How much does it cost to buy a Samoyed dog in Vietnam? maybe you don’t know

How much does it cost to buy a Samoyed dog in Vietnam?  maybe you don't know

Buying Samoyed dogs in Vietnam is not too difficult anymore. Just spend 6-8 million, you can have a smart and handsome puppy Sam.

Samoyed is a beautiful breed of dog from cold countries. With their white coat and pristine beauty, they quickly attracted the attention of dog lovers around the world. In Vietnam, although the climate is very different from the living conditions of Samoyeds, they can still adapt and reproduce well in our country.

Being able to buy a beautiful baby Samoyed in Vietnam today is not as difficult as before. There are many families that are raising Samoyeds selling them at prices ranging between 6 and 8 million or even more depending on their body characteristics and origin.

What factors does the price of a Samoyed dog depend on?

There are many factors that affect the price of a Samoyed dog, including breed origin, physical characteristics, and purebred status.

  • Samoyed dogs originating from Vietnam, bred in Vietnam, are cheaper than dogs imported from Thailand or Europe. These dogs command a high price because they come from world-famous and historic kennels.
  • The purebred Samoyed has a snow-white coat color, but for some babies with different coat colors, such as yellow or yellow, it will be cheaper. These pups are mostly bred after many generations. White is still the most popular color and commands the highest price

How much does a Samoyed dog cost?How much does a Samoyed dog cost? Photos collected Internet

  • The level of purebred Samoyed dogs is identified through physical characteristics. Many babies, despite having white fur, have different legs or body lengths. These dogs are not purebred and are sold for cheaper by owners than purebred people.
  • The age of the dog: owners often choose puppies to care for and nurture. This helps the dog to better adapt to the living environment with family members. However, in some cases, owners purchase large dogs that have been and are about to mate to breed. These dogs are usually more expensive than puppies.
  • In addition, buyers also rely on the parents’ genealogy and contest achievements to offer a suitable price for the puppies.
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How much does it cost to buy a Samoyed dog?

  • Samoyed dogs are bred in water: depending on the characteristics of the body, these dogs cost 6-8 million. Female dogs are often more expensive than male dogs, and dogs with beautiful features are also more expensive to breed. Dogs bred in our country are usually better adapted to the Vietnamese climate than those imported from Europe or other countries.

These babies are mostly bred in families and sold on their own, so you can go to the house to see the parents and puppies to choose from.

  • Buy imported Samoyed dogs from Thailand

Dogs imported from Thailand are always the main direction of dog breeders in Vietnam. Thailand has always been valued as home to many large and quality dog ​​farms, providing valuable genetic resources for our country.

As a country with a dog breeding movement older than Vietnam, dogs in Thailand are always more expensive. This is also a country with a climate similar to ours, so it is suitable for importing varieties.

Samoyed dog price in VietnamBuy Samoyed dogs in Vietnam. internet photos

A Samoyed puppy imported to Thailand is priced at 12-15 million with all the documents. Children with certified pedigrees and parents who have won major prizes in dog show competitions command even higher prices.

  • Buy imported Samoyed dogs from Europe

Perhaps it is not necessary to discuss the quality of the dogs in Europe, this is one of the many homelands of this breed, so the price to import into Vietnam is very high.

In order to have a dog in Europe, you need to spend between $2,000 and $3,000. Samoyed babies imported into Europe have a very high level of purebred, good quality, which is why they are imported by Vietnamese dog farms for breeding.

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Dogs with good pedigrees and full documents, with winning parents also command higher prices. The only thing that slows them down is that the climate in Europe is different from Vietnam, so it is more difficult for them to adapt when they return to our country.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about the price of Samoyed dogs in Vietnam. If you love Sam’s pristine beauty, why not have a baby Samoyed right away?