History of the appearance and development of the British longhair cat breed

History of the appearance and development of the British longhair cat breed

The British Longhair is one of the many famous British cat breeds recently discovered in the mid-20th century. Despite being a late born cat, the Ald cat quickly gained a large following in the UK and neighboring countries. .

british longhair catAld the cat. ST photo

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Since the mid-20th century, the number of purebred British shorthair cats has plummeted to the point of near extinction. At the same time, at this time, the introduction of the Persian cat to the UK removed the uniqueness of the British Shorthair breed.

Standing on the brink of extinction for native cats in the misty island nation, zoologists and cat lovers have linked and bred the native British shorthair and Persian, and Turkish Angora to introduce the cat breed. Ald as it is today.

However, zoologists also face quite a big challenge, which is to reconstruct the genetic resources of the native British shorthair cat and in the 1960s they succeeded in separating the genes of the 100% purebred British shorthair cat. British longhair cats continue to develop to this day.

Characteristics of British longhair catsCharacteristics of the British long-haired cat. ST photo

Characteristics of the cat Ald

There is not much difference between the British Shorthair and the British Longhair. The only difference is their fur. The Ald cat’s coat is also similar to the British Shorthair, but the outer coat is very thick and bushy, suitable for living conditions in icy areas.

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Their stocky body and long hair make them a proud queen in the cat world.

The coat color of British cats can be as different as white, red, cream, blue, brown, chocolate… The shade of coat color can be one color, bicolor, tan, tricolor, smoke, spiky, and spiky. .


Personality of British longhair catsBritish longhair cat personality. mr ST

The Ald cat is quite similar to the British shorthair, it does not like noise, it likes to be stroked, cuddled, and it is lazy to act like the same species. His task is only to eat, sleep and go to the toilet according to the instructions of the lotus. Perhaps this is why the Ald cat is always considered an easy cat breed and takes care of itself less than other cat breeds.

How to take care of the cat Ald

The common disease that always appears in this breed of cats is obesity due to overeating and inactivity, so when caring for them a low-carbohydrate diet is needed and let them exercise to digest them and eliminate excess fat. . The life expectancy of cats can be increased if you take care of them properly.

In addition to the fluffy physique, you should pay attention to the coat of the British longhair cat. Brushing should be done daily to avoid tangles and falls.

You can use specialized grooming tools purchased at any pet store. One note when raising cats is to bathe them from a young age, if they are too big you will have a hard time bathing them.

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Taking care of British longhair catsThe care of British longhair cats. ST photo

With good care and moderate exercise, an Ald cat can live up to 12 years. These cats also need to be vaccinated and prevent dangerous diseases from an early age.

What is the price of a British longhair cat?

Ald cats are currently on the market at a medium price. Babies born in the country cost only 2 million VND. These cats are often bred with tabby cats.

Prices of 6 to 8 million are crossbred with British shorthair cats or Persian cats. Basically, the British shorthair cat has the same origin, so it can be mixed with Ald. Kittens can be born with short or long hair.

Price > 10 million: Ald cats at this price are offspring imported from abroad. If it is imported to Europe, the price can reach tens of millions of dong. Imported cats are guaranteed to be purebred and have pedigrees, clear origins, and are purchased to breed and produce very beautiful products.

To know more about British longhair cats price list, check out the article: How much does it cost to buy British longhair cats in Vietnam?

Some cute photos of Ald the cat.

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