Khao Manee Cat – Cat breed with diamond eyes

Khao Manee Cat – Cat breed with diamond eyes

The Khao Manee cat is a breed of Thai cat with distinctive blue or bi-colored eyes. They are classified as the most expensive and rarest cat breeds in the world.

Khao Manee Cat is known as the cat with “Diamond Eyes”. A rare and ancient breed of Thai cat discovered hundreds of years ago. The Khao Manee cat usually has a smooth white coat. The special thing is in the eyes with blue, yellow or 2 colors in each eye. Perhaps that is why Khao is nicknamed diamond-eyed. The special cat Manee was considered a member of the royal family by King Rama V of Thailand and was honored with the title of Royal Highness he Khao Manee.

This is a breed of cat with a more intelligent appearance, medium size and communication, they are friendly and close to people. Even the Thais say that stealing the Khao Manee cat can lead to death.

The origin of the Khao Manee catThe origin of the Khao Manee cat. internet photos

According to the collection of Love Dogs and Cats Blog, in the culture of some countries like Indonesia, Khao Manee cat is known as a symbol of luck, they are always revered by Indonesian people.

Characteristics of the Khao Manee cat breed

The Khao Manee averages 10 to 12 inches in size and weighs 8 to 10 pounds, and is often compared to the Siamese breed from Thailand. The Khao Manee cat is similar to other cats, but the most recognizable feature is the eyes. Khao Manee has sharp blue, turquoise, yellow or both eye colors on her face.

  • Muscular and agile body in all environmental conditions.
  • This is the only cat breed with 2 eye colors on its face and has become one of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds in the world. The long head part tapering towards the chin accentuates the beauty of the Khao Manee cat’s eyes.
  • The large, erect ears are perfect for the curious and perceptive part of the Khao.
  • The bright white coat is a distinctive feature of the Khao from other cats, but the young Khao Manee is a different color when young.
  • Long nose, rounded blunt tip.
  • Some blue-eyed Khao Manee cats are born with partial or total deafness
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Khao Mannee Cat Personality

The Khao Manee is a calm and peaceful cat. They are friendly and calm in all situations. Khao Manee is very curious and eager to learn, which means they are very smart.

With people and other animals, Khao is very sociable and friendly, but when the owner is out and he is not interested, he does not seem to like it very much. When they don’t feel wanted, they always show off and make loud noises to attract their owners.

Khao Manee Cat PersonalityKhao Manee cat personality. internet photos

Caring for the Khao Manee Cat

Because the Khao Manee cat’s coat is short, it is easier to care for than other long-haired cat breeds. You just need to clean the Khao’s fur with professional grooming tools and specialized soap. Use the recommended cat shampoos to keep them shiny.

This breed of cat is also suitable for those who are allergic to pet hair because Khao Manee is a breed of cat that does not shed much.

So that the cats do not feel lonely, you should also spend at least 10 minutes a day playing with them, hugging and stroking Khao. He should vaccinate his cat regularly: shots to help him gain resistance against common life-threatening diseases in cats.

Take care of Khao Manee's cats.  internet photosTake care of Khao Manee’s cats. internet photos

Nutrition: The Khao Manee cat has the same nutritional needs as other cats. They must be cared for and nourished according to a standard well-cooked menu.

Absolutely don’t let Khao Manee drink cow’s milk because her stomach gets irritated when she uses cow’s milk.

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If cared for in the best conditions, the Khao Manee cat can live up to 12 years.