How much does the French Bulldog breed cost in Vietnam?

How much does the French Bulldog breed cost in Vietnam?

The French Bulldog is known as a breed that is widely bred in Vietnam. In Vietnam, they have quite high prices of 15-20 million VND and maybe more.

The French Bulldog originated in England. They are bred from French Bulldog and Terrier. Immediately after its release, the French Bulldog quickly won the hearts of many dog ​​owners around the world, not only because of its friendly temperament, but also because of the extremely playful actions in daily life of this breed.

Origin of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog participated for the first time in the dog show in England in the last years of the 19th century. Also here, due to the characteristics of this breed, two countries, England and France, argued a lot about their names.

Dog owners in the UK think that because this is a breed of dog native to England, the name Bulldog is most appropriate for them. Meanwhile, the French took the name French Bull to mark their successful crossbreeding.

Origin of the French BulldogOrigin of the French Bulldog

Anyway, this breed is still loved in many countries of the world. Notably, they were also bred by many nobles in Europe.

In Vietnam, this breed has been bred recently when the dog breeding movement in our country increased rapidly. However, this is considered an expensive dog breed that not everyone can own, so the quantity is very limited.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

Despite having ancestors and relatives with large dog breeds such as the Pitbull or English Bulldog, the French Bulldog has a small, muscular and stocky body.

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They are firmer, more balanced and neater. The maximum height of the French Bulldog can reach 30 cm and the weight from 10 to 14 kg. The balance makes him the perfect small dog.

The French Bulldog has broad shoulders and a narrow rear. This is what makes this a difficult breed to breed. Almost 99% of births in French Bulldogs require surgical intervention.

Therefore, those who are new to breeding French bulls should pay attention to this trait. Cesarean section is the only method to help puppies develop better.

The ears are large and erect, the muzzle short and flat. Strong jaws run in the family, a bit coarse. Upturned nose. The French bulldog’s coat is short and soft, does not shed much, and is very easy to vacuum or sweep. This feature is suitable for people with allergies. The eyes are super round and dark.

Characteristics of the French BulldogCharacteristics of the French Bulldog

With good care, this breed can live up to 12 years. Some of the diseases that the French Bulldog usually suffers from are respiratory and gastrointestinal.

The French Bulldog does not tolerate high and very low temperatures. Also, they don’t know how to swim. Newbies, pay attention to this.

French Bulldog Personality Traits

The French Bulldog is quite an active dog. They are obedient and docile, above all very attached to their owners and affectionate with the people in the house.

Due to the dynamic personality, if not carefully trained, it will be very difficult to teach. They chirp and make distinctive calls. Many dogs even have extremely cute and funny voices.

French Bulldog PersonalityFrench Bulldog Personality

They are child-friendly and suitable for all living environments, from apartments to gardens. Just be careful not to let them overwork themselves in hot and cold conditions.

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They love to play and run for hours with their owners, unlike their Bulldog cousins. The French Bulldog is also very nice. They also feel sorry for themselves, sad when their owners leave them too long.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day taking them for a run and petting them every day. The French Bull is very affectionate and loves to be loved.

Price of the French Bulldog in Vietnam

Currently, the French Bulldog in Vietnam has a high price, to have an undocumented child, you have to spend tens of millions of dong.

  • Purebred, undocumented, Vietnam-born French Bulldogs command an average price of 10-13 million per child. Females are always more expensive than males and those with good characteristics will cost more.
  • Dogs bred in Vietnam but with VKA certificate. The complete genealogy obviously has a higher price of 15-20 million.
  • There are also French Bulldogs imported from Thailand or Europe. These puppies cost >1000$ even those imported from Russia, United Kingdom, France… Europe cost up to 4000$. These pups are often imported to breeding and breeding camps. This helps make the genetic resources of French Bulldogs in Vietnam more diverse and prevent inbreeding accidents when mating.

In the breeding process, you need to pay attention to the 3 main characteristics of the French bull

  • The French bull does not tolerate too high or too low temperatures. Avoid letting them play when it’s sunny, keep them warm in winter.
  • Worried about some respiratory diseases because the structure of the nose and the ability to adapt to the climate in Vietnam is not high.
  • The head of the French bull is so big that it cannot give birth normally. Those of you who are breeding breeding dogs should be careful to schedule regular check-ups and medical check-ups, since they can only give birth by caesarean section.

Here are some fun videos about French Bulldogs.