Merge with the most beautiful cats in the world, just look at it and fall in love!

Merge with the most beautiful cats in the world, just look at it and fall in love!

The reason why cats, the second most popular pet in the world, are so loved because they are so diverse in terms of types, fur colors, and extremely charming and friendly personalities. hold back and not stop loving them. Here is a summary of chocanh about The most beautiful cat in the help you choose a cat that suits your personality and interests.

arabian cat

Persian cats are a very popular breed due to their cute and peaceful love of being close to their owners. Possessing a long, thick 2-layer coat, they look like moving cotton balls. However, this advantage is also the disadvantage of Persian cats, as their hair sheds quite a bit, which is a big handicap if you don’t have a lot of free time as well as the type of person who likes to be groomed.

One of the easily identifiable Persian cats is that they have a very short nose bridge, which is why the Persian cat is also known as the flat-faced cat. Because the nose is short and broken, it will be difficult to breathe or have watery eyes. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether you want to adopt a cat of this breed.

exotic cats

Exotic cats are also known as Persian shorthair cats, because they have a lot of similarities to Persian cats with a round face, a cute short nose, but short thick fur. Compared to Persian cats, exotic cats are quite easy to care for without much effort. They are quite affectionate, sweet, cuddly and cuddly, although at first glance they may appear frowning and unapproachable. Although it only appeared for about 50 years, the Exotic is one of the 10 most beautiful cat breeds in the world and is very popular.

turkish van cat

Just by hearing the name, you know where this cat comes from, right? This is a rare breed of cat and is native to Central Asia and Southwest Asia. Van Cat has 2 different eye colors, with a rather special coat with a long white coat with fairly balanced color spots on the head and a tail that is often intertwined with colored compartments. Although the Van cat’s fur is long, it rarely falls out (1 time a year, around April), so the owners of these cats are usually quite idle, not having to spend a lot of effort in grooming and brushing their fur every day. the days.

Possessing a long, toned body in proportion to his height and long, straight legs, his steps are very supple, agile but still very supple and graceful. In addition, the Van cat is also a healthy, intelligent, kind and gentle breed, always cheerful and polite. They love to run, play with children, and are friendly with other family pets.

Angora cat

The Turkish Angora or Ankara cat is a breed of cat native to the Ankara region of Türkiye. This is a rather strange breed of cat, almost unique, in that they have more characteristics like…dogs than cats. However, since it is still a cat, it does not know how to bark, but instead, the Turkish Angora Cat is very intelligent and has a good memory. Therefore, Angora cats usually learn very quickly. You can easily train them or teach them simple lessons that they can quickly imitate.

Due to many dog-like characteristics, the Angora cat loves to play in and dive into water, is very active and especially likes to play with children.

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maine coon cat

The Maine Coon or American long-haired cat is one of the largest and oldest cat breeds in North America, which is why its name is also named after a state in the United States. Although large, but Miane Coon has a flexible gait, especially remarkable hunting abilities, so at one time they were bred to hunt and destroy rodents in the United States.

american shorthair cat

A top-tier hunter, the American Shorthair is one of the most developed and popular cat breeds in America today.

Although very good at catching mice, the American Shorthair is a quiet-loving cat that can play all by itself. This is the ideal breed to keep in the family, they are very friendly and gentle that can befriend small children. The American shorthair cat has short, rather thick hair that comes in all sorts of different colors like monochromatic, caviad, flower-spotted, tortoise-patterned, tricolor, multicolored, etc. The most common coat color is silver with a black cavity.

cat with crooked ears

Another popular cat breed, also native to the United States, is the American Curl or lop-eared cat. The reason why they are called that is because they have a very special pair of ears, crooked back.

Like the fold-eared cat, the American Curl’s twisted ears are caused by a mutated gene. They were officially recognized as a breed in 1985 by the TICA International Cat Association. Initially when born crook eared cats will have a pair of straight ears, after about 3-5 days of age their ears begin to curve and fully develop until about 16 weeks of age.

In addition to inverted ears, they also have long or relatively long shiny hair, of quite different colors, and a long, bushy tail, very pretty and smooth when moving.

This is also a very intelligent breed of cat, docile and hyperactive, they are quite loyal, affectionate and dedicated to their owners.

folded eared cat

Like the lop-eared cat, the Scottish Fold cat breed is also known as the fold-eared cat. This is originally the result of a genetic mutation created in the 1960s. Scottish Fold cats are born with straight ears, and by the time they are 3-4 weeks old, their ears begin to fold down.

However, not all cats at this age have floppy ears, there are many cats with straight ears. So when you intend to buy this breed of cat, pay attention to the age of the babies, as well as the folds on the ears, in order to choose the best cat. We have a detailed article on this fold-eared cat breed, you can check it out here.

abyssinian cat

If you love Bengal cats, you definitely cannot ignore the Abyssinian cat breed. Because of its beautiful reddish fur. Its name, the Abyssinian, is named after the empire (now called Ethiopia) that is believed to have created the breed. However, recent studies suggest that the Abyssinian cat originated from the coast of Egypt.

somali cat

If the Bengal cat is shaped like a leopard, the Somali cat attracts people with its fox-like appearance with large ears, a small pointed face, and a fluffy tail. The Somali is an extremely intelligent, agile, hardy, and easy-care breed of cat.

Its feathers are usually red, blue, dark brown, chocolate, light brown or light gray… accompanied by almond-shaped eyes that also have a variety of colors from copper, amber to green. Very attractive tree.

bobtail cat

The Bobtail, the Manx or the Manx cat is native to a small island located between England and Ireland. The cause of this tail poop is due to a mutation in the spine bone that causes these cats to have no tail, but only a bit of a muzzle.

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The Manx cat has a small size and a compact body but is very full, the hind legs are longer than the front legs, and the back is slightly short to form an arch that extends from the shoulder to the buttock.

They are very healthy, they rarely get sick, sometimes they often have bone and joint problems, so it is important to pay attention so that they do not exercise too much.

thai siamese cat

One of the rare Asian cat breeds recognized by the World Cat Association. The origin of Siamese cats is considered to have originated in Thailand, at first they were mainly bred by Thai aristocrats. Later, when they were brought to Britain and the United States, they received special affection and are popular to this day. Siamese cats are characterized by having blue eyes, with a black face and a common ash color.

munchkin cat

If you’ve ever seen one piece legged and a wobbly gait, your heart won’t stop sobbing because of this super cute Munchkin cat.

Due to a genetic mutation, the Munchkin has short legs, the hind legs being longer than the front legs. There are not many documents about the history of this breed of cats, it is only known that they originated in America, once became extinct, then bred again and developed to this day.

Munchkin cats have a very sweet personality as well as their cute and chubby appearance. Also, Munchkin cats are also very happy, friendly, they love to be cuddled and petted. Despite their short legs, they are still quite agile, walking and active like any other breed of cat. This breed typically weighs between 6 and 9 pounds (3 and 4 kg), and the hind legs are usually slightly longer than the front legs.

british shorthair cat

The British Shorthair (ALN) is one of the most popular domesticated cat breeds in the world. A round face, round cheeks, and a bluish-gray coat combined with copper-colored eyes are considered to be the characteristics of the British Shorthair. It is also one of the oldest known cat breeds, descended from European cats brought to Britain by the Romans when they invaded the country.

british longhair cat

The British Longhair (ALD) has many similarities to the British Shorthair, but has a longer, thicker coat. They have long iridescent fur, a fairly long and frilly tail, and a stocky body. British longhair cats are quite gentle, not too mischievous, very suitable for pets. Despite being one of the most popular domestic cats in the world, until now they have not been recognized as a real cat breed.

Russian cat with blue eyes

As its name suggests, this is a breed of cat originating from Russia. At first glance, you will easily confuse the British shorthair cat and the Russian blue-eyed cat because they both have short, bluish-gray fur. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that the eyes of the British shorthair cat are coppery yellow, while the eyes of the Russian cat are green, deep blue.

In addition, the British shorthair cat has a short nose and a large round face, while the Russian blue-eyed cat has a slightly pointed face and a long nose. Personality wise, the Russian blue-eyed cat is quite shy when seeing strangers but is very attached to its owner. They are quite gentle, they can play by themselves when the owner is away, but they are not too mischievous or disruptive.

bengal cat

If you’ve ever heard of a cat girl named Thor, you’re probably familiar with the Bengal cat breed, a miniature version of this jungle leopard. They have a beautiful coat, with black streaks and a velvety soft coat that few cats can match. You won’t be able to stop stroking once you touch this fur. However, because the Bengal is a cross between an Asian wild cat and a domestic cat, they have quite a wild, sometimes ferocious personality. You should be careful in the lifting process, so as to avoid unfortunate accidents.