. So if you are raising this breed, the owner can teach them the basic standing, sitting, lying commands through quick acquisition.

Fox Deer Miniature Pinscher Dog FigurineMost deer dogs are pretty vicious

In general, dog breeds have quite similar personalities. Therefore, if you have bred mini dog breeds, you can choose to breed this appropriate line of dogs as well.

How much does a deer poodle cost?

In general, this line is priced not too high while it only goes 1-3 million for a hybrid dog and around 5-10 million for a purebred baby born in Vietnam with a certificate. VKA. For purebred dogs imported from abroad, the price may be 15-30 million higher. When buying from overseas, customers should feel safe because they have complete documents of origin which are much safer than in Vietnam. Sometimes the VKA paper is smudged, so the vast majority of professional dog players often keep a paperless line. They breed according to the beauty of the dog, their hobby, no longer really looking at the VKA paper.

deer dog priceFor a detailed price list, please see here.

The details of the deer dog price list will be updated here.

Factors that affect the price of a deer dog include:

  • Dog purity.
  • Dog of domestic or international origin.
  • Dog size.
  • How beautiful is the dog?
  • their intelligence
  • ….

What do poodles eat?

Of course, the first choice for many people is grain food. The most convenient and easy to buy, no need to cook to waste time and effort. If you can’t afford to feed the seeds, you can cook porridge separately for them to eat. Bone broth or squash, carrots enhance fiber. Add a few duck eggs from time to time. If you raise an ordinary person, people eat everything they give to dogs. Of course, avoid foods with lots of bones. Feed little by little and some wet food is best.

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What do foxes eat?What do foxes eat the fastest?

For breeders, pay attention to their diet. But those who raise this point are not many. Most of them will choose to breed pugs or poodles for economic purposes rather than the deer line.

How to raise a deer dog?

The life expectancy of the deer fox breed ranges from 9 to 15 human years, corresponding to 63 to 105 years of dog age. From the 8th month, they are able to reproduce when they first fall. However, most breeders will not be breeding for the first time. They will remove the first sale and add it to the second every 3-5 months.

Is it difficult to breed a deer dog?Is it difficult to breed a deer dog?

Dogs bleed and we need to let them mate around 9-12 days from first blood report. Mix 2 waters 1-2 days apart to ensure as much as possible. After about 30-35 days, we see their belly grow and they will roost. Around day 40-50, the belly fat is most evident. And around 57-60 days, the female dog begins to show signs of giving birth, the breast has milked. At this time, a careful care regime to prepare for the birth of the dog.

Pug deer give birth to around 1 to 9 pups depending on different conditions. Most will be 2-4-6 to ensure the safety of the mother dog. Small breed dogs are relatively difficult to breed naturally. Therefore, fox deer farm owners should always have veterinary personnel ready when whelping to ensure the safety of female dogs and puppies.

Are deer fox dogs difficult to breed?

Dogs are small, so taking care of them is not too complicated. Possessing short hair, they are not too afraid of their hair loss. Along with that, he is also quite close to humans, so there is a need to care for, nurture, and nurture other dogs. In addition to the pet dog line, the owner should also schedule time to take them to the spa and beauty salon. Let them bathe as well as trim the dog’s hair and nails.

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