6 Ways to Energize Your Senior Dog and Keep Them Active

As our furry friends age, it can be heartbreaking to see them slow down. Many factors, such as arthritis, cognitive decline, or hypothyroidism, can affect their energy levels and vitality. However, there are steps we can take to boost their energy and ensure they stay healthy, active, and happy.

Encourage Age-Appropriate Exercise

Although your senior dog may enjoy lounging around, it’s important to break this habit. Balancing rest time with regular exercise is beneficial for their overall well-being. Engage them in activities like walking, swimming, or gentle games of fetch or tug-of-war. Additionally, there are dog sports designed for seniors with reduced mobility and stamina, such as tracking, rally, and obedience, recommended by the American Kennel Club. These activities provide mental and physical stimulation, boost confidence, and increase enthusiasm.

Modify Your Senior Dog’s Diet

Evaluate your pet’s diet to determine if it might be affecting their energy levels. If their food is high in calories and contributing to weight gain, it can make them sluggish and pose a risk for more serious health issues. Consult with a vet to find a high-quality, palatable food that helps your senior dog maintain an ideal weight. Providing them with the right nourishment ensures they stay well-fueled and energetic.

Consider Energy-Renewing Supplements

Nutritional supplements specifically designed for senior pets can aid in their overall wellness. While some may be mere hype, others have shown promise in rejuvenating your dog’s energy levels. Fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin, for instance, can improve joint health and alleviate arthritis symptoms. By enhancing comfort, mobility, and energy, these supplements encourage your senior dog to participate in more physical activities.

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Ensure a Constant Supply of Fresh Water

Hydration plays a crucial role in your senior dog’s energy level. Incorporating an automatic dog water bowl, like the Perpetual Well, in your home will ensure they stay well-hydrated. Water is essential for vital body processes such as blood circulation, digestion, and waste removal. Dehydration can lead to lethargy and negatively impact your dog’s health. Therefore, it’s important to provide them with a constant supply of fresh water.

Exhibit Positivity

Our senior dogs are perceptive and sensitive to our emotions. They can sense when something is amiss, and our feelings can directly impact their own. Even on bad days, make an effort to exude positivity and maintain an upbeat attitude around your pet. Communicating with them in a happy tone and using positive body language can go a long way in perking them up and uplifting their mood. Spending time with your senior dog, ensuring they feel safe, loved, and peaceful, will help recharge their spirit.

Stay on Top of Your Senior Dog’s Health

Being proactive about your senior dog’s health is vital in boosting their energy levels. Don’t ignore signs of lethargy; instead, investigate the underlying causes. Regular vet visits (one or two times a year) are crucial for senior dogs, and specific concerns, such as low energy, should be addressed promptly. Sometimes, simple solutions like treating dehydration or administering a pill to improve thyroid function can make a significant difference. By providing professional care, you can ensure your senior pet remains in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

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Remember, while our time with our dogs may never feel long enough, we can make their senior years as satisfying as any other stage of their lives. By taking steps to improve their health and vitality, we can help them avoid feeling and showing their age.

Ways to Boost your senior dog's energy - Senior Dogs need Perpetual Well

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