How to bathe a poodle at home easy to do

How to bathe a poodle at home easy to do

How to bathe a poodle dog? Here is the process and video tutorial 5 steps to give a bath to a poodle at home easy to follow

As you all know, the poodle is a beautiful ornamental dog with long curly hair, this feature also causes quite a few difficulties in the process of cleaning and bathing the dog. For those of you who are new to raising Poodles, you will have many questions such as which dog shampoo is good to use, or what to prepare before bathing the puppy… Let’s see this part of me.

Bath time for poodles

Choosing the time to bathe the dog is very important since the climate of our country is hot and humid, so each season will have a specific bathing time for Poodle dogs, for example, in summer I usually bathe the dog twice a week. On the other hand, in the cold winter, the bath is reduced to once a week.

How to bathe a poodleHow to bathe a poodle

Also, when the dog gets dirty from playing outside, you can also bathe him at that time. With larger breeds, the number of baths may be higher because they are often outdoors.

The process of bathing Poodle dogs according to personal experience

Since its introduction in Vietnam, the Poodle has gradually changed and has adapted well to the climate of our country. However, their coat remains sticky and clumpy if it is not cared for regularly and properly. Bathing your Poodle can help reduce this problem.

preparation phase

Before bathing the poodle, it is necessary to check and remove any loose clumps of hair, clumps of hair, and look for ways to remove it before bathing. Pay attention to open wounds on the dog’s body to avoid overexposure.

  • Prepare the bath water: You need to make sure that the dog’s bath water is neither too hot nor too cold. You should use lukewarm water with a temperature suitable for human skin to bathe your dog. Especially in winter when the weather turns cold, using lukewarm water when bathing your dog is extremely important to avoid affecting his lungs.
  • Prepare tools: With my dog ​​I use specialized shower gel for dogs, gloves to eliminate hair loss, body exfoliator, towel after bath, powder to remove the ears, comb for hair loss, tangled hair, saline solution, cotton for the ears …
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Conducting a Bath for the Poodle

I usually bathe my dog ​​with soap 2 times and rinse my body 3 times to clear the soap bubbles. If soap is left over, it will affect the hair, which is also the cause of hair loss after a short time.

Tip to check for soap scum on the bristles with your hands. Very simple, use two hands to gently stroke the dog’s belly from top to bottom to check for oiliness in the coat. It can be easily noticed just by feeling it with your hand.

Conducting a Bath for the PoodleConducting a Bath for the Poodle

Bathing a poodle is not the same as bathing a human. To clean the soap, use your hands to swipe from the top of the neck to the tail combined with water. The soap bubbles will also follow the water down the hair. Do the same for the legs and the neck area.

  • As for the head, it can be said that this is the smelliest part of the Poodle, partly because the ear area is dirty and because the saliva of the dog when eating sticks to the hair around the mouth, causing a very unpleasant odor. . Gently bring the soap to the head and push the soap around the area.


– Do not let a lot of water enter the ear, after the bath it will be difficult to clean. In addition, it also greatly affects the psychology of dogs when it comes to bathing.
Do not spray water directly or directly into the dog’s nose and eyes, whether intentional or not. Rinse slowly from the top of the head so that the water is absorbed evenly into the hair.
Avoid or limit contact with the dog’s eyes. If soap gets in your eyes, use both hands to push the soap out to the other side and continue showering.

The period after taking a bath

  • Use the prepared dry towel and dry the dog. A little advice before cleaning is to gently blow on some of the dog’s ears, they will shake until some of the water is lost. Dry well before drying.
  • Use a hair dryer to dry your dog’s coat. However, it is advisable to dry and rest at the same time to avoid excessively prolonged exposure to heat that causes heat to the dog.

90% of dogs fear too loud noise from the dryer when they dry themselves, especially the noise of a dedicated dryer.
– They will panic and show their disgust at hair drying by threatening to bite or run. Pet and pat them before drying them.
– Turn the dryer on a gentle setting and moderate heat to create a comfortable feeling for the dog.
– The face and head are always the hardest drying areas when the wind blows directly into the dog’s eyes and nose. So keep it out of the dryer and gently massage these areas until the moisture is gone.
During periods of wet weather, you should dry your dog carefully because dogs are more likely to get skin diseases in this weather. Poodles, when lying down, accidentally press on the drying area, from where the fur becomes more and more moist. This is a favorable environment for bacteria that cause the development of skin diseases, especially in dogs with low resistance.

Hygiene phase after the bath

You may think that after bathing and drying the dog is clean and fragrant, but many of you don’t know that the last part is cleaning the ears, combing and cutting the dog’s long nails.

ear cleaning

The Poodle’s ear area is a special area that is different from other dog breeds. Its ears have many long curly hairs. This is the main cause of smelly areas for dogs. Get rid of hair from your dog’s ears with the help of ear waxing powder. This powder is meant to increase the friction between the hairs to help you pull them out more easily. Don’t be afraid, pulling the hair out of the ears will also make your dog happy.

After spitting out, it is soaked in saline and the ears are cleaned again until all the salty water inside is gone.


This problem is quite simple, you buy yourself a hairbrush, a comb for tangled hair. Gently brush away any tangled hairs that will stick to the comb, making it very easy to remove.

After bathing the Poodle chóAfter bathing the Poodle chó

With large tangles, use tweezers to remove from the middle of the tangle and use a comb to gradually remove it to protect the rest of the tangled hair. Use tweezers carefully to prick the skin of the wrong dog.

A Few Notes When Bathing Poodles

  • Limit the dog’s bathing while she is in heat, the mating period. Body odors during this stage have the effect of attracting a mate during mating.
  • Do not bathe your dog immediately after vaccination. Since this is when their bodies are weak, they need to rest.

By the end of this article, you think that bathing a Poodle is really quite a feat, don’t you? Each of you has a different way of raising and keeping your dog clean. You do not need to follow your own procedure. The article is for reference only.

To understand more about the characteristics, personality, care, upbringing… everything about poodle dogs like. See the section about my poodle dog >>> HERE

I wish you success ^^!

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