How to clean a cat’s ears at home is simple, anyone can do it

How to clean a cat's ears at home is simple, anyone can do it

Most of the people worry about how to clean their cat’s ears. But for some reason they ignore him, doing them sharply. This Blogyeucomeo article will help you understand a standard cat ear cleaning procedure.

As you know, cats are intelligent animals, they can clean themselves by licking their bodies. However, they cannot clean the inside of their own ears. You need to support and help the cat to do this job.

Determine the state of the cat’s ears.

For cat owners, regular checking of cats’ ears is essential, with simple tools like flashlights, phone flash, you can fully check their ears easily.

Determine the state of your cat’s ears

However, some cats show discomfort when you let their ears come in contact with it. So you need to check when they feel most comfortable.

Check your cat’s ears gently

With cats, you should pet them to easily examine the inside and determine the condition of the ears. Normally normal cat ears are light pink, not much dirt, low smell.

However, with many other cats, the ears are often dirty when there is dust in the ears. Many babies also have black mud attached to them from being left on too long. Some babies have pus coming out of the ear, the discharge has a different color. When you discover this, you should immediately take your cat to the veterinary center to receive the appropriate treatment.

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How to clean cat ears at home easily

Cleaning the cat’s ears is quite simple, not too difficult, but if you don’t pay attention to the cat’s attitude, it is quite a big problem.

pick a time

To clean your cat’s ears effectively, you must choose the right time for the cat to feel comfortable allowing you to touch the ear. Many babies will have quite strong reactions when you touch their ears, such as scratching, biting… In case the cats are too aggressive, you cannot clean their ears, I encourage you to take them to a veterinary center.

How to clean cat ears

There are many friends when cats are uncooperative using many methods such as grabbing by the neck, hanging with a plastic bag, or wrapping tape around the paws to prevent scratching.

use solution

You can easily buy these solutions at the veterinary pharmacy or you can use physiological saline solution soaked in cotton swabs. However, salt water cannot dry as quickly as specialized cleaning solutions. If you are using salt water, be sure to dry all the water inside your cat’s ears.

Use a cat ear cleaner

Residual water in the ears will cause cat discomfort and even lead to many dangerous diseases. This is also an important thing to keep in mind when bathing your cat at home.


When purchasing a veterinary ear cleaner, your vet will usually tell you how to use it. You put the correct amount in the cat’s ear according to the instructions. Day day at the base of the ear so that the cleaning solution stays in the cat’s ears. Just gently rub it into your ear. Use moderate force to remove stubborn stains on the cat’s ears.

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Use a damp cotton pad to gently clean the inside of your cat’s ears. Pay attention to the cotton just enough so that it does not go in too deep to avoid affecting the baby’s eardrum. Also, putting cotton too deep accidentally pushes dirt into the ear.

Avoid using cotton swabs when touching your ears. The cotton swab is too long. You can damage your cat’s eardrums. When you notice the cat tilt its head to the side, it meows a lot and scratches its ears. You should take him to the vet for a checkup.

Some common diseases in the ears of cats

Some common diseases of cats such as ear mites, fleas, bacterial infections, fungus in cats, foreign bodies… But most cats usually suffer from symptoms of ear infections, fungus…