Learn more about smart betta tanks and multi-chamber betta tanks

Learn more about smart betta tanks and multi-chamber betta tanks

intelligent betta aquarium and multi-compartment betta fish tank will be the 2 product lines that Small Ornamental Fish wants to learn about with the readers of this Series. Especially smart aquarium products, a product that is very fashionable recently.

When it comes to raising ornamental fish, an aquarium is an indispensable product. It has a great effect on caring for aquarium fish, especially beautifying your own space. Nowadays, when things are evolving rapidly, smart products are gradually replacing old products. In ornamental fish farming there is also a line of products that appeared not long ago but that has changed the mentality of many people who keep aquarium fish. It’s a smart fish tank. Let’s find out with Small Ornamental Fish through the detailed analysis below.

What is a Smart Betta Aquarium?

Basic information

As advertised by the manufacturer. intelligent betta aquarium It is a useful product for fish farmers. When you have the ability to automatically change the water for the aquarium perfectly without touching a finger. This is what makes small ornamental fish fans wonder and want the store to answer quickly.

The actual reviews found this to be a very suitable product for breeding betta fish. By comparison, it may look like a blender. By purchasing the product, you are given a large number of accessories for assembling and decorating the aquarium.

Accessories that come with a smart betta aquarium

Product intelligent betta aquarium Includes fish tank, base, a plastic piece installed there to help filter impurities during betta care. It comes with a tank bottom mounted LED fixture and artificial aquatic plants to help enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium. In addition, the manufacturer also carefully packages the gravel for the buyer. Finally, there is an automatic water change support tube.

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How does it work

When you fill the smart betta aquarium with water and exceed the specified level. Immediately the aquarium will have great water pressure and it will drain the excess water. The bottom sediment will also be accompanied by excess water through the automatic suction pipe to the outside.

Practical experience shows that this is a very good product. For busy people, it will be an effective support tool. Now you no longer have to struggle to clean the bottom of the aquarium, and changing the water will also be much easier.

More information on multi-compartment betta aquariums

In fact, not only the intelligent betta aquarium that traditional aquarium products are still widely used. Especially multi-compartment betta fish tank. What do you do when you want to keep many types of bettas but each betta just wants its own territory? At this time, a fish tank with many messages is the best solution.

This type of multi-compartment fish tank comes in many sizes. You can choose according to your purpose to decorate the living room or study table. The most popular type of aquarium today is the 3 compartment betta tank.

Its advantage is to admit many different types of fish in a tank. Also, farmers can create their own style by decorating 3 compartments with 3 different colors and styles.

In terms of materials, Mica is currently the most popular material used to produce fish tanks. Because it guarantees cost savings and security for users.

The location of the fish tank is suitable.

In the experience of Small Ornamental Fish, when placing multi-compartment betta fish tank o 1 compartment should pay special attention to feng shui elements. When the aquarium is placed in the right positions, it will bring a lot of fortune to family members.

Aquariums are considered auspicious in feng shui. Therefore, it must be placed in a good direction. The entire tank belongs to the water element, because the feng shui element water means fortune and luck. This means that it will need to be placed in the best position for it to work properly. Avoid misdirection, because it will cause damage and bad omens for the owner of the house.

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The direction to place the multi-compartment fish tank and smart aquarium is suitable

Before wanting to book multi-compartment betta fish tank hay smart betta aquarium Where. You need to consider whether your net is suitable for placing an aquarium. Calculated according to the principle of similarity and mutual birth of feng shui, those who carry fire or earth should limit the placement of fish tanks in the house. It is necessary to consider with other furniture to balance the vitality of the house.

If you put the aquarium in the house, please put it in the directions of Phu Quy and Quan Loc, signs such as North, East, South and Southeast so that the family will have a lot of luck and fortune, as well as support career and support. .health support.

The best place to place the fish tank in the house, according to Little Fish, is in the living room. It will create a landscape that is easy to see, making the living room luxurious.

If you use an aquarium to block sources of black qi, you should place the aquarium outside the house. But please pay attention to ensure the distance between your house and the neighbor’s house. The position of the fish tank under the rafters helps family members reduce stress, pressure and fatigue.

The placement direction of the fish tank should be avoided.

Absolutely avoid the following positions to avoid bad influences. The first is the position behind the hall, tables and chairs in the room. The next one is in front of the kitchen. Placing near the toilet is also taboo. Absolutely avoid placing it in front of the altar. The bedroom is also a place to stay away.

Above, Small Ornamental Fish has told you more about the product. smart betta aquarium and multi-compartment betta fish tank. Also, there are details about the feng shui elements in the fish tank placement. We hope we have helped you gain more useful knowledge in the field of ornamental fish farming.