Introduction to Himalayan cats

Introduction to Himalayan cats

The Himalayan cat is a beautiful breed of cat, a cross between a Persian cat and a Thai cat. Their long fur, blue eyes, and flat, dark nose make them unmistakable with other breeds.

The Himalayan cat, also known as the Himmie, is one of many cat breeds ranked among the most beautiful in the world. As a hybrid of Persian and Siamese cats, they probably inherited and received the beauty of their ancestors. The long coat and flat, dark nose are perhaps unmistakable features.

History of the Himalayan catHistory of the Himalayan cat. internet photos

Many organizations such as CFA, ICA, and ACA have included Himalayan cats in the Persian cat group, including Exotic Shorthair and Persian.

Himalayan cat characteristics

The Himalayan cat’s body is short, round and cute, the Himalayan cat is not too fat, they are mainly weighed by the skeleton, the round head resembles the Persian cat, the neck is receding. Himalayan cats have large, round, jade-green eyes that appeal to anyone who loves cats. Its most distinctive feature lies in the darker, upturned flat nose that looks very funny.

Himalayan cats are divided into two types, traditional and special. The difference between the two lines is the flat nose and the upturned nose. The traditional line for cats usually has a flat nose, so breathing is not difficult, on the contrary, the “special” line has a flatter nose that makes breathing difficult.

Himalayan cat characteristicsCharacteristics of Himalayan cats. internet photos

The Himalayan cat’s fur is long and smooth and with some common colors such as dark brown, cream, lilac… Accompanying the color of the fur are some colored stripes on the body. This colored stripe can appear on the neck, tail, legs, chest… depending on the characteristics of each animal.

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The size of the Hima cat generally falls into a medium size with a height of up to 30 cm; the weight of an adult can be up to 5-6 kg, depending on the owner’s care regimen.

Common personality in Himalayan cats

Himalayan cats have a calm personality but hidden behind an intelligent and delicate brain. Why Hima cats are delicate because they are very affectionate with their owners. In particular, they always love to pet and pounce on the owner’s lap to pamper him. However, they only choose people they trust to entrust their bodies to. With other animals, they are quite reserved and cautious. But basically, Himalayan cats are loyal and deeply affectionate.

As a quiet cat, the Himalayan tends to prefer a quiet environment away from noise. The quieter and calmer the space is, the more they enjoy it. Another point is that they do not like to be teased or deceived by others, so families with animal-loving children will help cats feel more comfortable and calm. His psychology is quite simple, just peace and comfort.

Himalayan cat personalityHimalayan cat personality. internet photos

How to care for a Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cat care is quite demanding because their fur is long, busy work makes the owners neglect and forget this factor. When left unattended, their coat becomes more tangled and is prone to clumping when loose hair is not removed. Bathing at least once a month is essential. No matter how busy you are, it’s always a good idea to spend a little time bathing and brushing your cat.

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Regular brushing also minimizes the risk of tangles and clumps, plus trimming the hair to create a cat shape also makes our cats much more beautiful. However, trimming requires knowledge and experience, if it is too difficult, you can ask for the help of pet stores, dog and cat spas which are now developing quite a lot in Vietnam.

Most cats raised in confined spaces are trained to defecate in the litter. However, they often burrow in the sand after each trip. This is a favorable condition for dirt to accumulate and adhere to the cat’s fur. What you should do is change the litter when it feels too dirty. A good characteristic of many cats is the ability to perceive the environment very well. When they see dirty sand they will refuse, determined not to go to the bathroom.

himalayan cat careTake care of himalayan cats. internet photos

Wiping away tears, removing eye discharge, and cleaning ears and nails is essential. Not only Himalayan cats, but almost all cat breeds need to do this. In addition, the cat’s condition is also quite weak, prone to some common diseases such as:

  • Respiratory disease
  • Cry
  • disease of the body
  • Tub
  • Allergy.

When caring for Hima cats, you should pay attention to unusual signs in their daily activities. If you see unusual signs, you should immediately contact reputable veterinarians and animal health centers for prompt treatment.

As a low activity cat, Hima doesn’t like to get too much exercise, she just wanders around climbing in a certain space. You can buy cat trees or toys to help them move around a bit. Spend a little time playing and petting them. When well cared for, the average lifespan for this breed is up to 15 years.

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