Hair loss in cats – Causes and ways to minimize this condition

Hair loss in cats - Causes and ways to minimize this condition

Cat hair loss is a sign of growth. However, if hair loss is accompanied by some unusual signs, it can be a dangerous disease.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon during the development of adult cats. This is something very normal. However, if this phenomenon is accompanied by some strange symptoms, such as loss of hair strands or a red rash in the hair loss area, this could be a medical symptom that needs attention.

Causes of cat hair lossCauses of hair loss in cats. internet photos

Causes of cat hair loss

Some of the causes of cat hair loss below will help you more easily assess and manage this condition:

  • Congenital: During the first few months after birth, many kittens will experience hereditary hair loss and hair growth.
  • Due to geography, endocrine: This condition often occurs after spaying a female or male cat. They lose the hormones in the body and change their external characteristics, causing the hair to gradually fall out.
  • Hair loss due to disease.: when cats are infected with Cushing’s disease. They must use the hormone cortisone for a long time to treat. This condition affects their thyroid gland, and their skin and coat change over time.
  • Too much thyroid hormone: Occurs in only a few species of cats. They often have thyroid problems that cause hair loss, weakness, and damage.
  • Demodex dermatitis: Hair gradually falls out during illness, especially in the eyelid area accompanied by some redness. However, cats with this disease are relatively rarer than dogs.
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What causes hair loss in cats?Causes of hair loss in cats. internet photos

  • Hair loss from using the wrong bath oil: Excessive bathing, forced brushing or improper use of shampoo cause hair loss and breakage in cats.
  • Ulcers from other diseases: Red spots and sores cause discomfort in cats, with the habit of licking, the sores spread more and more due to infection causing hair loss in patches.
  • The cat has fungus on the skin They are patches of dead skin that produce rough, scaly skin. They are shaped like red circles with edges 1-4 cm long. Cat hair in these areas is often shed and is highly contagious to other areas. This is the disease that cats most easily transmit to humans. Cat owners should pay attention to fungus in cats because it causes discomfort and affects daily activities if not treated in time.
  • Other thyroid related problems: Skin problems, dry hair are all decided by the thyroid gland, that’s why when you see a cat with strange signs of hair or strange expression on the skin. Be sure to take your cat to the doctor because his thyroid may be having problems.

Some measures to prevent hair loss in cats

When you see that your cat loses hair, do not worry too much about this condition. It may just be a natural occurrence of their molt cycle. However, when you see this expression accompanied by some signs of skin or redness, you should check:

– Immediately go to the vet for proper examination and treatment when you observe strange accompanying signs such as redness, hair loss, sores or scab formation…

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– Brush your cat correctly: Cats need to be brushed regularly depending on the density of their hair. Long-haired cats tend to brush more frequently than short-haired cats. Brushing cats also makes them relax and feel cared for by their owners.

Cats with hair loss and how to manage itCats with hair loss and how to manage it

– Balance and apply a logical and scientific diet: Sometimes cats lose hair in part due to unreasonable diets and diets. Complete supplementation and balance of pet cat nutrition is necessary for healthy skin and coats.

Too much cat hair also makes cats constipated, if not treated in time, it will cause cat discomfort and pain.

– Many cat owners also use vacuum cleaners to remove cat hair, however, many cats tend to fear the noise of these machines, which makes them much more confusing and difficult to control. In addition to a vacuum, you can also use a bristle brush to remove your cat’s hair.

The hair roller is a smart solution to eliminate all hair loss in cats. The amount of hair loss that accumulates over a long time and in humid conditions will be detrimental to your health. Also, licking the cat’s fur will cause this amount of hair to accumulate in the stomach. Over time, large clumps of hair will form, causing the cat to vomit. If it is left for a long time, the surgery will be quite expensive.

Give your cat plenty of water to prevent her skin from drying out. If you’re too busy, you can use automatic cat watering systems sold at most cat and dog stores.