How much does a Siamese cat cost in Vietnam?

How much does a Siamese cat cost in Vietnam?

Siamese cat (Siamese cat), the Siamese is one of the many long-standing cat breeds from Thailand that are bred quite popularly in Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia.

The Siamese cat is also considered the world’s first recognized Asian cat breed and has become a famous and popular family pet. There was a time when Siamese cats became the most popular cat breed in the West.

Siamese catOrigin of the Thai Siamese cat. internet photos

Origin of the Siamese cat

The Thai Siamese cat appeared thousands of years ago. They were raised a lot in the royal environment and were regarded as a god that brought luck and prosperity to the Royal Family. After a long time breeding in Asia, in 1897 this cat breed was directly introduced to the US and was widely adopted by the people.

The first cat was given to the president by the United States consulate in 1878. Soon after, the British consul general in Bangkok also brought a cat to give to his sister. Immediately this couple of cats gave birth to 3 kittens and they were taken to the cat show at Crystal Palace.

Seeing this cat family, people were impressed with the peculiarity of their body and the way they move. This period is considered a new breeze in the world of cats in the West. They were different from the British Shorthair or Persian because of their shape and created a craze in cat clubs or cat competitions and shows at the time.

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Characteristics of Siamese catsCharacteristics of Siamese cats. internet photos

After only a few years of widespread breeding, the breed became popular. However, at this time, Siamese cats were bred and separated into 2 separate lines, the Old, Traditional, and Modern bred lines. The modern line is bred with a tapered head and slimmer body, while the traditional breed retains the old round head shape. The ancient Siamese lineage is rarer and harder to find than ever. Those who breed and love Siamese cats are also gradually divided into 2 groups. One group liked the traditional line and the other group liked the modern line.


Because it has been overbred, the Siamese is also divided into 2 lines, the Thai Siamese and the European Siamese. The Thai Siamese is closest to the ancestor when it comes to a thin face, a triangular face, and a shorter body than the European Siamese.

Common colors for Siamese cats are creamy yellow and white. They have a black face and four legs, the typical color of this breed. The Thai Siamese cat is also the ancestor of the Himalayan Persian cat breed that we introduced to you in previous articles. In addition to the main colors that are white and cream yellow, the Siamese cat also has different colors such as tricolor, jet black…

The Siamese cat’s coat is short but thick and close to the body, the color of the coat is more specific than that of other cat breeds, especially the part that is always on the face, legs and tail. They are agile and active, adapting to different habitats.

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Unlike other cat breeds such as British shorthairs or Scottish cats, Siamese hybrids are more active, are more active, and run more playfully. They love to play with their owners and bond with humans. Their small, slender bodies make it easier for them to perform better. Catching mice is also a strong point of this breed.

Thai Siamese Cat PersonalityThai siamese cat personality. internet photos

Furthermore, Siamese cats also have an intellectual brain that is considered to be intelligent. They hunt and operate very differently from other western cat breeds. In Vietnam, they are no different from a cat when they are not picky about food.

how to care

Thai Siamese cats are easy to care for, you can feed them whatever you eat. They adapt well to the environment and quickly get along with other breeds of cats. However, they often suffer from some liver diseases and some birth defects.

In general, raising Siamese cats does not require much technique. Because they are Southeast Asian cats, they can grow and develop quite well. They like to live in warm places. Just brush the hair that is shedding and clean the ears and eyes regularly to keep dirt out.


Purebred Siamese cats are quite rare today, but modern hybrids are popular due to their robust appearance. The price of a Siamese cat ranges between 2-3 million. Cats imported from Thailand or Europe are 200-700 USD more expensive and of course those imported from Europe are always the most expensive.