How much does it cost to buy a British longhair cat in Vietnam? Tips for choosing to buy

How much does it cost to buy a British longhair cat in Vietnam?  Tips for choosing to buy

Buying a British longhair cat in Vietnam is not difficult. This is a breed of cat that is bred a lot in our country, so how much is the price of the ald cat?

The British Longhair cat originated in England and is loved by many cat lovers around the world for its beauty and wisdom. This breed of cat was introduced to our country a long time ago, therefore it is quite popular and loved by many people. Below is the price list of British longhair cats in Vietnam Blog love dogs and cats Find out and share with your friends.

British longhair cats price list in Vietnam

As mentioned above, the British Longhair in Vietnam is an undocumented, home-bred cat. At the same time, there are very few Ald cats in our country with certificates issued by TICA or cat organizations and associations. Therefore, determining purebred cats or not depends on the experience of the buyer and the reputation of the seller in the market.

History of the British longhair cat breed

Below is the price list of British longhair cats mainly in the market that I collect

Buy a British longhair cat for less than 2 million VND

The price of British longhair cats in this range are mostly hybrid cats. Much of this is because caring families are for sale in groups online. ALD cats in this segment are crossed with other cat breeds such as tabby cats, British shorthair cats… or Persian cats through many crosses.

Many babies crossed with British Shorthair cats will give birth to beautiful and special babies (price may be higher). So at this price you can have a pretty good cat that suits your passion.

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British longhair cat costs from 3 to 6 million VND

British Longhair cats in this price range are mostly crossed with British Shorthair cats. This does not affect much because the cats Aln and Ald have similar characteristics and origins. The difference is only in the coat of the two cat breeds, so you can completely choose the cats to care for and still meet British cat standards.

The British longhair cat costs between 6 and 10 million VND

The ald cats in this range are purebred. Mum and Dad are British with long hair. However, if you buy a cat online, you should ask for information and photos of your parents, especially if you have to go to the place to see the cat, it is the best.

Go to the place to see if your parents are really Ald and decide to buy. Buying cats through online channels has many potential risks and the possibility of being cheated is very great.

british longhair catbritish longhair cat

Ald cat price from > 10 million VND

Ald cats cost > 10 million are purebred cats, purebred cats are purchased for breeding purposes. Many babies imported from countries famous for their pets are much taller.

Cats imported from Thailand: from 11 to 17 million depending on characteristics and genealogy. Cats with certificates can reach 30 -40 million.

Ald cat imported to Europe: Mainly Russia, Eastern Europe.. with a price of 50 -60 million. The cat is fully certified, great family, chipped, and in stable health.

If you want to know more about the origin of the British longhair cat, read more articles

How much does a British longhair cat cost?

As with many other cat breeds, British Longhair cats now command many different prices, the quality of the cats also depends on the price of each baby. This article will help you get the best overview of the Ald cat price on the market so you can be financially prepared and have the knowledge to care for this breed.

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What factors does it depend on to buy a British long-haired cat?


The price of British longhair cats depends on the gender, female cats are more expensive than male cats due to their ability to reproduce. Some people have female cats to breed, on the contrary, many of you like to have male cats. Depending on your needs and preferences, you choose the right gender of cat.

purebred level

Purebred British longhair cats cost more. Browsing through some online pet forum websites, you can see many classified ads for purebred British longhair cats for 1 -2 million. This is impossible, with an average price of a pure cat of 4 to 6 million VND.

Cheap cats that are advertised as purebred are often hybrid or sick cats. So when choosing to buy cats on online markets, you should carefully check the origin of the cat.

Taking care of British longhair catsBritish longhair cat price. ST photo

cat age

Many people have the need to buy an adult cat to save time and effort in care. The number of people who buy cats is very small. Mainly for breeding, the breeding business. These cats cost more than buying kittens because of the efforts of the owners.


Currently, there are two main types of Ald cats in Vietnam: domestic breed cats and cats imported from abroad. Domestic bred cats are mostly owned by foster families, cats are priced commensurate with conditions for many people.

Imported Ald Cats: Taking up a few, most people import Ald cats for breeding and breeding. Cats are often imported from countries with a developed pet movement such as Thailand, China… There are even people who import cats directly from Europe, the homeland of this cat breed.

body features

The price of British longhair cats depends on their physical characteristics. Cats with beautiful coat colors usually cost more.

There are also some factors that determine the price of British longhair cats such as genealogy, cats with papers… However, cat owners in Vietnam often choose domestic cats to care for, have a boss to keep them company and because they are passionate like me ^^!.

I hope you find the right cat soon.