jasmine | How much do Indochina dingoes cost? Blog Love Dogs and Cats

jasmine |  How much do Indochina dingoes cost?  Blog Love Dogs and Cats

The Lai Dog, also known as the Indochina Dingo, is a breed of dog known as the National Dog of Vietnam. Along with the dogs Phu Quoc, Bac Ha and Mong Coc.

The Lai dog breed bred in the Northwest and the Plains is popular. They are considered the typical canine breed of this land. This breed is listed in the Four Great National Dogs of Vietnam. Let’s know more about this breed of dog with Blogyeucomeo.com.

Origin of the Lai dog, Indochinese dingo

According to Wikipedia, the Indochinese dingo is considered an ancient breed of dog. This breed is found in the Northwest of our country and parts of the Indochina peninsula. Perhaps many of you do not know, according to some studies, the Lai dog is the ancestor of more than 600 dog breeds in the world.

The origin of the Indochinese dog Lai or Dingo. Internet

The Lai dog can be called a natural wild dog, bred by people thousands of years ago. When searching for information on Dingo dogs, you may only find that the Canis Dingo breed is found mainly in Australia. However, few people know that Dingo was brought from the Asian continent to Australia in the form of food.

Coming here, they are considered wild dogs and very dangerous to humans. Therefore, the Australian dingo dog has an ancestor from the Vietnamese Lai dog breed. The Lai dog has many special characteristics such as being loyal and very good at hunting. Even many stories also tell that anyone who has a Lai dog in the house is not afraid of the lack of wild game meat to eat.

Many stories are told about this breed and passed down to each other until now. For this reason, they are called the National Dog of our nation.

There are also Bac Ha and Mong Coc dogs, which are also considered representative of the Vietnamese nation. You can see detailed information about these 2 dog breeds.

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Lai Dog Characteristics

The dog’s body size is average.

  • Maximum height: 65cm.
  • Weight of 25 -30 kg.
  • Long, rectangular body.
  • strong stomach
  • The legs are robust and have a thread (mostly).
  • black smell
  • Small eyes, erect ears always listen to everything around.
  • long tail

Characteristics of the Lai dog, Dingo dog. Internet

If jasmine is well cared for, under proper care conditions it can live up to 20 years. As the hair ages, the beard around the mouth falls out and becomes stringy. Feathers turn gray and less active.

Living conditions of the Lai dog

The Lai dog is an endemic dog breed of Vietnam, so it is normal that it adapts to the hot, humid climate and with a lot of rain. They can live healthy in our country and are easy to care for.

However, with their mischievous and hyperactive personality, you should keep them in your garden, keeping a Lai dog in an apartment is a bit difficult because they can bite things and play.


Intelligence and loyalty are 2 personality traits of this breed. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect Sunday no matter how big the enemy. A dog’s senses are keen and highly active. Perhaps that is why they were chosen to guard the house.

Like many other dog breeds, the Lai dog loves to be petted and pampered. However, in Vietnam, many people still do not respect this breed. They are often the target of dog theft. Only when the Vietnamese people’s need to “eat dog meat” ends will dogs be able to have a peaceful living environment.

Indochinese dingo dog personality. Internet

With his wary nature around strangers, Lai the dog is hard to approach and play with. If you do not know them and are their owners, you should not approach this breed. With the owner, when taking the dog out, it is necessary to clean the muzzle to protect others. This is considered the conscience of people in their canine culture.

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Caring for dogs Lai | indochinese dingo

In fact, Indochinese dingoes are extremely easy to eat, most of their food can be used. And farming is not difficult at all. Lai dogs are also less susceptible to diseases that western dogs often encounter because they are familiar with conditions in our country.

What do jasmine dogs eat?

As mentioned above, the Lai dog can eat any human food without being picky. You just need to make it lighter than what we eat. The dog’s diet is no different from other dog breeds. The diet is divided according to the age and body characteristics of the dog.

How to care for the Indochinese dingo dog. Internet

Immature pups: You prepare the food and divide the portions into small, evenly spaced meals. Small dogs avoid chewing on bones. At this stage, you feed the dog rice, porridge and minced pork.

Adult dogs: Adult dogs are the period when they begin to grow, so they are curious about everything around them. You can reduce meals and increase the quality of each meal. Increase calcium and protein for dogs in meals. Adding plenty of vegetables and water is essential for a healthy digestive system.

Indochinese Dingo Dog Health

Indochinese dingo dogs are in good health. Adaptation to the Vietnamese climate has existed for thousands of years, so they rarely get sick. However, when caring for the Dingo, attention should be paid to diseases such as scabies, lice and fungi, fleas… These are the most common diseases of this breed in our country.

Lai Dog Health – Indochinese Dingo. Internet

Also, you should bathe your dog once a week. Dingo dogs have a characteristic odor, so they need to be groomed to clean their fur and protect their health.

How much does a Lai dog cost?

Purebred Lai dogs can only be purchased in the mountains of northwestern Vietnam. You can easily buy this breed in the highland markets of the ethnic villages. The dogs sold here are mostly their own puppies, so they haven’t been vaccinated.

Indochinese Dingo dog price. Internet

When raising a Lai dog purchased from a highland market, you should take the initiative to vaccinate it when you bring it home. The price of babies ranges from a few hundred thousand to 2 million depending on the characteristics and origin of the dog.

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