How to choose a wise dog according to his father’s concept

How to choose a wise dog according to his father's concept

How to choose a wise dog according to the concept of our ancestors? Let’s discover the Cat Love Blog through this article

In my opinion, these dog breeding experiences are for reference only and apply to our main lines of dogs. Foreign dog breeds have different bodies and characteristics than your own dogs, so choosing a smart and intelligent dog can also be different.

However, for those who like and are interested in cats and dogs like me, these experiences don’t seem to mean much. According to popular beliefs, the choice of a wise and obedient dog is extremely important for dog owners.

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How to choose a wise and obedient dog according to popular beliefs

Since ancient times, our ancestors have a lot of experience in choosing dogs based on characteristics such as

  • 1st – 2nd – Yellow – Three compartments – Four points: One of the ways to choose a wise dog is based on the dog’s body characteristics, specifically here it is the coat.
  • Choose a dog with spots on the head, this shows that they are easy to raise and obey. Conversely, do not choose dogs with tail spots.
  • When the tail is left natural, it should be raised
  • First one second nine: This concept applies to puppies at birth. Our ancestors thought it was highly valuable for a mother dog to give birth to just one pup, but in many areas it is considered a bad thing. People have to lightly throw it over the roof if the dog is still alive to be considered precious. (It’s really unfounded, isn’t it?)
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How to choose an obedient dog?How to choose an obedient dog. internet photos

  • Choose a walking dog: Dogs with 4 small claws behind the elbow are considered precious and bring a lot of luck to the owner.
  • Dogs with 2 spots above the eyes are very intelligent dogs and are chosen to run the house very well.
  • “White hyena with moon head and body”: The dog has a white body, a yellow head, a moon-shaped marking on its back, pink or brown eyes and nose, and a seal at the base of its tail . Choosing this dog according to the concept of folklore will help the owner to promote promotion and abundant money.
  • Dogs with beautiful snow-white bodies are often classified as precious dogs. The owner of the house must have a beautiful person, about to have a baby, a beautiful grandson…
  • Black Dog: Also known by another name, the squid dog is said to be able to ward off evil spirits from the family.
  • Spotted Tongue Dog: This is an intelligent and obedient dog. Most owners will choose these dogs to guard the house and protect their possessions.
  • Each leg has a myth. considered a quarter. Ranking Five Generals Dogs. People also choose dogs based on the number of myths on the dog’s paws, such as
    • Hexadecimal: 2 hypotenuses for each hind leg + 1 beginning for each front leg
    • Eight Dragons: 2 mythos per leg
    • Double sentences: there are only 2 myths in total

The concept of choosing a dog from my ancestors.The concept of choosing a dog from our ancestors. internet photos

All mythical-themed dog breeds are chosen by owners out of the belief that raising a dog with a myth will help the family prosper and be wealthy.

  • Dogs have three eyes: In addition to 2 eyes, the dog also has a spot on the top of its head similar to 3. When the owner sees them worried, restless at night, there will be a bad omen about property, theft. ..
  • A dog with a black body but white feet like socks will bring wealth to the dog.
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In general, all the ways of choosing wise dogs from our earlier ancestors are based on observation and word of mouth, so they are for reference only. I think dog lovers won’t mind and pay attention to these notions.

The only opinion of dog lovers is “Love”. No matter what characteristics a dog has, it just needs to come from love. Every dog ​​and cat that approaches you is a charm. Please respect.