How much does a Maltese dog cost? Maltese dog characteristics

How much does a Maltese dog cost?  Maltese dog characteristics

The Maltese or Maltese is a breed of small dog originating from the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. This is known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and is widely maintained.

They are compared to angels of small stature and white fur. Although it has a more modest body than other breeds, the Maltese is a dog with a long history. They are known as one of the first dog breeds born in the Mediterranean region.

Maltese dogs and their origins. Maltese dog and origin. internet photos

The Maltese is classified as a Toy dog ​​with an average height of 20-25 cm. Agility and liveliness are the nature of this breed. In addition, they are quite attached to the owner.

Perhaps because of these characteristics, they were bred by many aristocrats in the 15th century, especially in France.

After France, they continued to develop in England and also quickly became aristocratic dogs that were bred and cared for by many British queens.

She even appeared in many important pageants and premieres among the nobility. However, in an effort to breed this breed to create a smaller breed, the genes of this breed were almost lost. It was not until the 20th century that they exploded again in the United States.

Maltese breed characteristics

Maltese dogs or Maltese bichon are small in size, 20-25 cm, and their weight only ranges between 2-3 kg. The line of micro-dogs called the Teacup Maltese is quite similar to that of the poodle. Its size can even fit in a teapot. This breed of dog has a cute face and round eyes, a large mouth and a small mouth, its body is proportionate to the body.

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The long coat reaching to the heel is the most prominent feature of the malt. They are long, white and loose. Although small, the thick coat combined with the small stature makes the Maltese dog attractive in appearance.

Maltese dog characteristicsCharacteristics of the Maltese dog. internet photos

The Maltese is a breed of dog that grows and develops in a temperate environment, so its coat adapts quite well to cold weather conditions. They help this race to fight and survive well here. For a while, many dog ​​lovers bred this breed to create a smaller breed of dog, but they failed.

This has caused the disappearance of most of the genetic resources of the purebred Maltese. They are almost extinct. Fortunately, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the Maltese returned and prospered in America.

In Vietnam, Maltese dogs have only been introduced in recent years, so the number has not skyrocketed too much. Perhaps due to the high price, Maltese dogs have not been very popular.

Maltese dog personality

Maltese dogs are small dogs, so if they are not properly trained and strict, they can develop small dog syndrome: stubborn and stubborn.

In addition to this characteristic, the Maltese is approachable, friendly, and extremely agile. They love to run and play happily with their owners.

How much does a Maltese dog cost?How much does a Maltese dog cost? internet photos

If you have free time, you should take your dog outside to play regularly so that he can breathe air and exercise in the most comfortable way.

maltese dog price

As mentioned above, Maltese dogs have not been bred much in Vietnam. The lowest price for a malt dog born in Vietnam is 6 to 8 million.

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For children with documents proving their genealogy, the origin can cost between 13 and 18 million VND. That is a very small price tag.

Dogs imported from Europe or abroad will cost up to thousands of dollars. So before you decide to buy a Maltese dog. You need to learn carefully to avoid buying a poor quality dog ​​or a dog with an infectious disease.