Italian Mastiff | Cane Corso

Italian Mastiff |  Cane Corso

The Italian Mastiff or Cane Corso, Italian Matiff is a large dog breed native to Italy. Bred to be a guard or hunting dog in many countries around the world.

The Italian Mastiff is one of many large dog breeds that are considered to be one of the most dangerous dogs. They are strong and healthy and fear no enemy. Currently, this breed has not been bred much in Vietnam, perhaps because its features and body size create obstacles for owners.

Learn about the Italian MastiffLearn about the Italian Mastiff. internet photos

Cane Corsos are not actually fighting dogs, they are domesticated by humans to perform the task of tending and caring for livestock or game. Many celebrity residences are being built. italian mastiff save and protect.

Origin and history of the Italian Mastiff

The Cane Corso was bred from the Canis Pugnax, a breed widely used in war. Italian clams are mostly farmed in rural areas with the responsibility of caring for livestock and protecting family members.

But then they were used by sentinels in the war with night patrol duties. italian mastiff Healthy, strong and with great endurance, seeing the owner in danger, they are ready to attack the enemy.

In 2010, this breed was officially recognized in the United States and is widely bred to this day.

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Characteristics of the Italian Mastiff breed

As introduced above, the Italian Mastiff is a large dog, its height can reach ~70 cm and weigh up to almost 55 kg. They are muscular with a wide and deep muzzle. When viewed from the outside, they are no different from a bodybuilder.
The short coat is not smooth and shiny. The color of the coat of the Cane Corso is usually black or fawn. They usually have white bibs on the chest and legs.

Characteristics of the Italian Mastiff - Cane CorsoCharacteristics of the Italian Mastiff – Cane Corso. internet photos

The muzzle of this breed is wide and deep, the muzzle width accounting for more than 50% of the muzzle length. The sides are parallel to each other to create a square feeling when they are not horizontal. The neck is round, muscular and strong. The skin is thick and quite flexible.

They are not suitable for care in apartment conditions due to their large size and love of outdoor activities. Cane Corso just needs a place to hide and loves to exercise and go for walks every day. So you need to organize the work to get them out.

Italian Mastiff Personality

This breed has a strong and unyielding nature. Born to perform difficult tasks, the Cane Corso is always sharp and consistent in all situations.

They are loyal and ready to attack any person or animal that tries to threaten their owner.

In the family, Ao Y is very intelligent and loves the other members, especially the children. They are always trusted family friends and loved by children.

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Personality of the Cane CorsoCane Corso – Italian Mastiff. internet photos

However, due to the assertiveness and independence of the Cane Corso, their owners also need experience and steel to train and frame them.

This breed also needs to be socialized with other animals to get used to the environment and living conditions around it. Because they can be aggressive with their environment if they are not exposed to the outside too much.

In this case, they again become a danger to everyone. Many documents state that this is a breed of dog that is not suitable for people without training experience.

Health and how to care for the Italian Mastiff

As a very active dog, the Cane Corso is at risk of bone and joint diseases. If they are subjective, they can limp or die.

When choosing Cane Corso to breed, you should carefully consult the care techniques of previous breeders. When choosing to buy a dog, you should go with experienced people to avoid buying dogs italian mastiff disease or hybrid.

How to care for the Italian Mastiff | Cane Corso

Like other large dog breeds, to ensure the health of the Cane Corso, owners need to provide it with proper nutrition and adequate food at every stage.

The amount of nutrients and the dog’s diet will depend on the growing size of the dog.

You need to add enough protein, fat, and fiber like other breeds, even more strictly their diets must be adhered to to stay in shape.

Do not overfeed your dog. It is best to feed only enough to create cravings for subsequent meals.