How to make cat pâté at home is simple, easy to do, 100% successful

How to make cat pâté at home is simple, easy to do, 100% successful

How to make Cat Pate at home below is very simple, easy to do, shared from an online SEN care that will help you care for your Bosses easily.

Cat paté is considered quite a popular food used by cat owners nowadays as a nutritious food to care for their Bosses pets. However, with an average price of 15-20k/bag of several hundred gram pre-made pâté, not all SENs can qualify. Making Pate for domestic cats at home is the only solution.

Make your own pâté "Emperor"Make your own pâté for “The emperor”. INTERNET PHOTO

However, making cat pâté requires Sen to spend a lot of time, so for busy SEN, this is a real barrier.

Buying cat pâté already prepared is essential. In terms of quality, both prepared pate and homemade pate provide adequate nutrition for domestic cats.

But the ready-to-use pate has no clear origin or processing process, which makes him uncomfortable. Better, if you have time, try making pâté for your cat according to the Blogyeucomeo collection process and the instructions below.

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How to make Pate for domestic cats at home is simple and easy to apply

There are 2 popular ways to Pate today that are shared and applied by many cat owners:

track 1

Ingredients to prepare: Lean pork shoulder (400g), clean pork liver (400g), chicken/fish/prawn breast (400g), sweet pumpkin with clean skin (500g), white salt, cooking oil.


  • Wash all the above ingredients (except the spices of course) chop finely and puree. During the grinding process, you add water to create a paste for the pate. When you see enough consistency, bring it to a boil until it boils.
  • Serve in a jar to chill, then place in the freezer to freeze.
  • A few hours before feeding the cat, you put it in the refrigerator to cool and thaw.
  • Microwave for 30 seconds before feeding the cat. The pate just needs to be frozen enough, when it’s no longer cold, you stop.
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Making cat pâté at home is not difficultMaking cat pate at home is not difficult. internet photos

Some notes on how to make cat pâté: You can substitute the pumpkin for a small portion of other vegetables such as carrots, peas…

Prawns and fish should be cooked before being pureed. The amount of pate you make can be used by your cat in 1 week at a cost of less than 100,000. So cheap and safe, right?

You should combine it with some cat food to make it easier for them to eat and absorb better.

way 2

Ingredients: Filtered pumpkin for meat (500 grams), chicken, pork (500 grams), pork/chicken liver 500 grams and 1 bag of fresh unsweetened milk.

In the same way, sen can replace pumpkins with other vegetables such as carrots in a 1:1 ratio. Depending on your cat’s preferences, you should choose the right cat food to mix with the pate. Please note that if you choose mixed fish, you must remove all the bones and cook until cooked.


SEN livers are washed, cut into small pieces, soaked in milk for 15-20 to detoxify and boiled

  • Any chopped, sliced, and pureed or chopped vegetable
  • Pour in this mixture and bring to a simmer, cook for 15-20 minutes, depending on how much food you put into the mixture. Usually, the pureed mixture is often thinned, so it cooks faster.
  • When you notice that the pate has a certain consistency, take it out and put it in a box, let it cool and put it in the fridge to store it. Please note that all ingredients are cooked clean and cooked.
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Cats eat homemade pateCats eat homemade pate. Internet

When taking it out to feed the cat, you must reheat it and let it cool. You can steam rice and turn it up to serve your “ceiling”. You can mix it with some rice so the emperor won’t be hungry.

I wish you success. I’m going to bring food so they can eat again “roofers”Collect and synthesize from experience.