How to raise a puppy from A

How to raise a puppy from A

How to raise a puppy when bringing a new dog home is considered a concern of many dog ​​owners. In fact, just master the 5 principles below.

Puppies when separated from the pack are usually very weak, their digestive systems are still young, so when they go to a new environment away from the pack, they will have a lot of problems. Therefore, raising a puppy is not easy. To help you understand more about the simple method of raising puppies, Blog love dogs and cats Below are some basic principles.

What to prepare when raising a puppy?

Before welcoming your dog to a new home, you should prepare the items and living space so that your dog can get used to it quickly.

Vital space

Your house needs to be cleaned before you bring your dog home. Removing obstacles, fragile items from the waiting area. Hang chemicals or store them in a closet, you can set aside a large area of ​​the house for the dog to work

Bull Terrier dog price in VietnamVital space . internet photos

When I bring the baby home, I leave the nest in the bathroom to dry. Here, it makes cleaning easier and avoids affecting other rooms. I got together and asked the dog to urinate in the designated spot.

Basic Dog Supplies

Necessary supplies for dogs include food bowls and water bowls. It is best to buy a stainless steel container. Or hard plastic that can be purchased at any dog ​​supply store.

Prepare the nest, the cradle is soft and dry. Change it often if it gets wet. Toys that you can always buy for your dog to prevent him from biting the furniture in the house.

Leashes, collars to take the dog out.

Dog food

I only note that: when you take your dog to a new home, you need to know the food that the previous owner fed and kept, then gradually switch to a new food. Because a dog’s digestive system is still quite immature, it must be changed slowly so that it can be easily absorbed by him.

Organize your puppy's foodOrganize your puppy’s food.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare a specialized shower gel for dogs, a comb for tangled, fallen hair… with lines of long-haired dogs.

How to raise a puppy

Newborn puppies have to adapt to many environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and nutrition in order to continue to develop. This is the period when the physical condition of the dog is weakest. Specifically

  • Newborn puppies have a low body temperature, so turning on a heater is the solution to keep them warm until they acclimate to outside temperature conditions. You can use a high-tech heater that can regulate the temperature, or simply turn on a filament bulb to warm yourself up.
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Observing the dog’s actions in the litter box can help you easily set the proper temperature. Too hot they’ll spread out uncomfortably, move more, too cold they’ll clump together. Just enough they will spread out and sleep very soundly. Please – Remember.

puppy foodpuppy food

  • Puppies now need a lot of nutrients from their mother’s milk. This is also the dog’s main food during this period. Don’t worry so much about the pup that you forget to take care of the mother.
  • Regarding body hygiene, during this period, the mother dog performs licking of the genital organs as well as the puppy’s body, so you only let the mother dog take care of the baby in the first stage of labor.
  • Newborn pups cannot hear and have not yet opened their eyes. All his activities depend on the mother dog.

Puppies in the process of growth.

The cubs use their sense of smell and touch to find their nest. The smell they smell is breast milk. Just like humans, the amount of colostrum from the lactating first mother dog is extremely valuable and rich in nutrients.

After reaching 2 weeks of age, the cub’s only duty is to sleep and suckle its mother’s milk. This is how his body size and weight increase. They can’t stand up yet, they only crawl to get to the mother dog. Little by little, the puppy will be able to walk and stand up.

At this stage, the dog can open its eyes and begin to listen to its surroundings. They begin to listen to his surroundings and yell at their brothers. The barks and whimpers are still small and not loud.

At 3 weeks, the puppy will be more developed and independent. Starting to play with their siblings, they are curious to learn about objects and things around them.

How to raise a puppy from birth

5-6 weeks of age, the teeth begin to sprout and want to gnaw the whole world. They begin to taste the food on the mother’s plate and are aware of their excretion and defecation.

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Period of rapid increase in size and weight of the dog. They will perceive everything around them and they will remember. This is also the stage where you should train your dog’s voice commands to obey when he gets older. Why train dogs at this stage because they memorize and learn very quickly. Everything they learn will become unforgettable knowledge when they grow up.

From 6 weeks of age, dogs can already eat dry food and reduce the amount of mother’s milk. When they are between 8 and 12 weeks old, they are ready to go to their new home. Pay attention to the choice of dog food when you get home to prevent them from getting sick.

Remember to train your dog well during this period so that he can be obedient and obedient when he grows up.

How to choose puppy food when you go to a new home, you can refer to the article I shared before >>> > SEE DETAILS

Health care when raising puppies

At 6 weeks you start to vaccinate your puppy, now there are many 7-in-1 vaccines to prevent diseases. You can buy and self-inject if you are experienced or take your dog to a vet clinic to get vaccinated by doctors. Repeat the injection 3 times in the first phase and a booster dose after 1 year.

Regular deworming of dogs, especially puppies, will help dogs stay healthy and digest better. You will be surprised when you deworm your puppies for the first time. 😀

Vaccination schedule for puppiesVaccination schedule for puppies. internet photos

Disinfect your dog’s place daily to prevent odors and reduce the chances of your dog getting sick.

Carrying out reasonable daily exercise modes, suitable for each breed of dog, will make the dog healthier and more agile.

wash the dog

It is necessary to bathe the dog after 2 months of age. When they are newborns, this task corresponds to the mother dog, they clean for the puppies.

When bathing, it is necessary to choose a dog shampoo that is suitable for the dog’s coat and skin. The use of human shower gel may affect the health of the dog.

How are the steps to bathe the dog and dry and clean it? You can check the article

brush the dog’s hair

Regular brushing is extremely important for dogs, especially long-haired dogs, they will be healthier, remove weak hair and increase blood circulation to the skin. You should also prepare the proper grooming tools

Train your puppy with simple commands

You can consult the article:

Hopefully the above article on raising puppies has helped you a lot in the process of caring for and raising your bosses at home.

Good luck