How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

With some ingenuity and some durable material, you can craft toys for your dog that’ll keep him engaged for hours – check out this DIY tutorial to create a T-shirt snuffle mat as an example!

Reusing old tennis balls by stuffing them with treats can extend their lifespan. Club Dogue provides this tutorial with clear instructions for how to do just that.

1. Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats can be an easy and fun way to stimulate and dissuade destructive chewing behaviors in dogs. DIY your own using old T-shirts and stretchy knit materials like fleece.

To encourage pups to play with it, load it up with treats – hiding some between the strips and scattering some on top. Just be sure to supervise closely during their gameplay as they may try eating any loose pieces – which could prove hazardous!

Plait/braid and knot this DIY toy properly for maximum effectiveness as both a dog puzzle and enrichment toy. Hide treats within its knit weave structure and watch as they work their way through it to find them!

2. Tug of War

Tug of war can be an excellent way for your dog to release some excess energy while learning focus and not pulling too hard on you.

Make a DIY tug toy using colorful sheet material by wrapping it like a skirt around a plastic bottle and cutting several 2-inch strips, then tying each strip to the bottle with a knot in each strip.

Make this toy suitable for chewers by using old t-shirts or flannel pajamas that don’t smell of you (or your dog!). Add a squeaker for additional fun!

3. Water Bottle Sock Toy

Make an empty water bottle into an engaging crackle toy for your pup in minutes by simply placing it inside a sock and tying it closed with twine or string of your choice. Be sure to remove the cap (it can pose a choking hazard) before giving the toy to your dog as this poses a choking risk.

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Your pup will love crunching away at this toy, which provides an excellent way to release energy and practice dexterity. Fill it with treats or kibble for an additional challenge – the full tutorial is available on Hands Occupied.

4. T-shirt Rope Toy

No matter if it comes to an epic tug-of-war battle or just distracting your pup from nibbling off sofa legs, this DIY toy is easy, inexpensive and free! Simply cut old t-shirts into strips before tying them together into large knots or braids for instant playtime fun!

Make the cognitive toy out of fleece or old blue jeans to suit your pup’s playing and chewing styles and replace any worn out or ragged toys before play becomes hazardous for him or her. Cognitive toys provide entertainment and mental enrichment benefits at the same time!

5. Tennis Ball Braid Toy

Utilizing old T-shirts or flannel pajamas that smell of you, this toy from YouTube channel eHowPets requires sewing skills but can be constructed quickly. Start with thick strips of fabric braided around a tennis ball; stuff the toy with stuffing before adding stuffing and a squeaker for maximum enjoyment!

Even if your dog chews like an eager Velociraptor, this fox tail-style toy from Romp Rescue should withstand his efforts and last. Assembling this simple project should take only minutes and likely already contain materials laying around in your house.

Puzzle toys provide your pup with mental stimulation to ward off boredom and reduce naughtiness. Check out this great idea by YouTube channel Pretty Fluffy to create an ice lick toy with treat-dispensing capabilities – your pup may love this interactive toy!

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6. Toilet Paper Roll Toy

Engaging your pup while also using up materials you have lying around is a wonderful way to pass time together! Plus, this activity provides great entertainment!

If your pup chews through toys like an energetic Velociraptor, consider something more durable like this T-shirt rope toy for them to chew on.

Idle paws often lead to undesirable behaviors like getting into the garbage can or counter surfing; toys can help prevent these unwanted actions by providing stimulation through games of tug-of-war or simple puzzle toys for 5 minutes at a time – providing your pet with physical exercise they require while satisfying his nipping and biting instincts!

7. Glove Toy

Provide your pup with an enjoyable sensory experience with this easy DIY dog toy! Simply take an old glove and stuff its fingers with treats that she will enjoy trying to reach for.

Some dogs love nothing more than digging. You can indulge their natural foraging instinct with this engaging activity mat by tying fabric strips across a rubber mat with holes, then scattering food such as kibble onto it – then let your pup have at it!

This toy is an effective way to recycle old T-shirts and leggings that have seen better days, or find affordable knits at clearance sales or garage sales.

8. Ball Toy

Your dog needs toys to remain mentally stimulated. You can make or buy these for minimal costs.

These T-Shirt Rope Toys by Permacrafters utilize materials you probably already have at home to help your pup burn energy and release some pent-up aggression. Plus, you can make one yourself for training purposes or simply to help expend some excess energy before bedtime!

Tennis balls are an indispensable staple in most households, so why not combine them with something else? Christy Hikes With Jake the Dog offers this simple DIY toy for those who prefer plush toys but can’t stand those that end up in their chew graveyard.