Meet Cinnamoroll: The Fluffy White Puppy Spreading Joy at Café Cinnamon

Cinnamoroll is no ordinary puppy – he’s a fluffy, lovable bundle of joy with a tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. Picture a cute, innocent face that brightens up every room and a heart full of cheer that touches the lives of everyone he meets. At Café Cinnamon, his home away from home, Cinnamoroll spends his days surrounded by his best friends, embarking on delightful adventures that bring happiness to all.

The Creation of Cinnamoroll

In 2001, the talented Miyuki Okumura looked up at the sky, sipping her coffee, when she noticed a cloud that looked like a cinnamon roll. Inspired by this whimsical sight, she waved her magic wand as a Sanrio wizard and created Cinnamoroll, a fluffy, chubby-cheeked pup with a cinnamon roll tail. From the moment he appeared, Cinnamoroll captured the hearts of teenagers, young girls, and just about everyone else with his innocent charm.


Cinnamoroll’s Story

Cinnamoroll’s enchanting tale begins when he unexpectedly falls from the sky (yes, literally!) and lands at Café Cinnamon, a cozy little coffee shop situated atop a picturesque hill. The cafe’s owner, unfazed by this skydiving pup, decides to adopt him and aptly names him Cinnamon because, well, he has a cinnamon roll for a tail – it’s as obvious as can be!

Cafe Cinnamon

Cinnamon Friends

Cinnamoroll quickly becomes the beloved mascot of Café Cinnamon and amasses a devoted fan club of adorable creatures known as the Cinnamon Friends. This delightful squad includes Milk, Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, and Cappuccino. Together, they embark on exciting adventures, savor lattes, and live their best lives.

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Among Cinnamoroll’s friends, there are also the Cinnamoangels. This heavenly trio consists of Azuki, the pup with a bright red cherry on her head; Mocha, Cinnamoroll’s fashion-forward friend with a pink ribbon; and Chiffon, the gentle blue pup with a yellow bow. Together, they aspire to become an active idol group, spreading joy wherever they go.

Cinnamoroll’s Demons – Lloromannic

In a surprising twist, Cinnamoroll also has a mischievous side. His demon duo, Berry and Cherry, arrive at Café Cinnamon to play tricks on him and his friends. Berry, a little boy demon with big ram horns, and Cherry, a girl demon with bat wings and fangs, ensure that every day is full of surprises.

Road to Pup Stardom

Cinnamoroll’s popularity knows no bounds. He was crowned Sanrio’s most popular character not once but twice, from 2017-2018 and 2020-2022. Despite being an underdog (or should we say underpuppy) compared to the iconic Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll’s adorable face and cinnamon bun tail have won the hearts of fans worldwide. His popularity has led to a wide range of merchandise, from plushies to stationery, all showcasing his irresistibly cute charm.

Sanrio Character Ranking

To make things even sweeter, Cinnamoroll has his very own cafés in Sanrio Puroland and Shinjuku, Tokyo. When you visit these pastel-themed havens, you’ll be surrounded by adorable Cinnamoroll-inspired dishes and drinks that are almost too cute to eat.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Cinnamoroll’s star power doesn’t stop there. He has even starred in his own movie, aptly named “Cinnamoroll: The Movie.” In this magical adventure, Cinnamoroll and his friends embark on a quest to save the skies. With his irresistible charm and boundless determination, Cinnamoroll truly shines on the silver screen.

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Cinnamoroll Harajuku Fashion Week

Recently, Cinnamoroll celebrated his 20th anniversary as the main star of the coveted Harajuku Genderless & Free Fashion Week. This milestone proves that Cinnamoroll’s influence extends beyond the world of cute characters and into the realm of fashion and culture.

Cinnamoroll tourism ambassador of Shinagawa

But wait, there’s more! Cinnamoroll is also the official tourism ambassador of the Shinagawa ward in Tokyo. This busy pup spreads his charm and invites visitors to explore the wonders of his beloved neighborhood.

So, whenever you find yourself craving something sweet, think of Cinnamoroll, the delightful pup who transformed a simple pastry into a symbol of cuteness that has captured hearts worldwide. Here’s to many more years of fluffy, cinnamon-swirled adventures!

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