Malinois | belgian dog becgie

Malinois |  belgian dog becgie

The Malinois dog, also known as the Belgian Becgie, is probably quite familiar to dog lovers in Vietnam, especially those who have a passion for sheepdogs.

They are one of many intelligent dog breeds and are chosen as professional training dogs. Many police or rescue units use and train Malinois dogs for the purpose of saving people or detecting drugs and bombs. The Malinois dog always successfully completes the best assigned tasks with its toughness and agility.

malinois dogMalinois dog. google photos

You may not know, this breed is also used to protect heads of state like in the US, it was even trained by Navy SEALs to carry out anti-terrorist operations in the years of 2011-2012.

Origin of the Malinois dog.

The Belgian Malinois is an intelligent breed named after the Dutch language, which means a town from here. They are inherently loyal and extremely intelligent dogs.

This breed is skilled and durable. Perhaps these characteristics make them used by most countries in the world to train them as working dogs.

These dogs are even tasked with protecting the US President, sniffing out explosives and drugs. In addition to his physical condition of resistance.

They quickly destroy the target with powerful bites that scare the target. Its running speed can reach 50 km/h.

However, to become a powerful dog, they need to be trained and trained by experienced and consistent people.

If not taught, the Malinois can be very stubborn and stubborn as it grows up. Like other dogs, the Malinois is usually very friendly with children.

In the world, there are Malinois dogs that have made many notable achievements in fighting crime in South Africa. Or in crime hot spots around the world.

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Characteristics of the Malinois dog breed.

Malinois are a balanced bodied sheepdog with a graceful body, they have a maximum height of up to 60cm with a maximum weight of up to 30kg.

The long, pointed muzzle gives them a much more agile appearance. Brown eyes and extremely flexible erect ears. The large padded feet facilitate smooth movement on any terrain. Strong jaws and super powerful bites always send enemies reeling.

Characteristics of the Belgian ShepherdCharacteristics of the Belgian shepherd. internet photos

The typical coat color of the Malinois is dark brown. There are many black individuals, but the most common color is still yellow-brown.

They have a black muzzle and a black belly and ear area. The short, silky coat covers the body and is easy to care for.

The coat is waterproof and easy to care for, you only need to brush any stray hair once a week and limit bathing too much to reduce the water resistance of the coat.

With good care, the Malinois can live up to 14-15 years. Healthy dogs can give birth to up to 10 pups at a time.

Malinois dogs generally do not have many diseases. they only have hip and knee problems. Inflammation of the skin in the hot and humid season and some eye problems. One disadvantage of Malinois is that they are aggressive and want to dominate small dogs.

Therefore, you should expose them to small dogs and other pets to get them used to them.

Malinois dog personality characteristics.

The Malinois is known as a herding dog. Belgium is healthy and agile. They are cautious and strong with the instincts of a sheepdog.

By simply identifying the target or lurking danger, few enemies can escape the jaws of this race.

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However, the most difficult point when caring for this breed is training. To be able to train a Belgian Malinois dog, an owner with voice, weight and extreme perseverance is needed. If they are too rough, they can easily become stubborn.

The owner’s training voice should be loud, steady and clear. This breed of dog should be raised from a young age because it will be easier to cooperate and become familiar with the owner.

They often make very good watchdogs and watchdogs. In contrast to their fierce appearance, they love to play with children and are friendly with owners and family members.

Malinois dog personality traits.Malinois dog personality traits. internet photos

If you ignore them, they will feel uncomfortable and find ways to destroy them, it is best to take care of them and take them out often for exercise.

When raised from a young age, Malinois dogs are extremely loyal to their owners. The way his master treats him determines the character of Malinos. Therefore, in addition to the training to apply martial law, it also needs the care and attention of the owner.

Being a high energy breed, the Malinois must be exposed to many small breeds that need attention due to their herding instincts.

It is best to keep them in an environment with enough space for them to run and jump easily. and exercise

How much does a Malinois dog cost?

Currently in Vietnam, the price of Belgian Becgie or Malinois dogs is divided into 2 prices:

  • 6-10 million won : It is the common price when breeding dogs in Vietnam, breeding domestic dogs, mating and breeding. After 2-3 months, they are released from the cage and vaccinated in their new home.
  • >15 million: This is the price for dogs bred with clean papers and pedigree. The parents are either famous or imported from today’s dog-breeding countries. If imported from European countries, the dogs often cost thousands of dollars.

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