How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

Covid-19 can make it hard to access pet stores for new toys, so here are a few DIY alternatives that will keep your pup occupied without breaking the bank! Plus, many can be made from items destined for trash or recycling anyway!

Make use of those old T-shirts in your closet to give your pup something fun to play with! Simply attach a tennis ball in the middle and tie each end.

1. Water Bottle Sock Toy

Puppies love toys that crackle and crinkle, making this DIY toy an effective way to reuse materials already available in your house. Simply combine socks without elastic ankle bands with empty plastic water bottles – or better yet use HuggleHounds plush animal toys made with three-layer linings designed to hold empty water bottles as a quick, sturdy alternative!

Start by peeling off and balling up the label from a plastic water bottle, placing it into the toe end of a sock, and tying a knot around the bottle. This project should take no more than five minutes and allows you to make use of mismatched socks that may otherwise go unused.

Create a no-sew tug-of-war rope by cutting fabric strips from two outgrown shirts into braided tug-of-war ropes, perfect for power chewers without needing sewing skills! This DIY dog toy makes for great playtime with no sewing required.

2. Fox Tail Toy

If your furry companion has an incredible ability to destroy toys in mere minutes, attending multiple funerals might seem like a waste of money and effort. Instead, why not try making engaging dog toys together as an affordable and rewarding activity for both of you? Creating engaging dog toys yourself could save money while building bonds between both of you!

Start by scanning through your garage or closet to assess what supplies might be suitable for creating DIY dog toys. A fun fox tail toy like this one requires only two materials – a tennis ball and an old sock!

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DIY enrichment toys such as this muffin tin game provide another simple DIY enrichment solution to provide stimulation to your canine’s senses and foraging instincts. Just ensure your pet remains under constant supervision when engaging in play with these toys, and regularly inspect for damage.

3. Ball on a Rope Toy

Use old socks and rope to transform an ordinary tennis ball into an engaging plaything for your pup! YouTuber Eveline Poot created this simple but clever toy with only two ingredients required for maximum fun – head over to your garage or closet and find some old socks which may have seen better days; place a tennis ball inside one, tie both ends around it tightly around the ball, then secure them against it by knotting together at its base! Not only can this toy be fun for hours but can even teach your dog the basics of tug-o-war as well!

If your pup loves treats, this tee(shirt)-ball toy from Instructables will make them go crazy with excitement! In just minutes it can be ready and perfect for chewers; simply cut a partial seam from an old t-shirt and wrap it around a tennis ball; braid or knot the remaining strips to complete it!

4. Tennis Ball Braided Toy

Your old tennis ball and sock could make an easy DIY dog toy with minimal effort! Just cut a slit into the sock to hold a rope securely before tying both ends to prevent your pup from ripping it apart too soon.

Daily Dog Tag’s PVC pipe and chicken wire bird feeder is also an effective treat dispenser for your furry family member! Just add treats into its holes before hanging it from a tree or on rope so he or she can find something delicious to nibble.

Permacrafters has designed an upcycled snuffle mat from old fabric scraps that may just be what your dog needs to stay engaged! Your pup will love sniffing out bite-sized treats while playing tug with its fleece cover – just remember to supervise playtime gradually to reduce risk of choking!

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5. Knotted Jeans Toy

Retrobellish has come up with another simple DIY dog toy idea using scrap fabric stash, this time using socks from past-their-prime as well as twine. Simply cut a hole on one toe-side of the sock, push in the tennis ball through it, tie both ends around its body, then secure both ends close to its core!

Twirl the sock slightly to excite your dog and watch as she enjoys chasing, chewing and tugging it along the floor! She may enjoy playing chasey while your pup will love chewing it and tugging it.

If you have the extra time and materials on hand, crafting this cute denim pocket octopus-style toy for Khaleesi my black German shepherd puppy would make a fun project during coronavirus lockdowns as it requires only basic supplies that you already own – simply follow Ammo the Dachshund’s tutorial for easy assembly!

6. Popsicle Treat Toy

This project is perfect for power chewers! To start off this crafty endeavor, save old T-shirts and flannel PJs that no longer fit you, fill them with some of their favorite catnip or dried beef for stuffing, add a squeaker (either from another toy you didn’t destroy, or purchase online), sew around the outside leaving an opening large enough for stuffing, insert squeaker/more stuffing combo and close opening by sewing over top of squeaker/more stuffing combination before sewing the final stitchs close opening.

Try using the ice cube method described above to create an engaging treat toy made out of chicken broth or pumpkin for your dog to play with for hours on end! Let them enjoy nibbling away at it.

Now more than ever, when coronavirus lockdown restricts your options for taking your pup outside, making homemade toys is a surefire way to keep both you and your dog entertained at home. DIY toys will give your dog something new to play with while saving you money at pet stores; who knows, maybe these DIY projects could even surpass those fancy offerings humans display!