List Of Reputable Pet Stores Selling Dog And Cat Accessories In Hanoi

The list of pet stores in Hanoi that sells cat and dog accessories below in Hanoi will help you have more choice when taking care of your BOSS.

Currently, there are many pet stores, pet stores are opened. Unlike before, when I started to breed cats and dogs, I had to find a lot of information on the Internet with great difficulty. To help you avoid falling into your situation, this article will send you a list of pet stores that sell accessories for dogs and cats. You can consult.

Pet Mart – Pet Supermarket

Pet Mart is a supermarket brand of pets and accessories for dogs and cats that has been around for a long time. Starting from 2012, from a small shop, Pet Mart has gradually developed and established its brand in the hearts of customers.

In addition to a pet supermarket, Pet Mart also provides grooming, grooming, and hospitality services for dogs and cats. Almost everything you need for your bosses can be found here like cat toysCereal food, shower gel, hairdryer, leash…

Currently, Pet Mart pet supermarket has opened many branches in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City provinces. You can check it on the supermarket website.

Petmart pet store. internet photos

Addresses of Pet Mart branches in Hanoi:

  • No. 3 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
  • No. 83 Nghi Tam, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • No. 206 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • No. 18 Cha Ca, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • No. 242 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
  • No. 226 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien District, Hanoi

Free consultation call center: 19002100 | Website:

Pet Town – Pet Town

Pet City is considered to be one of the many great pet product brands. Pet City is a partner that offers many prestigious products for dog and cat owners. Pet City provides customers with famous brands such as Royal Canin, Virbac, Fido’s, City Zoo, Me-o…

There is no need to argue too much about the quality of the product here. In addition to selling cat and dog supplies and accessories, Pet City also provides professional pet grooming and grooming services. Pet City organizes many pet events and festivals to connect and spread the movement of pet lovers among SENs.

Petcity pet store. internet photos

Addresses of Pet City branches in Hanoi

  • 10 Ham Long, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • 174 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
  • 125 Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
  • 254 Ngo Gia Tu, Long Bien District, Hanoi.


meow woof

The store has quite a good quality of service, products with a variety of designs from toys, cat litter, leashes, leashes, food, shower gel for dogs… There are free shipping policies and attractive offers here. You can easily choose to buy products for Boss when you visit the store’s website or come to the place for enthusiastic advice.

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Address: 108 TT A5 Lane 3 Van Phuc Ba Dinh HN.


meowwoofvn,. Internet

Pet shop, accessories for dogs and cats Lolipet

Lolipet pet supermarket offers a full range of products for SENs to shop for Boss. The products are diverse in types, colors and sizes ready to satisfy any demanding god.

In addition to cats and dogs, Lolipet also offers products for other pets such as rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, hedgehogs, and reptiles.

Lolipet pet store. Internet

Pet supermarket – LOLIPET

  • Main Branch: No. 10 Alley 45 Nguyen Hong – Dong Da – Hanoi
  • CH 2: 116 yen Phu Small – Tay Ho – Hanoi
  • Chapter 3: 549 Quang Trung – Ha Dong – Hanoi


Pet shop Kimi Pet

In fact, Kimi Pet is today’s leading pet grooming training venue, the store also sells beautiful accessories for cats and dogs. However, this is mainly the training center for the best dog grooming scissors in Vietnam.

If you are a fan of dogs who wants to learn the art of pruning, you can come to Kimi Pet to take the course. The products offered by the store are also quite diverse, from hair clippers, cat food, dog leashes…

KimiPet pet store. Internet

Directed by Kimi Pet

  • CS1: 128 De La Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • CS2: 34/360 Xa Dan, Dong Da, Hanoi

Kún Miu Pet Shop and Grooming

Established 8 years ago, initially as a store selling cat and dog supplies, cat and dog accessories, but now, Kún Miu has also provided grooming and bathing services for pets.

The store staff are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Here you will be consulted about the prices and uses of the products for sale in the most detailed way.

Only Miu Pet Shop. Internet

Store information

  • Installation 1: 135 An Trach, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • Installation 2: 3 To Hieu, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Installation 3: 7 Hong Mai, Hanoi
  • Installation 4: 2 lanes 41 Khuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Installation 5: 104 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi

Pet shop Cat and dog shop

Formerly a veterinary pharmacy, Cat Cuc Pet Shop understands what pets need and offers a full range of quality products to serve the lives of bosses. The articles here are diverse and full of models.

Store information

  • Address: Kiosk 6, 88 Truong Chinh, Dong Da, Hanoi

Pet shop for cats and puppies. Internet

J & pet store

J & Pet Shop is managed by Fushion Vietnam Manufacturing and Import-Export company. Established in 2010, JandPet is considered a trusted address for SENs looking to buy for their bosses. Experienced professional staff trained by Korean experts will satisfy any customer.

The store provides pet care, spa services, and sells a variety of products for dogs, cats, and pets with a full range of models.

J&Pet. Internet

Information about JandPet

Address: Villa D31 The Manor, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Address: 148 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Address: 111 Tran Khat Chan, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

FACILITIES 4: Km8 + 500 Axis of Thang Long Boulevard, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

Other pet stores by county

There are also a number of pet stores spread across Hanoi’s districts, such as

Pet shop in Ba Dinh district

  • Pet Corner – Address: No. 22, lane 71 Linh Lang, Cong Vi.
  • Pet Store Warehouse – Address: No. 39b, Alley 87 Lang Ha, Coconut Market.
  • Pawsome Pet Store – No. 2, Lane 65 Van Bao.
  • Sasu Pet Store – Address: 42 Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh, Hn.
  • Chippie Lounge – Address: 80 Kim Ma.
  • PetGold – Address: 32 Mr. Ich Khiem, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Pet shop in Cau Giay

  • PetPlusVn – Address: B18 Lane 88 Trung Kinh, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay,
  • Kún Miu and Kimi Pet as I provided above

Ha Dong District

  • CutePets – Address: 171 Thanh Binh Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Queen Pet Shop – Address: Next to 6, 2 Ngo Thi Nham, Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Kalipet Shop Hanoi – Address: No. 148, Lane 231 Luong The Vinh.
  • Beily Ha Dong Store – Address: 95 Quang Trung Ha Dong.

Long Bien District

  • Koko Pet – Address: 382 Ngoc Lam – Long Bien – Hanoi.
  • Achoang Pet Store – Address: 193 Bo De Alley, Long Bien District, Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem District

  • Petcity: 10 Ham Long, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Dom Pet Shop – Address: No. 3 Ngo Van So, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Hoan Kiem Pet Store – Lan Lan Pet – Address: 9A, Ham Long, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Kun Miu Hoan Kiem – Address: No. 91 Tho Nhuom – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi.
  • Lan Lan Pet – BT6-C11 Viet Hung Urban Area, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

western lake district

  • Mon & Pet Hair Salon – Address: 19Z, Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
  • Naipet Store – Address: No. 17, 110/10 Nguyen Hoang Ton Alley, Xuan La, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
  • iVET Veterinary Hospital – Address: 468 Lac Long Quan, Nhat Tan Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
    Shop / Store of accessories for dogs and cats / Store of accessories for dogs and cats

Pet shop in Dong Da

  • Kun Miu Pet Shop and Grooming: Address: 135 An Trach, Dong Da, Hanoi.
  • Kimipet accessories store for dogs and cats – Address: 360 Xa Dan – Dong Da – Hanoi.
  • Cat Cu Pet Store – Address: Kiet 6, 88 Truong Chinh, Dong Da, Hanoi.
  • Ilu Pet Store – Address: 66 lane 298 Tay Son, Dong Da.

Hai Ba Trung District

  • Upet Address: No. 29 Hong Mai Street – Bach Mai – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi.
  • Kun Miu Hong Mai Cat and Dog Store – Address: 7 Hong Mai – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi – Hanoi
  • Pettysoc – Address: 9 Le Thanh Nghi, Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. Phone: 0965257528
  • Loyalty Dog Shop – Address: 80, Hong Mai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City.

When choosing to buy in pet stores, they also consult and compare you to choose the right product for Boss.

I hope the article helps you to have more tips to buy things for your boss easily. If the article is useful to you. Please vote 5 stars to support me and blog I love cats and dogs.


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