Labrador Retriever Dog – Characteristics you may not know

Labrador Retriever Dog - Characteristics you may not know

The Labrador Retriever is a hunting dog that is widely kept in Western countries, especially the United States. Like the Golden Dog, the Labrador Retriever is intelligent, easy to train, and is considered a loyal family friend. In Vietnam, Labrador retrievers are also widely bred and popular.

Since ancient times, the Labrador Retriever has been known as a hunting dog trained to help its owner retrieve prey. They are a favorite breed of sailors in Newfoundland and Portugal due to their ease of training, sociability, and loyalty.

Origin of the Labrador Retriever.  internet photosOrigin of the Labrador Retriever. internet photos

The origin of the labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever descends from the Canadian Newfoundland breed. Right now, they are bred by fishermen to serve the purpose of easier fishing.

In the 1800s, they were brought back to England and widely developed in this country when they officially became family pets. In 1895, the regulation of bringing dogs into England was extremely strict. This is why dogs brought from abroad have to be crossed with native breeds in order to breed. After a finishing process, labrador retriever modernity was born.

There are many people predicting cho Labrador has been bred with Spaniels or lines Retriever other.

With its instincts, the Labrador Retriever quickly won people’s hearts and gradually became more popular. It is known that in many countries Labrador Retriever It is also used to guide the elderly, smell and serve in small hunts.

They are really effective assistants for people in crime prevention and surveillance in the family. in any role, Cho Labrador They also always successfully complete assigned tasks and win back the trust of their owners.

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Mentally stable and with his amazing insight and obedience to orders. Cho Labrador Retriever, It has made them the top of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Characteristics of the Labrador Retriever dog

Labrador Retriever Currently, there are 2 lines: British and American Labrador. These two lines have many different characteristics both in appearance and color.

The British Labrador Retriever has a much squarer and stronger body, while the American Labrador Retriever is taller and leaner than the American Labrador Retriever. Labrador retrievers have a height of 45-56 cm and a weight that can reach 30 kg. Females can be lighter and slightly shorter than males.

They have a thick nose that is usually chestnut in color and a strong, sharp jaw. Wide muzzle with strong bite force. Under good breeding conditions, this breed can reach a lifespan of up to 12 years.

characteristics of the labrador retrieverCharacteristics of the labrador retriever. internet photos

The Labrador’s coat is short and hard, hugging the body. This is probably an advantage that makes people like to keep this breed.

Common Labrador coat colors are chocolate and yellow. The thick coat is difficult to get dirty and easy to care for, its health is lab dog good, resistant to low temperatures and the diet is quite simple, not fussy like many other breeds.

labrador retriever personality

As introduced above, the Labrador breed is loyal, trustworthy, and friendly to people. They love children and have very high self-esteem.

Ranked among the most intelligent dogs in the world, Labrador Retrievers are not difficult to train, you just need to spend time each day playing and teaching them some basic skills. Depending on the purpose of the training, you can teach lab skills to watch out for and be wary of strangers.

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They obey and obey orders to a high degree. Upon command, Labrador retrievers run quickly and persistently chase to the end.

Commands seem to be only 1 or 2 sentences, but when trained, they also become powerful words for Labrador retrievers. When training, you need to be patient and avoid angry actions. If force-trained, dogs can develop behaviors that are difficult to control.

Many countries around the world also use laboratory dogs for the purpose of sniffing and searching for lost items. And, of course, they always complete all the tasks assigned to them excellently. The breeding environment greatly affects the dog.

They need a large enough space to run around in, but you can keep them in the apartment. Just meet your dog’s daily exercise needs. If you are locked up too long, it will cause inactivity and a great risk of obesity. This can affect the dog’s lifespan and mobility later in life.

Labrador retriever personalityLabrador retriever personality. internet photos

labrador retriever dog price

Currently, lab dogs born in Vietnam into families usually cost between 4 and 7 million VND. The price of a labrador retriever is high or low depending on the physical characteristics of the dog such as color, body size.

It can be said that this breed is very well adapted to the Vietnamese climate, so many people are interested in taking care of it and prefer it. However, beware of smuggled dogs or sick dogs of unknown origin.

Dogs with VKAs often cost tens of millions of dollars. These are purebred dogs with a clear parental certificate and are often purchased from reputable dog houses in the country.

Those imported from Thailand and European countries cost > 15 million VND excluding shipping costs. These pups are often purchased to be raised in dog houses.