How to choose, train, breed and press galaxy betta fish

How to choose, train, breed and press galaxy betta fish

Having a fighting fish in your fish collection is a wish of most professional anglers. Because it symbolizes the will, the struggle and the constant rising.

Currently on social media, information about fighting fish and galaxy betta fish is getting a lot of attention and attention.

So what is the best way to choose and train fighting fish? And how to breed and force galaxy betta fish. The following article will give you the answer.

How to choose a fighting fish

The way to choose the most standard fighting fish is that the fish should have a balanced body. The most perfect betta fish’s mouth, eyes or gills can gain an edge in the competition.

It is recommended to choose those with a head length of about 1/3 of the body length.

Aquarists should avoid choosing fish with a misshapen or non-closing mouth, a split lip, a crooked or protruding mouth, especially avoiding a swollen or rough mouth.

Next come the gills and the gill cap is the part that provides the air for the fish to breathe.

Another effect of the betta’s gill cap is to swell up to intimidate opponents. It’s a way for them to show their power.

When choosing a fighting fish, if you want to be precise, you need to consider the important parts of the betta fish. These are also known as your legs. It is used to control the speed and support the movement of the fish.

Another important part is the scales of the betta fish. This is considered his armor and is covered in slime. There are 2 types of betta fish scales, large and small, and both have their own advantages and uses.

The large scales of bettas are very durable. But when it has peeled, the scabs on the sides are also very easy to remove.

The small scales of the betta fish are more prone to peeling than the large scales. However, the lateral scales are not greatly affected.

Special attention should be paid to the condition of the betta fish. The psychological stability of the betta is a very important factor before the competition.

The best way to train fighting fish

Fighting Fish Training Overview

There are many ways to train fighting fish. However, the most standard way is to have the betta fighting fish promote dominance and dive most effectively. First, the domain.

The dominance of a particular betta fish is expressed through a number of unique fighting styles: stabbing hard, focusing on a few points of the opponent, being fearless in combat, or promoting early on when fighting.

This dominance depends a lot on the health of the betta. The longer the time in combat, the lesser the function. This feature is just the instinct of betta fighting fish.

Diving is also a factor to consider. This fighting characteristic of the betta fish is hidden inside. How to make a good pangasius to promote this feature, the way of training bettas should be different from the books or instructions presented long ago.

Smart and creative betta fighting fish will activate this fighting feature. Some types of fish can be mentioned, such as betta koi nemo galaxy, betta koi red galaxy, betta galaxy black blue and betta yellow galaxy.

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This method of fighting the betta will exhibit some characteristics as follows: Frequently dodging the opponent’s attacks, this way of dodging is like running or losing.

It will occasionally stab and bite the opponent a couple of times. However, none of them are strong and it looks very light and superficial.

When betta fish develop their combat diving ability. Outside critics claim that our fish are weak, less able to compete and fight. But they are all very wrong.

Fighting Fish Training Details

Let’s consult Small Ornamental Fish for a detailed, correct and up-to-date guide on how to train fighting fish.

Betta fish training is a matter of life and death. If the betta is not exercised on a regular basis. It will become weak, lethargic, and even lie at the bottom of the lake all the time. The fins will wither, shrivel and cause the fish to die.

When you train betta fighting fish. The really important thing is to check if any of them is incompatible.

Because some galaxy betta fish have certain disadvantages. They risk fading or refusing to stretch. People learning to breed ornamental fighting fish should pay special attention to this.

How to breed fighting fish? The first way, train the betta to be in pairs. This method requires constant testing. Because at first they usually swim very fast. At this time, they will spread their fins to show their strength and threaten their opponents.

Stop mating when you see one of them start to bite. This is a great way. Because this will make them strongly stimulated. Thus increasing the level of fullness (anger and aggression).

The second form of training is to wear glasses. Place a screen with small drilled holes. It is important to pay attention to the size of the holes so that they look dim and stay full.

Use a small scope and train your betta to grow.

When the fish is full, remove the glass and insert your finger. Repeating this many times will make your betta see the finger as his opponent.

If you want to buy ornamental fighting fish or betta fighting fish in Thu Duc Hanoi or anywhere. Look for nemo galaxy, red galaxy betta, yellow galaxy betta, or black galaxy betta koi varieties. They are selected varieties of fish of the best quality.

How to breed and choose betta fish?

How to breed betta fish

If you are a person who is really passionate about keeping galaxy betta fish, then surely what interests you the most is how to breed galaxy betta fish to keep them healthy.

The best way to raise the healthiest galaxy betta fish is to set up the tank to the proper size. Also, it is important to choose a good graded fish and make sure that the food is safe and hygienic.

You need to prepare a pond with the ideal size is 12x17x20cm. Because this size will be enough for the galaxy betta fish to grow and swim freely and very convenient if you use it on the desktop.

How to choose betta fish

You should choose galaxy betta fish with a balanced body length that is neither too short nor too long. Breeds include betta koi nemo galaxy, betta red galaxy, betta yellow galaxy, or betta galaxy black blue.

Notice which betta has a head that is about 1/3 the length of its body. Because of this size, they have perfect bodies.

Aggressive, fast-swimming galaxy betta fish are also extremely important fish selection criteria. Don’t choose betta fish that appear slow or swim slowly.

Choose bettas with long, wide fins and tail. Of course, make sure you don’t tear anywhere. Another point is that the dorsal and ventral fins must be wide open.

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Common galaxy betta fish foods to use are worms and grubs. In addition, there are some kinds of insects, bo bo, even beef, pork puree, and food pellets.

These foods will help them grow faster and healthier. And it is the most standard way to breed galaxy betta fish.

Choose a galaxy betta fishChoose a galaxy betta fish

How to effectively squeeze galaxy betta fish

How to force betta fish (lia thia, siamese, fighting fish, Phuong) to spawn or how to pressure Thai siamese fish is a relatively difficult technique.

Most betta players share the same desire to breed (press) beautiful galaxy betta fish with very strong vitality and high fighting power.

However, for those who are new to squeezing fish for the first time, things will not be easy.

So how do you breed galaxy koi betta fish? Let the experts at Small Aquariums help you.

Step 1: Prepare the accessories

First, a plastic tray or bucket. How to make a betta fish tank is very simple. Just make sure it holds 15-20 liters of water.

Next up are the leaves to create a place for the male betta to froth.

Finally, drop some more gravel down so that after pressing down this will be a place for the female betta to hide.

Betta Fish Pressed LeavesBetta Fish Pressed Leaves

Step 2: Let the male and female betta get to know each other

First put the male fish first. He then leaves the female in a plastic tray for about 5-7 days so they can get used to each other and become less aggressive.

Step 3: Put the female betta with the male

You should pay close attention to this step. When you see the male betta spitting up a lot of foam, it’s time to release the female.

At this time, the male fish will intimidate the female, ripping off her fins and chasing her into swimming around the plastic container.

Finally, when the male betta has successfully lured the female into swimming under the bubble nest, they will become entangled with each other. Keep doing this until the female betta is about to spawn, wait a while and you will see the betta eggs appear.

Step 4: Collect the female betta

Once the female bettas have laid eggs, they will be almost immobile. The male fish will collect the eggs and place them in his bubble nest as quickly as possible.

They will continue to intertwine until the female betta stops laying eggs.

Some beta females eat their eggs after spawning, so Little Aquarium recommends gently breaking them apart and releasing them in a separate tank.

Step 5: Wait for the betta eggs to hatch

Your next job is to wait until the betta eggs hatch. Usually this process will take 2-3 days.

During this time, you should only feed the male betta a small amount of food. And use an eyedropper to suck up any leftovers, if any.

Fry that are about to hatch will cling to the bubble nest, so the male has to continually replace the broken bubble. After a few days, the baby (powder) betta can leave the nest and swim horizontally.

betta fish roebetta fish roe

Step 6: Take out the empty betta fish

When you have gone through the previous 5 stages. Return the male bettas to their normal habitat and start feeding them again.

The above steps don’t just apply to galaxy betta fish. The way of pressing betta dragon fish or water lily fish is also done in the same way.

When finished depress the betta. You can review how to care for betta fish above, carry out fighting fish care and training.

If you have the need to fight the siamese or siamese betta galaxy. After they grow up, learn how to make a scorpion, how to choose a good fighting scorpion, or how to catch a scorpion.

galaxy betta fish juicegalaxy betta fish juice

The above article has given you a detailed insight into how to choose and train fighting fish, how to breed and pressure galaxy betta fish. Actions from industry experts are useful and easy to implement for new and old alike. Small Ornamental Fish will try to share more useful aquarium content for customers.