Is Fetch a Scam?

Fetch is a free receipt scanning app that offers rewards for purchases you make – but is it safe and ethically responsible to use?

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What is Fetch?

Fetch is a receipt-scanning app that rewards you for every purchase made at stores and restaurants, such as gift cards, sweepstakes entries or charitable donations. Available for iOS and Android platforms.

Fetch starts by downloading its app and creating an account, a simple process which should only take minutes. Signing up requires using either email, Facebook or Google credentials as you provide your phone number, state of residence and birthday before choosing a secure password for yourself.

Once you’ve set up an account with Fetch, you can begin earning points by scanning receipts – each receipt can earn at least 25 points! In addition, special offers in the app may provide opportunities to gain points by purchasing specific brands or products, often in limited quantities or sizes.

Fetch not only rewards users for receipts, but it also allows users to earn by referring friends. Referring a friend can earn you 2,000 points! In addition, Fetch hosts regular promotions throughout the year and shares information regarding purchase patterns with large brands as a market research company.

How does Fetch work?

Fetch scans receipts to give you points when you purchase products at grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor shops. Plus you’ll earn from specific brands or special offers! With hundreds of brand partners and thousands of locations nationwide to help save you money – plus cash-back apps such as Ibotta integrated within its system – Fetch offers incredible savings potential!

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Fetch app is free to download and sign up using either Facebook or Google accounts if you don’t wish to provide your email address. Once created, you can begin earning points by scanning receipts; additionally, referral friends or following Fetch on social media also helps earn you points!

Once you have amassed enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards from retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon. Your points could even help enter sweepstakes or giveaways!

Some may worry about their privacy when providing receipt data to Fetch, but the company emphasizes it only uses your information for service improvement and rewards. Fetch does not collect credit card numbers or sensitive data – you can read its privacy policy here – plus, Fetch also partners with companies like Kleenex, Huggies, and Ben & Jerry’s to offer exclusive offers just for its users!

How do I earn points?

Fetch offers several ways for you to earn extra points. One simple strategy is taking advantage of Special Offers featured on the Discover tab when opening the app – these offer time-limited bonuses which give extra points on specific items you purchase or reaching certain spending milestones within a given time period.

Make more points by inviting friends to use Fetch app! When they use your referral code or link to sign up and start scanning receipts, you’ll get an extra bonus of 3,000-5,000 points! Your unique referral code can be found under “Me” section of Fetch.

Participate in giveaways and sweepstakes as an easy way to build points quickly. Fetch often tweets about these contests, offering extra points just by entering. Be sure to only enter giveaways that interest you, while adhering to Fetch’s terms of service guidelines to ensure a positive experience!

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Increase your chances of winning the Daily Reward Spin by saving receipts and uploading them more frequently from your mobile phone. The daily reward spin rewards random users with additional points; therefore, the more receipts uploaded increases your odds of receiving something!

How do I redeem my points?

Fetch is easy to use, though some personal data about your location and spending habits will be collected to give you points. Therefore, this app may not be appropriate for individuals unwilling to voluntarily provide this data. Those concerned should still use the app but should create a new email account and password which aren’t connected with social networks like Facebook and Google as well as avoid connecting their Amazon or email account for receipts.

Once you have amassed enough points to redeem a reward, tap on the Rewards tab and select Gift card as your option. From here you’ll be presented with a list of categories and their values in points; additionally you can search by name or value to locate an exact gift card that meets your criteria.

Register for club programs like Huggies and Pepsi’s to earn extra points – these loyalty programs provide extra points as well as exclusive content like recipes or sweepstakes entries.

Fetch’s app continues to add new ways for its users and advertisers to earn points, keeping both satisfied. Recently it introduced ways for earner’s receipts from gas stations, pharmacy drugs (through SingleCare), and prescriptions filled at GoodRx can all add up quickly, making Fetch more competitive than other cash-back apps.