Guide to deworming puppies correctly at home, the most profitable


Everyone knows that it’s important to schedule a deworming for your pup, but is it necessary to take your dog to the vet? Can you do it yourself at home?

Dog deworming is one of the many tasks you must undertake when your dog is young, but deworming also requires some understanding and knowledge from dog owners. The choice of medications or the side effects of deworming medications are not well understood by all dog owners.

Deworming dogs at home cheaplyDeworming dogs at home is cheap.

Are there many friends who have dogs but see that the dog has abnormal symptoms after deworming but don’t know how to fix it?

For your dog to be really healthy and grow well, combine deworming with vaccination for 7 diseases. Here are 3 things to memorize when vaccinating your dog >>> See here

Instructions to deworm puppies correctly

Keep in mind the deworming schedule for dogs:

  • The perfect time to deworm your dog is between 2-3 weeks of age. You should deworm your pup during this period to prevent the spread of worm eggs through the outside environment. Because at this stage, the dog’s health is still very weak, so you should keep deworming your dog continuously at 4,6,8 weeks old.
  • After that, 1 month you have a lottery, but at this time you can only get rid of roundworms. When the dog is 6 months old, every 2-3 months, you should clean it once to kill the dog’s worms and flukes.
  • When the dog is over 1 year old, you should clean it once and keep it that way to ensure the dog is free of worms throughout its life cycle.
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How to deworm your dog at homeHow to deworm your dog at home

Guide to deworming puppies

Deworming of dogs before or after eating: It should be dewormed after a meal for 2 hours, in this time the dog has digested part of the food in the stomach, there is not too much food left so that the medicine against worms is absorbed faster and is not harmful to the health of the dog.

Many dogs are very good at deworming, but on the contrary, many dogs refuse to take medication. In case the dog stubbornly refuses to take the medicine, open the mouth gently and put the medicine inside with some water and hold the dog’s mouth tightly for a few seconds so that the medicine goes down to the stomach.

Guide to deworming dogs at homeGuide to deworming dogs at home

Method 2: You can mix the medicine with rice or seeds, the dog’s favorite food, eating this food will make the dog no longer recognize the smell of the medicine.

Method 3: Use forceful measures: Hold the dog’s muzzle and open its jaw, lift the dog’s head and put the medicine on the tongue, hold the dog’s muzzle and wait 20-30 seconds until the medicine has passed into the stomach . .

Types of Deworming Medications for Dogs on the Market Today

  • Mebendazole: As one of many safe deworming medications for dogs, it works to alter the metabolism and sugar uptake of helminths, causing them to become paralyzed.
  • Pyrantel Pamoate – Safe, comes in 2 pills and in liquid form. Suitable for nursing puppies.
  • Espisprantel: This is only for deworming dogs older than 7 weeks of age.
  • Tenium Closylate: Not for use in newborn dogs and nursing dogs. With this medication, you need to pay attention to the dog’s weight to balance the dosage.
  • Milbemycin Oxime: Dose of 1 tablet/1 month to prevent heartworm disease, control other worms. Indicated for use in dogs 8 weeks of age and older…
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In addition to the above 5 types of antiparasitic drugs, there are many other antiparasitic drugs on the market, and they have a very good antiparasitic effect, but you should pay attention to using the correct dosage and carefully reading the instructions for use before use. . . Please consult your vet for the clearest advice.

Common reactions after deworming dogs

After deworming, many dogs have some strange reactions.

  • Bad mood: After using the dewormer, the dogs displayed grumpy expressions, including vomiting and mild diarrhea. The body is tired, does not want to exercise and sits still, usually this condition does not last long. But pay attention to the dog’s reaction, especially his mood.

Common reactions when deworming dogsCommon reactions when deworming dogs

  • Excessive Vomiting and Diarrhea – Many dogs may experience excessive vomiting due to an upset stomach when using a dog dewormer. If left too long it will cause dehydration, you should add water to the dog to make up for the lost water. If this situation continues, you should immediately take your dog to an accredited veterinary clinic for medical advice.

Dog vomiting is also a sign of many other dangerous diseases, if you are subjective and ignore these signs, your dog’s life will be in danger. You can refer to the article “Dogs vomit, refuse to eat: dangerous signs that cause the death of dogs”.

For dogs with strange expressions after deworming, you need to pay attention and monitor the situation carefully. Avoiding the situation of many subjective oversights causes the dog to fall into a life-threatening situation.

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