Mèo Exotic (exotic short hair)

Mèo Exotic (exotic short hair)

The exotic cat breed, or Persian shorthair cat, is one of the world’s many ancient cat breeds.

They are adorable and friendly and have all the same characteristics as Persians except for their short coat. However, because they are hybrid cats, exotic cats often suffer from genetic diseases.

The exotic shorthair or Persian cat is a breed of cat native to the United States, bred from purebred Persian cats. They are quite famous for their flat faces similar to their brothers but with shorter fur.

To breed this breed of cats, cat lovers in the US have crossed purebred Persian cats with local American cats, Burmese cats… However, it was not until 1966 that they were approved by the World Cat Association as a separate race from their brethren

Origin of the exotic catExotic cat of origin. internet photos


Like his brother, the exotic cat has a cute and chubby appearance. The round face and head area is the feature that makes exotic cats get a lot of attention from cat lovers all over the world.

Exotic cats have shorter fur than Persians, round faces, long tails, and triangular ears. The most striking feature of this breed is probably the traditional broken nose. The coat is soft, colorful and less loose than its brother.

Exotic cats have an average body size, the height that cats can reach is 30 cm, and a weight of up to 6 kg. The weight of exotic cats can increase or decrease. This is thanks to the care of the breeder and his daily feeding.

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Characteristics of exotic cats. Internet

His eyes are round, very cute. Thanks to these characteristics, many exotic cats have become very popular on social networks.

However, unlike the Siamese cat breed presented in the previous article, Exotic encounter many health problems, especially genetic diseases, they often suffer from diseases such as sore eyes, watery eyes, psoriasis and respiratory diseases in the cold season. If they are not taken care of properly, they can also become obese.


Exotic cats are friendly, they love to be cuddled like other cats. Although the hair loss is minor, you still need to brush daily to eliminate this hair loss.

With other animals, Exotic is also very sociable and gentle. In games, the loser usually goes with the exotic cats because their nature is too good.

On the other hand, this breed of cats is also very lazy and easily faces obesity if the owner does not have proper exercise regimens for the cats.

Exotic Cat Personality TraitsExotic cat personality traits. internet photos

Exotic cat health

In general, the health of exotic cats is good, with the right diet and activities, they can live up to 15 years or more.

However, this hybrid cat breed often suffers from many genetic health problems. Diseases are not too dangerous but they bring discomfort to cats. So, when breeding exotics, you need to carefully care and monitor their health.

Some common diseases of exotic cats

  • nasal bone stenosis
  • Tooth related diseases
  • Fleeting eyes and full of tears.
  • cat fungal disease
  • Polycystic kidney disease

How to care for exotic cats. Internet

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Nutrition and care of exotic cats

This is a breed of cat that is prone to obesity because they are lazy to help cats in good health. It is necessary to apply a proper diet and exercise for them.

In addition, the cat’s short, low-shedding coat should be brushed regularly and bathed with a special cat shampoo. It is not necessary to bathe the cat too many times, but it is necessary to brush the cat’s fur.

As a breed of cat that often suffers from eye and respiratory diseases, it is necessary to check and clean the eyes, nose and ears on a daily basis.

Leaving it on too long can cause greasy hair and very uncomfortable eye discharge. The broken nose makes the cat’s breathing more or less difficult. You should place the captivity in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling your own hair.

exotic cat personalityPersian shorthair cat personality. internet photos

This breed of cat is suitable for growing conditions of medium size. It doesn’t need to be too spacious, but it does need good hygiene.

Price of exotic cats in Vietnam

Exotic cats in Vietnam are currently divided into registered cats, pedigrees, and undocumented cats. Undocumented cats are often sold online with prices ranging from 4 million to 8 million.

Most owners buy cats as pets, so it’s easy to find a place to sell them through forums and groups.

How much does a Persian shorthair cat cost? Internet

For those who buy cats for breeding, the price is higher due to the clear pedigree. Most of these cats are priced at 15-25 million. They have stable genomes and are certified pure by many reputable organizations.

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