Is it okay for dogs to eat chocolate? Solution when dogs are poisoned with Chocolate

Is it okay for dogs to eat chocolate?  Solution when dogs are poisoned with Chocolate

What are the effects of eating chocolate on dogs? Questions that many dog ​​owners are asking today. Let’s discover the blog of cat and dog lovers

Usually, new dog owners rarely pay attention to this problem. However, you may not know that chocolate is very harmful to dogs, in excess it can cause major health problems.

Why is it bad for dogs to eat chocolate?

Chocolate is considered a favorite food of many people. Chocolate has a slightly bitter sweetness that is produced directly from the cocoa beans. This series of seeds contains the compound Theobromine, which affects the digestive system of dogs. When this substance is too much, it can cause poisoning in dogs, leading to many serious consequences.

This is the reason why chocolate affects your dog.

Some symptoms when dogs eat too much chocolate

Is it okay for dogs to eat chocolate?The dog eats chocolate. internet photos

When the content of chocolate or theobromine compounds is too much, dogs will experience many signs of poisoning, including vomiting, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, even seizures, cardiac arrhythmias, and hyperactivity.

  • Vomiting is the most obvious sign that a dog is eating too much chocolate. In humans, theobromine absorption is normal, but in dogs it is a very difficult process.
  • Diarrhea accompanied by a rapid increase in body temperature.
  • Muscle tension
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • dogs with seizures
  • Heart failure can lead to coma
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These are common symptoms when dogs eat too much chocolate. After about 6-20 hours after eating. When you notice something unusual. Take your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic. Or you can refer to some methods shared by experienced people.

How to handle poisoning when dogs eat chocolate

  • When your dog has eaten chocolate for less than an hour, try to stimulate him to vomit it all up. Take care not to induce vomiting when the dog has neurological manifestations (doing so deliberately can be fatal).
  • You can induce your dog to vomit by hooking your hand around the dog’s throat, the dog will vomit. However, only induce vomiting after the dog has eaten chocolate.
  • According to some experienced dog owners, you can induce vomiting in your dog with 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio. Force the dog to drink with a syringe. Then keep an eye on the dog, if it doesn’t vomit you should give it another drink. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE MORE EVEN DO NOT VOTE

How to handle dogs that eat chocolateHow to handle dogs that eat chocolate. internet photos

  • However, the use of activated charcoal should be consulted and guided by a veterinarian. Every mistake you make has a price.

Please note that all of the above procedures should be clearly referenced by qualified veterinarians. Especially when you give your dog activated charcoal.

“Do not use activated charcoal when the dog has a seizure”

The process of putting activated carbon to purify the dog’s body will need a person with experience and specialized tools to carry it out. Also, use of activated charcoal should be maintained continuously for at least 2 days until the dog is detoxified. Also, activated charcoal, if used incorrectly, can cause tremors and seizures, affecting the life of the dog.

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Not only do you not save the dog, you also affect their lives. The most dangerous objects are the puppies, when they get home they are still curious, they sweep everything they see in their path. So make sure you have dog food ready from the moment you get home. Check out this article: “Share Your Experience Choosing Puppy Food When You Arrive In A New Home.”

The best way to avoid

  • It is really dangerous for dogs to eat too much chocolate. So the best way to minimize your dog’s chocolate poisoning is to completely isolate him from pure chocolate and chocolate-based foods.
  • When you notice unusual signs after your dog eats chocolate, you should immediately take him to the nearest veterinary center or experienced people for help. Vomiting induction with medication should be assisted by experienced persons to avoid overdose.

I hope that sharing the Love Dogs and Cats Blog has helped you understand more about one of the many situations that often occur when raising a dog. To avoid this situation, it is best to carefully manage the amount of food that contains Chocolate to prevent the dog from eating too much and causing food poisoning.