How to deworm cats safely at home 100% success


Deworming your cat is what you should do when you bring a new cat home. By doing this right, you have minimized intestinal diseases and parasites for your cat.

Kittens are prime targets for harmful bacteria and parasites. Weak digestive system and immature resistance are the two main causes of disease in domestic cats. Therefore, to reduce the risk of bacterial diseases, it is necessary that you deworm your cat periodically.

Signs that your cat has worms, flukes, you do not realize

Some signs are very noticeable when your cat has worms that you can easily recognize through feces, vomit, and some typical symptoms.

Signals via cat poop

The most common worm-infected cat feces are easily recognizable worms. Visible tapeworm segments are excreted in the feces. The tapeworm is small in size, similar to a grain of rice.

the cat is vomiting

Certain types of worms can cause intestinal irritation, including roundworms. Cats have diarrhea and vomit worms with long noodles like noodles. In addition to roundworms, filariasis is also considered a typical type of vomiting.

Signs that your cat has worms. internet photos

Don’t be subjective when you see a cat vomit. Cat vomiting is a symptom of worms that can also be a symptom of another disease. If you suspect your cat has another disease, you should take him to the vet immediately for the most accurate test.

Vomiting is also considered a symptom >>>>> leukopenia in cats <<<<<. Only by testing can you know exactly what disease your cat has.

sudden weight loss

Cats often lose a lot of weight when infected with worms. A cat’s weight changes rapidly. Fast or slow weight loss depends on the number of worms in your body. Many of them have bulging intestines and stomachs that are easy to recognize.

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When infected with helminths, cats often show symptoms of anemia, which affects their entire bodies. Cats will have a pale expression on the gums and gums. Just by checking for this sign and combining it with other symptoms, you can fully conclude that your cat has worms.

If your cat is experiencing any of the above signs, you absolutely must take him to the vet for the most prompt treatment and most accurate diagnosis.

Deworming calendar for kittens

Everyone knows the importance of deworming, but when should cats be dewormed? And how to deal with worms, not everyone knows. This detailed article will help you understand more about this issue.

The first thing you should know is that deworming your kitten depends on the stage and age of the cat. Depending on the age of your cat, decide the deworming schedule and deworming frequency accordingly.

Kittens are between 3 and 8 weeks old.

Deworming for the first time at 3 weeks of age. Repeat next time at 5 and 7 weeks.

Cats 2 – 6 months

Deworming once a month. Continuous deworming every 1 month until they are 6 months old is fine.

Deworming calendar for cats. internet photos

Cats > 6 months

Deworming once every 2-3 months. That is, after the last deworming at the 6th month, you continue deworming them every 2-3 months.

Adult cat > 1 year

Periodic deworming every 6-12 months. Keep the regular cycle until they die.

This deworming may sound like a lot, but this is the proper deworming cycle for the cats in the family. Cats often have many types of worms, so regular deworming is extremely necessary.

After deworming, you need to organize a suitable diet for the kitten. Diet and diet greatly affect the health and development of cats.

You can refer to: What do kittens eat? Reasonable diet and diet for kittens?

dewormer for cats

You should take your cat to the vet for specific advice and instructions. Cats may experience unwanted side effects. For this reason, I always recommend going to the veterinary facilities to receive clear and precise advice.

According to Wikihow, to treat roundworm and hookworm in adult cats requires the use of pyrantel pamoate, oxime, milbemycin, and selamectin. Pyrantel pamoate and milbemycin oxime are oral medications, while selamectin is topical. In the US, pyrantel pamoate is available without a prescription, while selamectin and milbemycin oxime are prescription drugs. Selamectin is not suitable for use in kittens younger than 8 weeks of age, so kittens should only be given deworming medication.

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Tapeworm treatment. Two medications that are commonly used to treat tapeworms are Praziquantel and Epsiprantel. Both are oral medications. Praziquantel is available without a prescription, while Epsiprantel requires a prescription.

In foreign countries, cats undergo fecal tests to determine the type of worms and provide the most effective treatment. At the same time, the doctors here will give you the right tips for cat care at home.

Dewormer prices for cats in Vietnam

  • Virbac exotral: Blister of 6 tablets at a price of 150,000 – 160,000 VND
  • Bio Rantel (pyrantel pamoate): Blister of 5 tablets costs 90,000 – 100,000 VND. The drug is used for both dogs and cats.
  • Sanpet: Blister of 10 tablets costs 160,000 – 180,000 VND. Medications are taken by prescription and under the direction of a physician.
  • Interceptor: Box of 6 blisters, blister of 5 tablets, super expensive price 950,000 – 1,000,000 VND. For use only in cats 8 weeks of age and older.

Dewormer for cats. Internet

You can buy it at pet stores and get detailed instructions from your vet. If you are an experienced person, you can buy and deworm your cat yourself.

How to deworm your cat

Cats are never cooperative when taking medicine, so you have to use methods to trick them into using your medicine. There are 2 ways to help you solve this problem.

  • Cook your cat’s favorite food and mix the puree into the food. Depending on whether or not your cat is purebred, this will work. This usually doesn’t work with adult cats.
  • Puree the medicine and mix it with water, pump it into the cylinder (remember to remove the needle). Then squeeze the pump on the neck to make the cat drink.

The second way is more effective, but you have to be a little strong. Cats get very upset when medicine is injected down their throats by other people.

Some notes when giving deworming medications to cats

  • Follow the correct dosage as directed by your doctor.
  • Do not deworm when the cat is sick, has health problems, especially the digestive system.
  • Limit contact with other animals’ feces after deworming.
  • Eating cooked is the best solution for cats with helminthic diseases.


Hopefully, blogyeucomeo’s article on deworming cats will help you gain more knowledge and experience in the deworming process for your cat.

Good luck.