How much does it cost to buy a British shorthair cat in Vietnam? Beware of cheap ALN


How much does it cost to buy a British shorthair cat in Vietnam? Currently, the price of British shorthair cats is very diverse. Prices range from 2.5 to 30 million VND depending on the origin and characteristics.

The British Shorthair is considered one of the most bred cat breeds in our country. It is a breed of cat originating from abroad with thick fur and a lovely plump little face. The British shorthair quickly won the hearts of cat lovers.

This breed of cats has many videos and photos flooding the Internet. It is not difficult to understand why the Aln cat is so loved and loved.

Although it is an imported cat breed, the British Shorthair is very easy to breed to eat a lot and gain weight. His food is not too fussy. The soft coat is easy to brush and stroke. Perhaps these characteristics make the British shorthair a national breed in Vietnam. So what is the price of a British shorthair cat today? Let’s find out with

History and origin of the British shorthair

The Aln is one of the few oldest domestic cat breeds in the world. It appeared to the world in the Roman Empire when the king of this ancient nation invaded England. This cat breed was immediately mixed with the Persian cat breed to give rise to the British longhair cat breed. With a normally stocky body, the Aln cat quickly became one of the many popular indigenous cat breeds here.

Aln the cat appeared in AD 100 when the Roman Empire invaded and explored the British Isles. They brought ancient Egyptian cats here and quickly crossed with native cats to produce the next generation of cats.

Through many years of adaptation and growth in this island nation, the Aln cat breed has adapted to the harsh environment of this country. Thicker coats help them retain heat better, make them fatter, and make better family pets.

Due to the characteristics of good adaptation to the living environment, the Aln cat thrives in countries of the United Kingdom.

However, when the Persian cat appeared in European countries, the Aln cat quickly fell out of favor and gave way to a new, rarer and more unique breed of cat. Just a few years later, the number of Aln cats dropped dramatically.

Characteristics of British shorthair cats Characteristics of the cat Aln

The introduction of foreign cat breeds from abroad means that the British shorthair cat is very underdeveloped in the country, which has made the conservation and maintenance of this cat breed even more urgent, also for the reasons mentioned above. .

The decline in the number of purebred Aln cats clearly makes the immediate urgency of preserving the breed apparent.

Cat lovers and biologists have crossed purebred British shorthair cats with other cat breeds introduced to the UK, such as Russian cats, Persian cats… In this day and age, finding a purebred British cat is not It is easy.

In the 1960s, scientists bred purebred Aln cats again and they were almost purebred and recognized by CFA and TICA (the 2 largest cat associations in the world).

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Body characteristics of the Aln cat

Aln cat: it is a breed of cat with a short and thick coat, which helps them maintain body temperature in cold environments. The most common coat color of this breed of cat is bluish gray, in addition, they also have a series of other colors such as gray, cream, silver…

Unlike the cat breed in Vietnam, the British shorthair cat develops a stocky body and can weigh up to 6 to 8 pounds. The Aln cat’s head is large and round, and the cheeks are large. It is this that makes the British shorthair win the hearts of many cat fans in Vietnam.

The eyes of the British shorthair cat are round and large and bronze in color, in addition, many are also black, blue and green.

british shorthair catBritish shorthair cat- Copyright photo

British shorthair cat personality

Aln cats are very calm and friendly cats, most of them are not noisy and prefer quiet spaces. Mr. Shorthair is very affectionate and loving with his owner, he likes to lie on his lap or be held by his owner. They are especially quite inactive, often lying in a corner.

Is it difficult to care for a British shorthair cat?

Aln cats eat a lot and are not picky, this cat can eat like our cats, but their laziness makes them fat too fast, so you should not put much starch in their diet. You need to help them exercise to avoid obesity.

The British Shorthair has a thick coat and sheds seasonally, so when keeping an Aln cat, you will have to accept the presence of cat hair all over the house and you will need to brush it regularly, or bathe it to remove excess hair. .

You can also refer to the article What do British shorthair cats eat? Learn more about this breed of cat

From a young age, teach them the habit of bathing and accustom them to water to easily bathe them when they grow up.

Bathing a British Shorthair CatBathing British shorthair cats. ST photo

The maximum lifespan of the Aln Cat generally falls between 12 and 14 years in Vietnam. However, under good conditions, they can live up to 20 years or more.

How much does it cost to buy a British shorthair cat in our country?

It can be seen that the British shorthair cat that is widely bred in our country is not a purebred. To have a purebred cat you must have a certificate from the feline association.

And it is not easy for foreign cat owners to sell purebred Vietnamese individuals. Because the market demand is so high, cat owners have imported breeds from China. They crossed with the Ald cat and created the Aln cat breed which is not purebred as it is today.

The price of each individual crossbreed cat in Vietnam is also the same and usually ranges from 2 million to 30 million.

Aln hybrid cat bought for 2 – 4 million VND

  • ALN Hybrid Cat – As mentioned above, the British Shorthair cat is crossed with other cat breeds such as Persian, Exotic, etc. to produce this hybrid cat. They have cheap prices from 2 to 4 million. Because they were bred from different breeds of cats, future breeding will be very difficult to predict.
  • If crossed with a British Longhair, the British Shorthair’s closest relative will create a British breed temporarily called a Purebred when it has all the characteristics of an English cat, but its price will fall in the 5-year range. .8 million dong .

british shorthair cat

It is also extremely rare to find this temporary purebred cat on the Vietnamese market because many owners follow the market trend, so it is more common to cross British cats with other cat breeds.

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Especially these cats, if they are in the breeding phase, they will cost more than 1-2 million. This price will be even higher when the cats have good appearance.

British shorthair cat imported from Thailand, priced from 12 to 20 million VND

  • Buy British Shorthair cats imported from developed countries such as China and Thailand, which are the two countries where Vietnam imports the most purebred cats. The fee to keep cats here is from 12 to 20 million.
  • They are not comparable to European individuals but at least their miscegenation remains low. And of course, this price is only suitable for cat farms when the cost is much higher than in the country.

British Shorthair Cat Price in VietnamBritish shorthair cat price in Vietnam.

Buy an Aln cat imported from Europe for 40-60 million VND

Buy purebred British shorthair cats. Most of these cats are imported from European countries, America or the homeland of this breed of cats. Upon returning to Vietnam, these people come with a certificate of purebred cats from the association.

However, the climate change between the two geographical areas makes it difficult for Anh Long to adapt to the climatic conditions of Vietnam. FRIENDS COST OF OWNERSHIP can be up to $2000 (50 million)

If you have these cats, you are a very lucky person and you have conditions. Because in many cases, even if you have money, you cannot buy a purebred cat. Because many cat owners in Europe only sell their babies to experienced cat owners.

Should I buy a cheap British shorthair cat?

As previously introduced to you, the decision to adopt your British Shorthair cat will depend on the owner’s breeding purpose.

If it’s just cats out of hobby and passion, it’s not too important to be a purebred. You can buy a hybrid cat for 2 3 million VND. However, when buying these cats, you need to pay attention to health problems and vaccinations. In addition, it is necessary to go to the place to see the cat.

What to pay attention to when buying a British shorthair cat?What to consider when buying a British shorthair cat.

Although this case is quite rare, this breed of cat is sold quite a lot in the breeder’s network. You just need to take care of the health of your cat and the vaccination schedule.

Aln cat popular coat color to choose buy

Currently in the Vietnamese market, Aln cats are selling a lot, especially in cat-loving groups. There will be a lot of terms that are hard to understand when you post them. It mainly refers to the color of the cat’s coat. These are some of the main colors.

Buy Aln Bicolor cat

Bicolor or Bi for short is used to refer to dichotomous cats. A good example to help you understand is the Tuxedo breed. Bicolor characteristics.

Buy Aln bicolor cat. Internet

Aln Lilac Cat

It appears more in online sales. The main lilac color is creamy white-gray, silvery, light silvery. When listing a cat for sale, the owner will usually clearly state what color the cat is for sale. you look

Lilac. Internet

Aln Himalayan cat

Very easy to recognize, it has quite similar hair characteristics to Hima cats. Results when crossed with Siamese cats.

Aln Hima the cat. Internet

Aln gray blue cat

The color you usually see on social media. The bluish gray is quite common and very recognizable. Body color bluish-grey, slightly silvery. It can be created by mixing 2 blue-grey individuals.

Aln Blue Gray Cat. Internet

aln calico cat

As in previous posts, I introduced about calico cats. In Aln cats calico cats are similar and of course the percentage of males is very rare.

Aln calico cat. Internet

aln golden cat

The gold color is similar to metallic gold, easy to recognize. They are shiny and quite paint-like pale yellow metallic.

Color Aln Gold. Internet

There are also white, pink, although very few.

To avoid individuals carrying dangerous diseases. You should consult reputable pet sales sources. Or ask experienced people to give you the best tips and advice when choosing to buy a British shorthair cat.

Feed cats with love, not their place of birth and appearance. If breeding cats follows the movement, due to the loss of each other, then I advise against it. Raising cats should only come from love.