How much does it cost to buy a Persian cat in Vietnam?

How much does it cost to buy a Persian cat in Vietnam?

The Persian cat is no longer a stranger to cat lovers. So, to get a Persian cat in Vietnam, how much money do you need to spend?

In the cat world, Persian cats are considered a special breed of cat with rather strange faces, flat noses and “flat” faces that make them the focus of many cat lovers. So how much does it cost to buy a Persian cat in Vietnam? Let’s explore the cat and dog love blog.

The price of a Persian cat depends on 5 main factors

As with other breeds of cats, the price of the Persian will depend on the origin of the cat. Children born in Vietnam are often raised by their families, without documents. The rest have certificates, and of course the price of cats with paper is usually much more expensive than without.

Origin of the long-haired Persian catHow much does it cost to buy a Persian cat? internet photos

Cats imported from Thailand and Europe have a guarantee of origin, have certificates and are more expensive than domestically bred cats. These babies are often brought by their owners for breeding purposes, and the price is 10-15 times more expensive than cats born in Vietnam.

The price of Persian cats depends on their age, Persian cats in the breeding stage will be more expensive than babies of a few months. Often people who buy these cats want to save time and effort so that the cat can give birth to the next generation. With kittens, owners often have to put in the time and effort to care for them.

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The sex of the cat also determines the price when buying a Persian cat, a female Persian cat costs more than a male Persian cat. Female cats have the ability to reproduce, which is why they cost more than male cats.

The physical characteristics of the Persian cat are also considered a standard for judging the value of a Persian cat. Some characteristics can be mentioned, such as the color of the fur, the face, the running posture. Some cats with dark fur are usually cheaper.

arabian catBuying a Persian cat depends on what factors

  • Types of Persian cats

Persian cats in our country are divided into two main types: long-haired Persian cats (traditional Persian cats) and short-haired Persian cats (or exotic cats). The price of Persian cats in these two types is also different. There are even short-haired cats that cost tens of millions of dong.

Price of Persian cats in Vietnam

  • Most Persian cats in Vietnam are domestic cats, cats raised in families. With such cats, the price ranges from 2 to 6 million. Babies born in Vietnam with a genealogy certificate cost between 6 and 12 million.

Children who come from abroad, specifically from Thailand, cost between 10 and 20 million. These cats are often chosen by the owners to go to Thailand for the purpose of breeding. Babies with Russian and European citizenship often cost 50-70 million. This price ensures that the cats have a clear origin, proven pedigree and are microchipped in accordance with international standards.

purebred persian catPurebred Persian cat. internet photos

Most of the babies in Vietnam sell for 2 million – 3 million in many groups, they are often not beautiful, their faces are not so bad, they are often mixed. However, if you are a Persian cat lover on a budget, this is also a perfect choice for you.

  • Female cats are usually 1-2 million more expensive than German female cats due to the demand of many people to breed cats.
  • Currently, there are two new species of Persian cats that are quite famous and attract many owners: the Chinchila Persian cat and the Himalayan Persian cat.
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Chinchilla Persian Cat: It is a super rare Persian cat breed, not everyone can have a Chinchilla Persian cat, this is a breed that always catches the attention of cat lovers in general. In Vietnam, according to my research on pet websites and forums, Chinchilla cats don’t sell much. And there are sellers who gave up mostly for >20 million.

purebred persian catBuy Purebred Persian Cat. Image Copyright: SherylDolls Cattery

Himalayan cats: In Vietnam, most of them are undocumented cats that are raised by families and cat farms. An undocumented Himalayan Persian cat born in Vietnam has the cheapest price of 5 million. Having documents exceeds 15 million and importing abroad is even more expensive.

To learn more about Himalayan cats, you can see more articles about this feline breed: > > > HERE

History of the Himalayan catBuy Himalayan Persian cats. internet photos

We hope that through this article, many Persian cat lovers have had useful information about the price of having this breed of cat. They are all consulted and synthesized by me from famous pet groups and forums who have experience in breeding Persian cats. If there is something wrong, you can comment for me.

Thank you for your interest in the article.