How to choose a muzzle for dogs appropriate to the characteristics and age of the dog

How to choose a muzzle for dogs appropriate to the characteristics and age of the dog

A dog muzzle is a must-have item for dog owners. Although useful, many dog ​​owners still have a hard time wearing muzzles. Because? Let’s find out together with the Dog and Cat Love Blog.

An unfortunate incident occurred recently when a baby died after being attacked by dogs near his home. This is a wake up call for dog owners when they leave their dogs outdoors without a muzzle. The use of a dog muzzle is really necessary. Protect not only others, but also your loved ones.

Why don’t many people like to wear dog muzzles?

Despite knowing the importance of the muzzle, many people still ignore and ignore this item because


Most dog owners think that muzzling their dog is unnecessary because they are obedient and obedient to their owners. You can see that, but how they behave when they are on the street is another matter.

They can panic and be influenced by an external cause. This negatively affects the dog’s psyche, causing it to follow its natural reflexes and dangerous behaviors. Especially large dog breeds when they are not properly trained.

Fear of pain and discomfort dogs

The second reason that I often see you mention is that the dog is not used to and feels uncomfortable when wearing the muzzle. This is not bad, but you can choose a muzzle style for other dogs and the right size for your dog.

Most of the dogs will feel uncomfortable in the early stage when they first learn to use it, but they will get used to it for a long time. You need to train the dog to fit the muzzle well. Little by little they will get used to it.

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The effect of wearing a dog muzzle.

In fact, in addition to preventing dogs from biting each other, muzzles also have many other effects related to the dog’s health, such as:

The muzzle prevents dogs from digging and eating trash

When outside, dogs are often curious about being exposed to many new things, they sniff and risk eating strange foods. This can cause the dog to get poisoned, vomit, diarrhea…

Dog muzzle prevents dogs from eating harmful junk foodDog muzzle prevents dogs from eating harmful junk food

The muzzle is the best tool to minimize the dog eating foreign food, eating garbage extremely effectively. I recommend that you wear a muzzle to your dog to avoid intestinal diseases.

Prevent dogs from biting, causing danger.

Large dogs or ferocious dogs, with little contact with people, are often very afraid and bewildered when strangers approach. It only takes one action to scare dogs into attacking people and other animals.

Prevent dogs from bitingPrevent dogs from biting

Wearing a muzzle reduces the risk of harm to people and other pets. They cannot bite people. Try to imagine that the unfortunate events that happened to the baby in Hung Yen would not have happened when the owner was aware and responsible for the community.

Avoid disturbing others

The muzzle is designed to reduce the dog’s barking. In residential areas this is necessary. Wearing a muzzle for your dog will avoid affecting your neighbors and the environment around you.

Make sure they don’t take the dog.

Currently, the State has stipulated that the use of a muzzle is mandatory when taking dogs out. If the dog is loose and not equipped with a muzzle, the dog can be sent to the room and has to be redeemed very hard.

Wearing a dog muzzle when going outside shows awarenessWearing a muzzle when going out shows awareness. internet photos

Criteria for choosing muzzles

To choose a muzzle, you must know the size, breed and characteristics requirements of your dog. From there, you can choose the right muzzle for your dog.

Choose muzzle by size

The size of the dog influences the choice of the muzzle. Large dogs, of course, the size of the muzzle must also be proportional. Using a standard sized muzzle will help make the dog more comfortable wearing it.

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Material to make muzzles for dogs

In the current market there are countless types of muzzles made of very different materials such as stainless steel, leather, hard plastic… Each material has its own advantages and is suitable for each breed of dog.

  • Plastic Muzzle: The muzzle is designed with impact resistant plastic that is flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit.
  • Leather muzzle: The leather muzzle will be much more durable, beautiful and resistant. However, he is quite secretive and difficult to escape.
  • Metal muzzle: This type is for large dogs, large dogs… The metal muzzle is durable, hard, and has a good bearing. The frame is wide and easy to use, making it suitable for many large dogs with large muzzles.

Select muzzles by materialSelect muzzles by material

muzzle for style

There are many different designs on the market such as speculum, iron frame. Depending on the breed and characteristics you choose to adapt it to your dog.

Like my poodles, I wear a platypus to look very cute and fun.

Popular Dog Muzzles Products

The market has countless types of muzzles that are widely sold.

A large dog’s muzzle is made of stainless steel.

This type is only for big dogs, especially becgie, rottweiler… This product line has high durability, good load-bearing capacity, can ensure the safety of people and create a sense of comfort for pets.

This muzzle is sold a lot in pet stores nowadays, the price is not very expensive. You can absolutely buy your dog a muzzle like this when you go out.

Fashion Speculum Muzzle

This type of muzzle is commonly used nowadays for small dogs like Poodle or Phoc Soc, Beijing…

Fashion Speculum MuzzleFashion speculum muzzle. internet photos

The duckbill prevents the dog from eating litter but also helps the dog limit barking and biting when going out. Soft silicone material is safe for health and comfortable for dogs to wear.

Hooded muzzle for drooping face dogs

This is a new Bull series pet muzzle. The cute mesh structure and the head cover are considered the absolute solution for this breed.

bull dog muzzlebull dog muzzle

With this muzzle, your dog will feel much safer and more comfortable. Look at these masked faces, they look so cute.

You can buy a dog muzzle at any pet store in the country. You can also buy dog ​​muzzles in online stores such as Shopee, Lazada…

Hope you can choose a satisfying muzzle for your dog soon.

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