Picking up Dog Diarrhea: A Guide to Cleaning Up in Public Places

Video how to get dog diarrhea out of grass

Not every part of being a dog owner is fun and enjoyable. One of the less pleasant tasks that pet parents sometimes have to deal with is cleaning up dog diarrhea in public settings like parks. It’s an awkward situation that requires some know-how and preparation. In this article, we will provide you with pro tips on how to clean up dog diarrhea on various surfaces such as grass and concrete, and what to do when you encounter this situation at the park.

Do you have to pick up dog diarrhea?

Absolutely! Just like any other dog poop, it is essential for responsible pet parents to clean up and remove runny dog poop in public places and at home. It’s a matter of hygiene and courtesy, and in some places, it’s even mandated by local by-laws and regulations. Ignoring this responsibility could result in hefty fines. So, always be prepared because dog diarrhea can happen anywhere and at any time.

Important items to take in case of dog diarrhea

When you take your dog out, it’s always a good idea to carry poop baggies, a scoop, and disposable gloves for cleaning up normal poop. However, when you suspect that your dog might have a tummy issue and encounter diarrhea, there are some additional items you should consider bringing along. These include a small bottle of disinfectant liquid, like bleach, a bottle of water, and a small scrubbing brush. It’s also helpful to have some kitty litter or sawdust on hand.

How to pick up dog diarrhea

Cleaning up dog diarrhea in your house can be tricky, especially on porous or absorbent surfaces like carpet. The best approach is to use cat litter to change the consistency of the poop so that most of it can be scooped up with gloves or a paper towel. Another option is to use freeze spray or compressed air to freeze the stool, making it easier to pick up. Once you have removed most of the poop, spray any remaining residue with a disinfectant. You can also scrub the surface to remove any odor and stain, or wipe it clean if it’s a hard surface.

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If the diarrhea occurs in your own yard, adding garden lime to the poop can help neutralize the smell and break it down. In this case, using a dog poop scooper specifically designed for yard cleaning is recommended.

How to clean up dog diarrhea on grass

Cleaning up dog diarrhea on a lawn is relatively straightforward because you have options. One approach is to allow the poop to dry if you can keep your dog away from the area. Once dry, you can easily scoop it up and wash the area with a hose to remove any residue. Alternatively, you can try thickening the consistency of the poop with ground or sand before scooping it up. Afterward, rinse the area with a hose and cover it with some dirt. Another option is to disperse the poop with a hose into a flowerbed or section of dirt.

How to clean up dog diarrhea on concrete

Ideally, you should prevent your dog from pooping on concrete, especially in public areas. However, if you find yourself in that situation, there are ways to clean it up. If you have cat litter with you, sprinkle it over the poop to make it easier to pick up with a bag and gloves. If cat litter isn’t available, find some dirt or soil to cover the poop before scooping it up. Next, wash away any remaining residue with water and disinfectant. Be cautious with the bleach concentration, ensuring it is diluted to safe levels.

How to clean up dog diarrhea in the yard

Cleaning up diarrhea in your yard depends on the surface. Grass and concrete can be more challenging, as we discussed earlier. However, other surfaces like tiles and varnished wood are relatively easy to clean. A thorough hose-down should be sufficient, but don’t forget to disinfect the area afterward. For dirt patches in the yard, wait for the diarrhea to dry, scoop up the majority with a spade or pooper scooper, and either wash away the residue or dig it into the soil for natural biodegradation. You can also use a yard odor remover spray to eliminate any remaining smell or residue.

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How to clean diarrhea and runny/wet dog poop from the carpet

Cleaning diarrhea from a carpet can be quite challenging, but it’s not impossible. There are a few approaches you can take. One option is to let the diarrhea dry overnight. Once dry, you can brush it loose and then vacuum it up. If leaving it overnight seems too unpleasant, use protective gloves and an absorbent paper towel to gather as much of the poop as possible. Kitty litter can also be used to clump the diarrhea together for easier removal. Avoid spreading the mess by cleaning from side to side and dabbing too hard. Afterward, disinfect the area, pour stain remover, wash with a mixture of carpet cleaning soap and water, and let it dry. Finally, spray the area with an odor and pet stain remover spray and cover it with baby powder to absorb any remaining moisture before vacuuming it the next day.

Why does my dog have runny poop on walks? Can stress be the cause?

Stress can indeed cause dogs to poop more frequently and even lead to diarrhea. However, in most cases, a combination of excitement and exercise during walks is more likely to be the cause. Increased movement and excitement can speed up bowel movements, resulting in runny poops. That being said, if your dog experiences chronic diarrhea or it occurs suddenly, it’s crucial to visit the vet as there may be underlying health issues causing the problem.

Stop my dog from having runny dog poop or diarrhea

Preventing your dog from experiencing diarrhea entirely is challenging since it can happen from time to time. However, if your dog has diarrhea frequently without a medical cause, there are some things you can try. Keep in mind that exercise-induced diarrhea is relatively common and cannot always be avoided. Instead, be prepared and manage the situation by choosing where you take your dog for walks and carrying the necessary supplies for potential accidents. Overeating can also cause diarrhea, so it’s essential to regulate your dog’s diet. Remember to provide proper veterinary care when necessary.


Cleaning up dog diarrhea is an inevitable part of being a responsible pet owner. Ensuring that you clean the area as thoroughly as possible and disinfect it is crucial for the health of your pets and the general public. Although there are many different methods for cleaning up dog diarrhea on various surfaces, it’s impossible to be fully prepared for every situation. The key is to remain calm, clean up what you can using the resources available, and be more prepared in the future. Remember, accidents happen, but it’s our responsibility to handle them responsibly.


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