How to treat dogs with demodex dermatitis and prevent reinfection

How to treat dogs with demodex dermatitis and prevent reinfection

Dogs with demodex dermatitis is a common disease when dogs do not clean themselves daily. Demodex dermatitis is often complicated and damaging to the dog’s condition.

Dogs infected with demodex dermatitis usually have typical symptoms such as skin redness, hair loss, sores, pus… If not treated in time, it will have negative health consequences.

Causes of demodex dermatitis in dogs

All the recorded cases of demodex dermatitis in dogs are caused by parasites on the skin such as ticks, fleas, lice… To treat demodex dermatitis, you must eradicate the root organisms of this parasite.

The most important thing when treating dogs with demodex dermatitis is perseverance and following the given route. You must ensure the following items:

Dogs with purulent dermatitis, hair loss.Dogs with dermatitis, with Demodex pus

Diet: When suffering from demodex disease, the dog will lack many nutrients because this is the main cause of the dog’s resistance to decline. When the resistance is not good and the environment is not hygienic, it will lead to demodex dermatitis. Therefore, in addition to using medicines, you should also add a large amount of vitamin-rich foods to improve health during treatment. The success of the treatment contributes up to 40% of the daily nutritional supplementation.

Monitor the dog’s nutrition, when the dog shows signs of vomiting, refuses to eat, you should inform the veterinarian, this period is also the period when the dog’s resistance decreases, this is also a favorable condition for the growth of other bacteria . and viruses. One of them can instantly take the life of a dog as… See more

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Cleaning and bathroom: Many people often have the misconception that simply bathing dogs with dermatitis will reduce the condition, but this is not true. It is important to first determine the disease and its severity. Immediately stop applying popular experiences and sharing on social networks because each breed of dog has different skin and physical characteristics. Maybe someone else’s dog is cured, but it’s unlikely your dog is cured as well.

Dogs with demotex dermatitis, what to do?Dogs with demodex dermatitis what to do. internet photos

Bathing and rubbing the sores, pus-filled wounds with soap or leaves also makes the dog’s condition much worse. During the treatment period, there should be no irritation to the dog’s skin.

More baths does not mean that dogs with demodex dermatitis will recover from the disease. On the contrary, bathing a lot will cause damage to tissues that are already attacked by bacteria. The best bathing schedule for dogs is every 7 to 8 days. This time is enough for the damaged skin tissues to form stiffer tissues and gradually heal.

Use of antiseptics to treat dogs with demodex dermatitis: Be aware that using too much disinfectant can cause severe skin irritation and many dogs also show signs of insecticide poisoning. If possible, you should use infrared lights in combination with sun exposure, periodically disinfecting the skin of the inflamed area to help the dog’s condition improve.

How to treat a dog with demotex dermatitis?How to treat a dog with demodex dermatitis?

After the treatment, you can use some medicines such as:

  • Avocate (1-3 months/time) please pay attention to use the correct dosage and avoid getting into the eye and mouth area. (preferably use an anti-lick ring)
  • Megaderm: Has a conditioning effect on healthier hair.
  • Maintain hygiene measures as indicated above with adequate nutrition, live, deworm dogs periodically and under the direction of a doctor.
  • Avoid shellfish because they can irritate the skin.
  • There are many studies that suggest that dogs with demodex dermatitis will be passed on through pregnancy, the bloodline. Therefore, you must take into account when giving the dog to mate and breed after recovering from the disease.
  • In addition, keeping the breeding environment clean is also very important.

I hope your dog gets better soon

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