Eco-Friendly Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing or Pooping in Unwanted Areas!

How to stop your dog pooping somewhere

If you’re tired of dealing with your dog’s peeing or pooping mishaps, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite eco-friendly DIY tips to help you prevent accidents outdoors. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments with your furry friend. Let’s jump right in!

We all consider ourselves lucky to have Willie, our well-trained dog who has never caused any embarrassing incidents inside our house. Living in the city, our small paved backyard with a little garden bed seemed like the perfect spot for him to do his business. However, much to our surprise, Willie had chosen an inconvenient covered area right outside the door to our outdoor laundry and storage shed. Stepping in dog doo in your ugg boots is definitely not a pleasant experience!

After numerous failed attempts, we finally discovered some effective solutions that align with our eco-friendly philosophy. Keep in mind that every dog is unique, so you may need to experiment to find what works best for your furry friend. Without further ado, let’s explore our favorite methods and their pros and cons.

Vinegar: The $1.20 Poop-Stopping Genius!

How to stop your dog peeing on a spot

Dogs have a strong aversion to the smell of vinegar, making it an excellent solution for preventing them from going where they shouldn’t. Simply spray or pour vinegar over the designated area, and your dog will refuse to go near it. For covered areas, you’ll need to retreat the spot once a week until your dog gets the message. If it rains, repeat the treatment immediately afterward. You can dilute the vinegar with water as you continue the treatments, and your dog will remember the faint smell and avoid the area.

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  • Dog-friendly and non-toxic to cats and humans
  • Cost-effective compared to commercial formulas
  • Environmentally friendly and degrades quickly
  • Low scent for humans


  • Not suitable for organic surfaces like garden beds or grass
  • Requires consistent treatment to break the habit

Citronella Oil: The Natural Way to Deter Your Dog!

How to stop your dog pooping on a spot

Citronella oil, derived from citronella grass, is another effective option that dogs despise. Apply it to the affected area, and your dog will avoid it like the plague. This all-natural solution also helps keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. Plus, you can even use it on your plants or lawn by diluting it with water.


  • Environmentally friendly and all-natural
  • Pleasant smell that dissipates quickly for humans
  • Long-lasting effectiveness


  • Requires reapplication after rain or over time
  • Can cause discomfort if ingested in large quantities

Cayenne Pepper/Chilli Powder: A Fiery Deterrent!

Chilli pepper to stop dog peeing

For an extra strong effect, sprinkle cayenne pepper or chilli powder on the targeted area. If the area is non-organic, such as concrete or brick, wash it first with vinegar or ammonia to remove the enticing scent of pee. You can also mix the pepper or chilli with water and liquid soap to increase its sticking power.


  • Dogs will think twice before peeing or pooping in the area
  • Affordable and harmless to plants
  • Eco-friendly solution


  • Can cause discomfort if sniffed or ingested excessively

Ammonia: The Heavy-Duty Odor Deterrent!

Ammonia to stop dog peeing

Ammonia is a powerful deterrent that dogs will want to avoid at all costs. After rinsing the affected area with bleach, apply ammonia either undiluted or slightly diluted with water. Be cautious, as ammonia is toxic to plants and animals. Its strong smell may linger for a while, so be prepared for the potent odor.

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  • Effective in deterring dogs from the area
  • Inexpensive and readily available


  • Not environmentally friendly and harmful to plants and critters
  • Strong and lingering smell
  • Requires multiple treatments and training to break the habit

Now that you have some effective eco-friendly solutions to prevent your dog from peeing or pooping in unwanted areas, don’t forget the importance of positive training. Teaching your dog to go in a designated spot in your garden, patio, or balcony is the most effective long-term method. With patience, treats, and praise, guide your dog away from off-limits areas and reward them for using the correct spot.

Have any other environmentally friendly DIY tips for deterring dogs? Share them in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your experiences with these methods too. If all else fails, remember to approach the situation with a sense of humor and pick up the mess using biodegradable poo bags.

Now it’s time to unleash your dog’s good behavior and enjoy a cleaner, more stress-free environment at home!

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