H’mong Dog (H’H’mong Dog)

H'mong Dog (H'H'mong Dog)

The Mong Coc dog or H’Mong dog is known as one of the four great national dogs of Vietnam that need to be preserved. In particular, they are also considered treasures of the people of the Northwest region.

The Mong Coc dog is one of many ancient dog breeds that are bred by many ethnic minorities in the mountains of the northwest. Unlike other dog breeds, H’Mong dogs are highly intelligent and are sought after by many people. So why does the Mong Coc dog attract so much attention from dog lovers? Come on Blog love dogs and cats discover

Origin and history of the H’mong dog

According to Wikipedia – grass dog

The H’Mong Coc dog is a breed of dog indigenous to Vietnam, they are bred a lot by the people of the northwest, even this breed has become a symbol of the people here.

Mong Coc dogs appeared for a long time, they are one of the many hunting dogs used by people to go to the forest or train as guard dogs. Because they are ancient dogs, they are classified as one of the Big Four National Dogs of Vietnam along with Phu Quoc, Bac Ha, and the Indochinese dingoes.

Origin of the characteristics of the Mong Coc dogOrigin of the characteristics of the H’Mong dog. internet photos

Although the local community no longer uses it for hunting, the BH dog still has a lot of wisdom in keeping the house. There are many dog ​​owners in the Midlands and Plains who are still actively hunting this breed.

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Appearance features of the Mong Coc dog

The body of the Mong Coc dog is firm and muscular, the most prominent feature of this breed is the unique tail.

  • It is a medium-sized dog, with a massive body, broad build and large head, rather sharp eyes.
  • The tail is short or can be considered as tailless.
  • Sharp teeth, fangs with many edges like a hunting dog.
  • triangular erect ears
  • The hind legs are solid and ready to protect the owner when in danger.
  • They adapt well to the climate and are also easy to understand because the Mong Coc dog is the native dog of our country.

Mong Coc Dog Personality

The Mong Coc dog is an intelligent and agile dog. They are enthusiastic and very independent. Perhaps his strong personality has made many dog ​​lovers choose the Mong Coc dog as a faithful family friend.

From a very young age, this breed has demonstrated the ability to protect its territory in an absolute manner. Even the smallest intrusion makes them uncomfortable. Perhaps because the high spirit of vigilance makes the owner feel safe when he is protected by Mong Coc.

Mong Coc Dog PersonalityThe character of the H’Mong dog. internet photos

H’Mong Dog They are extremely loyal, only listening to a master’s command and determined to protect their master to the end, even if it means sacrificing their lives.

This breed is also a master at remembering the way. They were trained by their ancestors while in the highlands. That is why they are chosen as hunting companions of the highlanders. They can find their own home at great distances. However, the negative point of this breed is its stubbornness and aggression when strangers enter the territory.

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The Mong Coc dog is considered a precious treasure of the ethnic minorities of the Northwest.

The price of the current H’Mong Coc dog

Like many other breeds of dogs, the price of the Mong Coc dog depends on the characteristics and appearance of the body. So there are very expensive babies. But in general, Mong Coc hybrids start at 500k or more.

Babies with beautiful purebred features are often born on dog farms priced from 2 to 8 million.

You can buy Mong Coc dogs at

  • The highland markets are extremely bustling, this is where the ethnic co-chairs sell their dogs. If you are passionate about this breed, why not take the time to go to its homeland? You will find very cute puppies.

Mong Coc dog priceH’Mong dog price. internet photos

  • You can refer to the big Mong Coc breeders in Vietnam, the dogs here are guaranteed for quality, vaccination and full guarantee. At the same time, you can also ask for care advice from dog owners. They have experience in raising and caring for this breed.

In fact, purebred H’mong dogs are really rare and need to be preserved. This is a pet dog breed from Vietnam that needs to be preserved and developed. This is the cultural identity of our nation associated with the life and traditions of the Dong Bao highlands.

Let’s preserve and develop this breed together.