How much does it cost to buy a Phoc Soc dog? 3 notes when buying a Pomeranian dog

How much does it cost to buy a Phoc Soc dog?  3 notes when buying a Pomeranian dog

How much to buy a Phoc Soc dog depends on many body characteristics, gender and origin of your favorite dog.

The Pomeranian is a favorite breed of many people, not only because of its small and charming appearance, but also because of the snow-white fur that the Pomeranian dog possesses. In Vietnam, this breed was also introduced to our country quite early and immediately became a craze among dog lovers in Vietnam.

They are considered as one of the many small dog breeds that are bred by many people in our country today.

What factors does the price of a Pomeranian dog depend on?

  • Body Size: The Pomeranian has 3 lines: Teacup, Mini, and Standard. Each line has a different price. In which, Teacup Pom dogs are the most expensive due to their rarity and difficulty in breeding.
  • Color: The Pomeranian has the most characteristic white coat color, in addition, they also have brown, black, and white colors that will be taller than the traditional white color. Depending on the preferences each dog lover chooses for himself the desired color.
  • Gender: Male dogs are always priced lower than female dogs because owners believe that female dogs can breed and earn an income from the puppies that are born.

The price of a Pomeranian dog depends on many factorsThe price of a Pomeranian dog depends on many factors. internet photos

  • Origin: Dogs bred in Vietnam are always cheaper than dogs imported from Thailand and Europe because these are countries with a developed dog breeding movement and home to many large dog farms in the world. . In addition, the quality and genetic resources of imported specimens are always better, so the price is usually expensive.
  • Age of a Phoc Squirrel: Many dog ​​owners prefer to have an adult dog of reproductive age. The cost of these people is always higher because they can generate income faster than raising puppies.
  • The purebred level is the criteria for determining the price of the Phoc Soc dog. Purebred dogs always command a higher price than dogs of mixed or unknown origin.
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How much does it cost to buy a Phoc Soc dog in Vietnam?

As mentioned above, the price of the Pomeranian dog is determined by many factors, such as body characteristics, pedigree, and gender.

  • Currently, domestic breed Phoc squirrels are mainly bred in homes, it is not too difficult to find a puppy on pet forums or famous websites that sell cats and dogs.

The average price to own a purebred Phoc squirrel is between 5 and 6 million. However, these are undocumented babies and are born into families. Babies are vaccinated and dewormed for the first time before they are delivered to you.

Dogs with full papers and guarantees born in Vietnam are priced at >6 million. The females are more expensive than the males. Teacup pups are expensive >10 million. Although it is more expensive, there are not always teacup squirrels to buy because it is an extremely rare breed and difficult to breed.

How much does it cost to buy a Phoc Soc dog?How much does it cost to buy a Phoc Soc dog? internet photos

Teacup pom poms are very valuable because they are the product of an error in the breeding process. They have a body the size of a teacup and are very cute. However, when breeding, Teacup often suffers from many genetic diseases.

  • Buy imported Pomeranian dogs from Thailand

Squirrel dogs imported into Thailand usually have good quality and genetic resources. Importers are usually dog ​​breeders. Overall, these dog owners have helped our country to have a very good and diverse genetic pool of Phoc Soc dogs.

To own Phoc Squirrels from Thailand, buyers must spend 14 million or more. Dogs whose parents have won major prizes in dog show competitions are much more expensive.

  • Buy Phoc Squirrel dogs from Europe
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Like many other dog breeds, dogs imported from Europe command significantly higher prices, these babies are mainly imported from countries with the most developed dog breeding movement today. And of course the quality of the dog breeds here is also better.

To have a baby Phoc squirrel in Europe, buyers have to spend between 40 and 50 million. The children of the melancholic family lineage, whose parents are famous dogs, will command a much higher price of up to 100 million. These individuals are often imported into the country in order to improve breeding quality.

Cheap Pho Squirrel Dog is good quality

Currently, on many classified sites, many sellers are selling Phoc squirrel dogs at super cheap prices starting at only 2 million. These are mostly mixed or smuggled dogs, sick or unhealthy dogs. You should be very careful when approaching such information for sale.

The origin of the Pomeranian dogBuy cheap and quality Grapefruit puppies. internet photos

If the purebred is not important, you can completely choose a beautiful Phoc. It can be a poodle, Japanese or Chihuahua hybrid. Most of these babies are not too expensive starting at only 1 million VND.

It is impossible to sell purebred Phoc Soc dogs for 2 million. It is best to come to the place to see the dog, and you should ask an experienced person to accompany you.

I hope you find your cargo soon.