How Much Does a Borzoi Cost?

If you’ve set your heart on a stunning Borzoi puppy, it’s crucial to understand the financial commitment involved. Borzois can live up to 11 years, making them a long-term responsibility. By doing your research, you can make an informed decision, even if it means postponing your dream of owning a Borzoi for now.

Aside from the initial cost of acquiring a Borzoi, there are ongoing expenses associated with owning any pet. These include food, veterinary visits, toys, training, and more. All these factors contribute to the total cost of ownership for a Borzoi.

What is a Borzoi?

Borzois possess an aura that makes you feel almost unworthy in their presence. Although rare these days, they are an ancient breed that originated in 17th-century Russia, where they were closely associated with royalty. They would run alongside horses, hunting down prey such as rabbits or even wolves.

These majestic dogs can reach 30 inches in height and weigh up to 100 pounds. However, their graceful gait belies their massive size. One notable feature is their long snout, which allows them to inhale more oxygen and exhibit the endurance they’ve displayed throughout history.

Borzois have a beautiful, usually flat and silky coat, although it can also be coarse, curly, or wavy. Their coat comes in various colors and patterns, with most being white with brown or black patches. Some owners prefer to keep their Borzoi’s coat short for easier maintenance.

Due to their breeding, Borzois possess a strong prey drive. You might even spot them on racetracks, similar to greyhounds. It’s best to keep them on a leash during walks unless you have exceptional recall or you’re in a secure, enclosed area.

Borzoi Temperament

If you’ve ever encountered a Borzoi (a rare occurrence indeed), you’ve likely noticed their reserved and sensitive nature. While not every Borzoi fits this description, most tend to be independent and stubborn. Training them can be more challenging than with other breeds, not due to defiance, but rather their innate inclination to think for themselves.

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However, Borzois are eager to please their owners, especially when there is a strong bond. They do best with a single owner or smaller families, as their sensitive nature can be overwhelmed by rambunctious young children. Borzois often appear aloof with strangers, so don’t expect them to greet everyone enthusiastically.

Despite their independence, most Borzois love nothing more than acting like a 100-pound lap dog, rewarding their trusted humans with cuddles and loyalty.

How to Care for a Borzoi

Borzois deserve proper care, so it’s essential to understand their needs before bringing one into your life. Like any dog, they require grooming, dental care, and nail clipping to maintain good overall health. Brushing their coat twice a week with a pin brush removes dead hair, tangles, and debris. During winter, when their undercoat thickens, daily brushing is necessary.

Although Borzois shed continuously throughout the year, their coat is dirt-resistant and does not require frequent trimming. However, occasional trimming of the paw pads prevents trapped debris and toe ulcers.

For exercise, Borzois need about an hour to an hour and a half of daily activity in a large, secure garden. If you live in a small apartment, a Borzoi may not be the best fit, as they may become restless due to limited space.

How Much Does a Borzoi Cost?

Now, let’s talk about the financial aspect of owning a Borzoi. First, consider whether you can afford not only the upfront cost but also the ongoing expenses that come with responsible pet ownership. These costs include insurance, food, equipment, and occasional dog sitters.

Initial Cost

In the USA, the average Borzoi puppy from a reputable breeder with health certificates can cost between $2,000 and $5,000. It’s crucial to carefully research breeders to avoid supporting unethical practices like puppy mills.

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Adopting an adult Borzoi is a more affordable option, with prices ranging from $150 to $500. Adopting not only changes the life of a dog that had a difficult start but also gives you a better understanding of their temperament from the beginning.

Insurance and Vet Bills

Whether you buy a puppy or adopt, insurance is highly recommended to avoid unexpected and costly vet bills. Even with a healthy Borzoi, accidents can happen. It’s essential to be prepared for any necessary surgeries to save your pet’s life. Monthly insurance costs range from $20 to $60.

While Borzois are generally healthy dogs, they can be prone to certain conditions, such as orthopedic problems that may require medical treatment or surgery. Bloat is another concern due to their deep chest. Feeding them small, frequent meals and avoiding vigorous exercise after eating can help prevent this life-threatening condition.

Basic Needs

Apart from potential vet bills, you’ll need to budget for basic needs like food. It’s important to feed your Borzoi high-quality dog food that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. The average monthly cost for good-quality dog food ranges from $20 to $60.

Additionally, consider investing in a comfortable dog bed for your Borzoi to lounge on. Dog beds typically cost between $50 and $200, depending on the size and material.

Other essential purchases include a quality collar, lead or harness, and possibly a coat to protect your Borzoi from the elements. Toys, especially puzzle toys, can also help keep their minds stimulated.

Final Thoughts

Borzois make wonderful companions, but it’s important to evaluate whether you’re financially ready to bring one into your life. If you can’t afford to provide them with the necessary care, it’s best to wait until you’re in a better position. Borzois may be expensive to buy as puppies due to their rarity and beauty, but the charm, elegance, and abundant hair they offer make them worth the investment.

Katten TrimSalon is here to help you navigate the world of Borzois and ensure you make an informed decision when it comes to owning one of these magnificent creatures.